‘Road House’ Ending Explained & 2024 Film Summary: Is Knox Dead Or Alive?


Directed by Doug Liman, 2024 film Road House is a remake of the 1989 film that followed the life of James Dalton, a professional bouncer. The film has an interesting premise, and after watching the first few scenes, I felt that it had a lot of potential. But Road House suffers from the issue of underwritten characters and some tacky action sequences that make it an unsatisfying affair. So let’s find out what happened in the film—the kind of conflict Dalton was dealing with—and if he was able to make peace with himself.

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What does Frankie offer Dalton? 

Frankie saw Dalton during a fight, and she realized the kind of reputation the man had. The other fighter surrendered even before stepping into the ring because Dalton was a renowned MMA fighter, and he was known to be one of the most notorious in the business. Frankie realized that Dalton had found a way of earning quick money, and he very smartly made use of his public image and made sure that he didn’t make a lot of effort for it. Frankie went up to Dalton and told him that she would be willing to pay him a good amount if he came to her roadhouse and saved it from the goons who came there every day and caused a lot of nuisance. Dalton was not interested in taking her offer, but deep down, he knew that he needed that money. Those fights didn’t pay him enough so that he could lead a comfortable life, and he knew that eventually, he would have to find another line of work to sustain himself. Dalton got an epiphany of sorts when he was sitting in his car, after it got hit by a train. Dalton survived the crash, and he decided to go to the roadhouse in Glass Key, Florida. Frankie was elated when she saw him in her club. On the first day itself, Dalton taught Dell a lesson. Dell believed that he was invincible and that it was his birthright to destroy the roadhouse property and terrorize the staff. Dell didn’t know who he was up against, and so, in his haughtiness, he attacked Dalton, believing that he would overpower him in seconds. Dalton thrashed him like a punching bag and threw him out of the club. 

What did Ben Brandt want? 

The news reached Ben Brandt that his men had been beaten by the new bouncer at the Road House. Ben was furious, as he probably hadn’t been disrespected in such a manner by anyone. Ben was the son of a criminal, and his father had the kind of reputation that was feared by the entire town. He had his contacts at the right places, and even while he was in jail, he made sure that everybody knew that he still had the power to do anything with them. Ben Brandt wanted to find a solution to the ongoing issue before his father declared him to be an incumbent. Meanwhile, Dell committed the biggest mistake of his life when he once again went to meet Dalton because he wanted to take revenge on him. Dell couldn’t digest the fact that he had been publicly humiliated in his own area, so he made up his mind to kill Dalton. But Dalton had other plans. He not only thrashed the guy once again, but he threw him into the sea and fed him to the crocodile. Ben Brandt went to meet Dalton, and we realized that the man wanted to make a resort in the area, and Frankie’s club was the only roadblock that was in his way. Ben had plans to revamp the entire area, but Frankie was just too stubborn to give up that easily. That was why he started sending his men to the roadhouse to make sure that she couldn’t carry out her business in peace. Ben, after meeting Dalton, realized very quickly that this was not somebody who would get intimidated by him. Before Ben could do anything, his father had to know about the issue, and he decided to do something about it. 

What happened in Dalton’s past? 

Dalton killed a guy during a professional MMA fight, and he was haunted by that incident. That man was his friend, and Dalton didn’t know what snapped inside him during the match that caused him to hurt him so fatally. The fact was that Dalton had already defeated him, but he still went ahead and punched him till he took his last breath. After Dalton came to Glass Key, he met Ellie, who found his personality to be very intriguing. Ellie was a very straightforward person, and she expressed her feelings to Dalton. But Dalton was probably not proud of the man he was. He knew that he had a dark past behind him that he could never undo. He knew that he was responsible for the death of his friend, and that’s why he told Ellie that he was not the kind of man she would want to spend her entire lifetime with. Ellie’s father was the local sheriff, and he worked for Ben. The sheriff took Dalton under arrest, and had Ellie been there, he would definitely have shot him or framed him for some crime. Dalton had made up his mind that he would leave Glass Key. Frankie had not told him everything about the ongoing issue, and Dalton, in a way, felt as if he was being deceived. He told Frankie that he was scared of reaching a point where he would do something like what he had done in the past. Dalton was about to leave when something happened that changed his decision and coerced him to teach Ben and others a lesson. 

How did Dalton get rid of Knox? 

Knox was a beast, and he was sent by Ben’s father to deal with Dalton and make him pay for his actions. The first time Knox and Dalton came face-to-face, the former thrashed the latter in Frankie’s club. Dalton was on his way back when he found that Charlie’s bookstore had been burned, and there was no sign of her. That triggered Dalton because he was fond of the little girl. He knew that he had been pushed to the point where his inner beast would be unleashed. That’s when Ellie’s father came to him and told him that his daughter had been kidnapped by Ben. Dalton probably knew that the sheriff was deceiving him, but he still went to meet Ben because he wanted to settle some scores.

During Road House‘s ending, Knox killed Ben and then went after Dalton. Knox stabbed Dalton, and at one point, it felt as if the fighter was going to succumb to his injuries. But somehow, he mustered all the strength, and he retaliated in full force. Knox was knocked out, and it felt that he would not make it out of there alive. Things came back to normal in Glass Key, and Dalton finally went back to his hometown with the expectation of having a peaceful life henceforth. 

Is Knox dead or alive? 

In Road House‘s post-credit scene, we got to know that Knox was still alive, and he had wreaked havoc on the hospital staff and walked out of there half-dressed, as always. I’m pretty sure about the fact that Knox would try to take revenge on Dalton, as he was not the kind of man who would forget or let go of things. That man sought conflict, and he got a lot of adrenaline rush when he thrashed somebody. Undeniably, he was a sociopath, and he wouldn’t let Dalton live his life in peace. If there is a sequel to Road House, we will surely see Dalton and Knox face-to-face once again. Dalton wanted to live a life devoid of any hassles, as he had had his share of controversies and was tired of dealing with all the baggage from his past life. Dalton wanted to start afresh, but he kept making enemies that didn’t let him do that. It would be interesting to see in which direction the makers take this rivalry and if Dalton is able to put an end to it. 

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