Roi And Cameron In ‘Berlin,’ Explained: Do They End Up Together?


In Berlin season 1, we saw that Cameron and Roi developed a very unlikely bond, and they didn’t realize it when they came so close to each other. Their lives had been tragic, and I felt that because of that, they were able to understand each other quite well. So let’s find out what happened between them, what the future prospects were, and if they ended up together at the end of season 1.

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Why did Cameron console Damian?

The way Cameron noticed Damian and realized what he was going through, said a lot about her. She was dealing with the traumas of her past life, and she didn’t know how to get over them. She had been cheated on by her boyfriend, Jimmy, and since then, she wasn’t able to trust anybody. There is something peculiar that happens after a person gets cheated upon. Firstly, obviously, they get hurt, they cry, they screw, and they shout, but when the storm calms down, they realize that they have undergone some fundamental changes. Words like insecurity, jealousy, competitiveness, and possessiveness start to make a lot of sense, and they start living in a constant state of fear. Fear originates from the fact that the other person would betray their trust. Now, the funny thing is that a lot of times, their partner does not give them any reason to feel insecure about their own mind, plays tricks on them, and coerces them into thinking that their position is at risk. It is a very bad state to be in, and it is not easy to cope with yourself and your surroundings if something like that has happened to you in the past.

As soon as Cameron heard Damian talk to his wife, she knew that she was seeing another guy. She wanted to warn Damian about it, so she mustered up all the courage she had and went to talk to him. Cameron was planning to go out and have fun, and it looked like she was the most excited of the lot, but when she heard Damian talk to his wife, she knew that she had to stay back and give him company. That was the kind of woman Cameron was. She knew how it felt to see somebody you love the most in your life behave like that. She had been on the receiving end once upon a time, and the scars hadn’t healed with time. Cameron went out with Damian, and she told him that there was a high possibility that his wife was seeing someone else. Damian got obsessed after that, and he started investigating and doing his research work because he just couldn’t make peace with the fact that he had been cheated upon. Cameron might have looked like this carefree girl who lived her life on the edge, but in reality, she was a wreck from within. She called her ex-boyfriend after the heist, but as soon as she was directed to the voicemail, she realized what a huge mistake she had made.

How did Cameron and Roi escape the border?

Cameron Roi and Damian were traveling together, and they hoped that they could cross borders and escape the law enforcement authorities, but their caravan was stopped at a checkpoint, and none of them knew what they should do. Damian tried to deceive the law enforcement officers from his end, but Cameron saved the day. Damian told the patrolling officers that they were a family and that they had come to France to bury the ashes of his late wife. They had the jewels in the caravan, and they were scared that the officers would learn about them. Cameron took the vessel and started running, and the officers chased her. The dust inside the vessel fell on the ground, and Cameron gave an Oscar-winning performance, making the officers believe that it was actually her mother’s ashes. The officers sympathized with them and left them eventually. Damian and Roi both know that they had a near escape and had Cameron not shown her presence of mind, they would have been behind bars.

Will Cameron and Roi end up together?

Roi and Cameron came very close during the course of their journey. It was not something that they had planned before, but it just happened that they understood each other better than anybody else. Roi was there when, during the race, Cameron broke down as her ex-boyfriend gave her a call. That’s when she told Roi about Jimmy and what happened to her back in the day. At that point in time in Berlin, Cameron had no clue that Roi was also dealing with the ghost of his past life. At the end of Berlin, Cameron and Roi traveled for almost 650 kilometers, hiding on the roof of a truck, and they managed to cross borders and reach Spain. Roi told Cameron that her father always blamed him for the death of his mother. Roi’s mother had died while giving birth, and since that time, his father has hated him. He abused him, and Roi still bears the bruises on his body from that torture. Roi wore gloves on one hand to hide the cigarette burn marks.

Roi told Cameron that he committed his first crime when he was just 13 years old, and after that, there was no looking back. He didn’t even realize it when he got so involved in the mess. There was no one to support him, and he always felt that he was alone in this world until he found Berlin. Cameron had feelings for Roi, but she was still not ready for another relationship. She had still not overcome her fears, and she knew that she needed to deal with herself before giving any kind of assurance to anyone. Cameron and Roi shared a very beautiful moment together, and it felt like Roi was the kind of guy who could help her overcome her past traumas. Though Cameron and Roi didn’t exactly end up together, we believe that with time, they would take that step and live their lives together. Roi was a sensitive man, and deep down, Cameron knew that he would never betray her. After that, Roi needed someone who could listen to him and understand him, and he knew that Cameron was the right girl for him. He stopped because he didn’t want to impose himself on her, and he wanted it to be her decision. In Berlin season 2 (if there is one), I am hopeful that they will come together and realize how beautiful it is to share life with someone who understands you and whom you adore.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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