Rosa Peral In ‘Burning Body,’ Explained: Why Did Rosa Kill Pedro Rodriguez?


The Netflix series Burning Body presents Rosa Peral as the enchantress who indulged in all sorts of unscrupulous activities without thinking about the ramifications they could have on her own life. The series does not leave any scope for doubt, as the documentary, Rosa Peral’s Tapes, did, and it maintains the fact that Rosa conspired with Albert and killed her partner, Pedro. Director Jorge Torregrossa takes a very objective viewpoint that influences your judgment, but the fact is that nothing was this black and white when it came to Pedro’s murder case.

Spoiler Alert

Burning Body asserts the fact that the theory presented by the prosecutors was absolutely right and the purported narrative created by the media houses was not flawed. We are nowhere saying that the news outlets and lawyers were not telling the truth; they had formed a theory based on the evidence they had, and they had connected the dots to decipher the kind of person Rosa was and to what extent she was capable of going. Also, there were quite a lot of inconsistencies in Rosa and Albert’s testimonies, which, as a matter of fact, did prove that they fabricated facts. Well, any prudent man would have thought that Rosa and Albert had killed Pedro, but then the court of law does not give judgments based on circumstantial evidence and the opinions of people, even if everybody knows who has committed the crime. There is a reason why prosecutors need to establish a direct link between the accused and the crime committed, and judgments cannot be passed based on character and hearsay evidence. We believe that something similar happened with Rosa, and irrespective of whether she committed the crime or not, the prosecutor’s case was not strong enough that a sentence of 25 years could be passed on its basis.

How Did Rosa Try To Set Up Javier?

As shown in Burning Body, Rosa and Albert talked about what they were supposed to say when the police started their investigation and called them for questioning. They knew that their names would come up, and there was a possibility that they would be treated as primary suspects in the case. So they had planned that they would make Javier the scapegoat and put the blame on him. Javier was Rosa’s ex-husband, and they believed that making him look like a jealous lover would not be such a difficult task.

After killing Pedro, Albert took his mobile phone and drove his car to Javier’s house. Before that, Rosa also texted a few friends and acquaintances from Pedro’s phone so that she could claim later that he was still alive and pretty much in contact with everyone at that point in time. But their plan had a lot of flaws, and maybe they didn’t take all those things into account because they themselves were not any kind of experts, and they were acting on the basis of whatever little knowledge they had. In broad strokes, they knew that all evidence had to be erased and another person had to be framed so that the suspicion did not fall on them, and they had a story ready to back up their narrative. But there are a lot of things that have been taken into consideration, and attention to detail is paramount when planning such a thing.

For example, Rosa and Albert didn’t have any clue that the night they took Pedro’s phone to Javier’s house, he was not present there. The moment detective Ester Varona reached there, Javier told her the truth and proved his alibi with multiple witnesses. Within seconds, Rosa’s entire master plan came crashing to the ground. Xavier was trying to protect Rosa all this time, and he felt hurt that she fed the detective’s false information just to frame him. This event said a lot about Rosa’s character and the kind of selfish person she was. Rosa had also texted a few of Pedro’s friends, and they all came and told Detective Ester Varona that they didn’t feel that it was Pedro who had sent them these messages.

Also, Pedro’s friend had called him just after he had received a message from him, and Rosa had picked up the phone and told him that Pedro was not around. All these things were enough to establish the fact that Rosa had been lying all along, and there were things that she was not telling the detective. Ester got even more suspicious when Rosa didn’t say a word about Albert until she asked her about him. The entire office knew that they both had an affair and how jealous Albert was of Pedro, but Rosa kept that fact hidden. Rosa and Albert maintained until the time the trial started that they were not serious about each other and were not involved in each other’s lives.

Where Is Rosa Peral Now?

There is no doubt about the fact that Rosa was a female fatale, and she did end up spoiling many lives just because she was never able to control her feelings and impulses. Rosa unabashedly went and got intimate with other men, even when she was married or in a relationship with someone. She had many flings and affairs, and at times, it did feel like she was a nymphomaniac. She did encounter a lot of problems in her life, but not even once did it cross her mind that she should mind her activities and not unnecessarily spoil the life she had created for herself. The entire incident with the police precinct captain and Javier hadn’t instilled any sense in her. She was leading men and having a relationship with them, and all the while, she was already spoken for by someone.

Javier had found out about her affairs, and he had already broken up with her once. He had agreed to come back into the relationship once again because he loved Rosa and wanted to give her another chance. But Rosa didn’t respect that either, and soon Javier came to know about her affair with Albert. The case presented by the prosecutors was believed to be true by the court, and Rosa and Albert were both found guilty of murdering Pedro Rodrigues. Rosa Peral appealed against the judgment, but it was turned down and it was proved that it was a case of premeditated murder.

Rosa is in jail as of now, and for the first time, she decided to speak publicly about what she thought about her case in the recently released Netflix documentary, Rosa Peral’s Tapes. Rosa’s children stay with her parents, and she gets to meet them on a regular basis. As of now, she has spent almost 6 years in prison, and she maintains that she is not guilty of murdering Pedro and that it was Albert who murdered him. As much as we believe that the court gave a judgment based on weak evidence, we know that there is no truth to the fact that Rosa didn’t have anything to do with the murder. Unless the court decides to shorten her sentence, Rosa Peral will serve her time until the year 2042.

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