‘Royalteen’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Margrethe? Is Lena’s Secret Revealed?


We believe it is the absolutely terrible let-downs we have faced with romcoms lately that we couldn’t help but approach “Royalteen” with some prejudice. Look at the premise—”a teen with a scandalous past falls in love with a Crown Prince. It sounds like a fairytale set-up where Prince Charming comes and rescues her from all her troubles. But “Royalteen” is much more grounded in reality while still carrying that optimism of romantic comedies that puts a smile on our faces. Let us take a look at how this movie unfolds.

Spoilers Ahead

Lena’s New Life And Her Romance With The Prince

“Royalteen” starts with Lena as a newcomer. The new school she is going to is also where the Crown Prince Kalle, and his sister Margrethe study. Lena’s mother is excited about this and jokes with Lena that she should address the Prince as “His Highness”. At school , Lena and Kalle instantly become friends when she corrects him regarding the correct pronunciation of her name. She refers to the lyrics of a song for that.

The next day, when Lena goes out for a run with her baby brother, she runs into the Prince. He invites her to a pool party, but Lena tells him that she will think about it. On the day of the party, Kalle shows up at her house to escort her. Her parents are a little flustered, but they encourage her to go. Lena has fun at the party, though she notices that Margrethe doesn’t like her too much. However, Arnie and Tess seem to take a liking to her. A while into it, Lena drinks a little too much and starts thinking about her past life. A little drunk, she jumps into the pool. When Kalle tries to rescue her, she yells at him that she was just doing a “starfish”. The next day, Kalle shows up at her house, and Lena apologizes for her behavior. They make up, and Kalle takes her on a boat for a date. He invites her to come to his house so that they can spend some time together. When Lena goes there, she is surprised to find that they are not alone and she will be having dinner with the King and Margrethe. While the former seems warm enough, Margrethe is openly hostile towards Lena and makes it clear what she thinks of new people being introduced to their family. While it is not explicitly stated, we can infer by the King’s silence during a few moments that he sides with Margrethe but is just letting her do the talking. We also come to know that Queen Sofia suffers from anxiety because of the pressure she puts on herself and that Margrethe is called Princess Paranoia.

We are also introduced to the character of Tess, a popular blogger who was previously a part of the Crown Prince’s inner circle of friends, but now, the whole group hates her. On a trip that the friends take, it is revealed that Tess is so unpopular with them right now because she is thought to have used the royal family for clout. She is also believed to have been the one who made a somewhat inappropriate picture of Kalle go viral.

A lot happens on this trip. On the way to it, Lena meets a former friend of hers, Guro, and apologizes to her for posting a video. But Guro is in no mood to forgive, and both of them fight right there, which is witnessed by Margrethe. The Princess assures her that she isn’t going to say anything to Kalle. During the trip, Margrethe brings Guro to one of their lunches, forcing Lena to choose to leave immediately. But she is confronted by Guro on the way, which is when we come to know exactly what happened. Lena, Guro, and Kristian had been friends, but Guro had shut them out for some reason, which is when Lena and Kristian turned to each other. When Guro made her way back into their lives, Kristian ended up choosing her. However, she was cheating on him, and Lena recorded that video and posted it online. This caused Kristian to break up with Guro. Lena once again apologizes to Guro for posting the video and tells her that she can reveal the entire truth to Kalle, and she doesn’t care.

Lena is going back to Oslo, but she needs money to pay for the taxi and asks Tess for help. When they spend time together, Tess tells her that she never posted that picture of Kalle and that moving away from the group and staying as an individual helped her find herself. That day, Lena decides to confess everything to Kalle and invites him for a picnic date the next day. However, his sister shows up instead of him and tells Lena that she knows all about her past in Horten. But when Lena refuses to back down, Margrethe reveals that she knows about Theodore being her son and not her little brother. She goes on to tell her that she doesn’t plan on telling anybody this, as long as Lena stops contacting Kalle.

Having no other option, Lena breaks up with him and cries when she comes back home about how she is tired of pretending to live a normal life. Her parents comfort her and tell her that had Kristian taken responsibility, they would have supported both of them. Lena calms down a little, but just then, they have to rush her mother to the hospital when she faints next to the stairs.

What Happens To Margrethe? Is Lena’s Secret Revealed?

At the hospital, the doctors declare that Lena’s mom is safe. Considering the events that have happened so far, Lena decides that she is done hiding from the world. She posts a video on Instagram where she admits that Theodore is her son, and she will no longer hide this fact. Back at home, we come to know that people have left very supportive messages on Lena’s video. Tess comes to take her to the prom and encourages her to attend. At the prom itself, people are very supportive of her, except Margrethe. She tells Lena that even though her secret about her having a son is out, if she doesn’t stay away from Kalle, she will tell everyone about her posting Guro’s video.

Just then, Kalle gets on stage and sings a song. This is the same song that Lena had told him about when she was teaching him to pronounce her name. And with that, both of them reconcile, and the entire room breaks out in celebration. Here, while everybody knows about Lena’s baby, they don’t know about her posting a video about her friend. And this could essentially cause her to be excluded from the group, as this is the exact reason they all started hating Tess—because she was thought of as someone who revealed their secrets for clout. While everyone is partying, Margrethe starts having what looks like a panic attack, and she faints as the camera closes. Whether Lena’s secret will be revealed and regarding what happened to Margrethe, we will come to know in the sequel of “Royalteen.”

What To Expect From The Sequel?

The movie does leave us with many unanswered questions. We still don’t know exactly what is wrong with Queen Sofia. Trauma and mental health issues are often hereditary, and it is highly likely that Margrethe is affected by this. Additionally, if Tess really did not make the photo of Kalle go viral, then who did? This could be a strong plot point in the sequel. It’s also possible that Kristian will make a comeback in Lena’s life. But most of all, we are not completely convinced by Kalle’s character. There seem to be some issues there that he is trying to deal with. We would like a better dialogue on them in the next movie. “Royalteen” is not all sunshine and roses, and neither is it dramatic. The writers seem to understand how to pace out the storyline. We have set our expectations for a certain quality from the sequel. It remains to be seen if it lives up to that.

Final Thoughts

It is the simple fact that all the characters were properly fleshed out and were charming enough for us to like them. Even Margrethe, despite being highly irritating, convinced us of her character and the motivations behind her actions. This reminds us of another movie, “Through My Window,” which suffered from poorly fleshed-out characters and a haphazardly paced storyline that just killed any scope it had for being moderately entertaining. “Royalteen” avoids these problems and manages to make a good piece of content. But despite it all, it is not spectacular. There’s nothing wrong with the film, but nothing very memorable either. We won’t recommend it to anyone, but if somebody asks us for our opinion on it, we would give them a thumbs up. The movie is certainly entertaining, but it lacks the mushy feel of a proper rom-com. We will just go back to holding our breath for a film that gives us that.

“Royalteen” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Per-Olav Sørensen and Emilie Beck

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