‘Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.’ Season 1: Ending Explained- Does Suman Find Success With Her Achhar Business?


And this is how a saas-bahu drama should be. Television has always put these two characters against each other, always tangled up in petty politics with their lives centered around the men in their lives. When TVF chooses to present this “Saas, Bahu” story, while maintaining the domestic set-up, it hits closer to reality than most media have managed. When it comes to “must-watch female-led content,” they are often stories about women’s entanglements with patriarchy. While these stories are focused on the strength and resilience of women, they often miss out on the fun and comfort found in sisterhood. “Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.” does a brilliant job of capturing that. Let us see how the different facets of the story unfold to capture the varied emotions of the relationships between women.

Spoilers Alert

How Does Suman’s Business Take Off?

Suman is a woman who is determined to start a business of her own so that she has enough money to bring her kids back from their father. This particular story arc shows the common sense of entrepreneurship. Initially, she relies on her neighbor, Shukla, to help her sell her achaar (pickles). But when she comes to know that he has been duping her, it breaks her heart. Shukla apologizes to her and seems genuinely regretful of his actions. Suman tells him that she may forgive him but will never forget what he has done. But she is ready to accept his help once again, as she is backed up against a wall due to her situation. This betrayal by Shukla serves to make Suman more vigilant and independent. It is a lesson for her in how she has to be responsible for every single aspect of her journey. And that’s what she plans to do going forward.

As Suman goes door to door selling pickles, she encounters another woman who works as a domestic help. They strike up a conversation, and she gives her the idea of thinking of some branding for her acquaintance as that increases her credibility. She also offers to sell her products on her behalf. Suman, along with Shukla and her mother-in-law, who we will be referring to as Dadi going forward, comes up with a scheme to employ all the domestic workers in the area to help her make better sales. The scheme ends up working, which drastically reduces the sales of the prevailing No. 1 achaar in the market. But the profits are still not enough to matter. Which is when she starts trying to sell her achaar to the local restaurants. But all of them refuse to give her an advance as her company is not registered and she is not well-known in the market. The predicament places a burden on Suman to arrange for a loan to make the first big order of achaar. The hotel owner gave her his word that he would buy it if she could make the required quantity of achaar. That is Suman’s next challenge.

Suman’s Relationship With Dilip And Her Children

Suman’s relationship with her children has been changing ever since her divorce from Dilip. Earlier, she was their caretaker at home, but now, she has to take on the role of the breadwinner to provide for them. Her daughter is aware of the financial limitations of her mother, and while she respects them, she feels bound by them. She cannot ask her father for money because she holds a grudge against him for the divorce. This causes her to steal from her stepmother, Manisha. Unable to bear the guilt, she confesses it to Manisha, who tells her that it is good enough if she realizes her mistake. Manisha also tells her that the money is hers and that she can ask for it directly. This is the beginning of the development of a beautiful relationship between both women. While not completely that of a mother and a daughter, it is the friendship between women from different generations who are taking care of each other in a family.

Suman’s son, on the other hand, being much younger, misses his mother and just wants to be with her. He does not share a good relationship with his father, who beats him regularly, even for the slightest mistake. One time, he runs away from home and goes to his mother. Suman lets him stay with her but has to eventually let him go back, as the custody still belongs to his father, and she can’t afford his upbringing. This causes her son great distress, and he falls in with the wrong crowd to escape the reality of his situation. He is found out by Dadi, who decides that it is best for him to stay with his mother. She assures Suman that children can handle poverty, but they cannot handle a lack of love. Though it is a point of debate, for the time being, Suman’s son stays with her.

Manisha And Her Relationships In The House

Manisha is a level-headed woman, in contrast to the more emotional Suman. She seems to offer Dilip the understanding that he had always been looking for while handling the relationship she married into with the correct space and dignity. She wholeheartedly loves Dilip’s children from his previous marriage and stands with them on the occasions when Dilip loses his temper. There is the arc where she finds out that Dadi stole her jewelry to take out a loan for Suman. Manisha is heartbroken at that, but that leads to probably the first heart-to-heart she has had with her mother-in-law. Dadi admits that Suman was the only one who gave her any joy in her life, and it was her duty to help her daughter when she was in need. Manisha tells her that ever since she started living with them, she has always felt unwelcome. Dadi admits that she has never been able to find a single flaw in herself and accepts her role in making her feel like an outsider. At this moment, Dadi is acknowledging that her son and her daughter-in-law had the right to chart their own lives. She does not judge them, but is bound by her own love for Suman, whom she has come to regard as a daughter. What would have been a fight was a confession of the love and acceptance the women had for each other—full marks to the person who wrote this scene.

‘Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.’ Season 1: Ending: Does Suman Find Success With Her Achaar Business? 

Suman initially suffered a massive setback in her business when the restaurant owners refused to buy her achaar as the competitor offered their product at a Buy “One Get One Free” offer. She is completely discouraged, but not wanting to give up; she starts distributing the achaar for free. That spikes people’s curiosity as all of them are wowed by the taste and are now ready to give their money for it. The tide further turns in her favor when she is called for an interview by a news channel that wants to know her story. After that, she gets a check for half a million from the local vendors for her new order. Thus begins her journey of taking her product from the streets of Chandni Chowk to all of Delhi.

Does Suman Get Custody Of Her Kids?

When it comes to her children, Suman is ready to take them back, but a conversation with Manisha helps her realize that they need both their parents. She decides to let the kids stay with her father but also makes the decision to not hold herself back from visiting them there. She is out on a new path, both as a parent and as an individual.

Final Thoughts- What Works For ‘Saas, Bahu And Achaar’ Season 1?

To put it simply, it’s honesty. There is no glorification of the struggles, and there is no villainization of the man. Dilip is shown to be as much a victim of patriarchy as the women in his life, though that does not displace his position of privilege. The actors executed their roles to perfection, and the charm of Amruta Subhash is infectious. Dadi was as cute as she was strong, and life would be a lot more sorted if we all had a person like her. There are no villains or victims here—just people trying to make the best of their circumstances by extending a certain understanding towards others. And that, right there, is the magic of “Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.” Suman is best friends with her mother-in-law, and both of them choose not to villainize Manisha but accept her as part of their lives while still holding onto their bond with each other. Manisha is never insecure regarding Dilip or her new family, despite her struggles to find her place in it. And the women who come together to be a part of Suman’s business are the wind beneath her wings.

“Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.” is indeed a story that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face. The hope this show gives us carries one message: the darkest night has the brightest stars. And it deserves more hype. When there is a saturation of redundant content, in TVF, we place our trust to give us something different and refreshing. And it delivers, every time.

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