‘Saint X’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Gogo And Edwin Have A Fallout 20 Years Ago?


With its fourth episode itself, Hulu’s mystery drama series “Saint X” starts to thin out, looking like a fairly straightforward plot that is unnecessarily elongated and complicated. The first three episodes that premiered last week established the protagonist, Emily, who wants to know more about her elder sister’s mysterious death during their vacation to the Caribbean twenty years ago. In the present timeline, Emily stumbles upon Gogo, one of the prime suspects in the case, in New York and has been trying to befriend him to learn more. On the other side, “Saint X” has also been presenting scenes from the past with the victim, Alison, in focus, showing what she was up to during the vacation. Episode 4 now continues on both sides and makes small but significant revelations about Gogo.

 Spoilers Alert

How Had Alison Been Spending Her Vacation Days?

The scenes from the past once again put the focus on Alison as she goes around having fun at the Indigo Bay resort in the Caribbean islands. It had already been established that Alison was really driven towards not letting any opportunity get out of her hands while also staying completely without strings attached during the entire vacation. Her romance with Tyler, the Yale student, continues, and she also makes use of this romance as an excuse to slip out of unwanted situations. Every time Alison wants to go do something that she does not want to share with her parents, her excuse is that she will be hanging out with Tyler. This is super convenient for the parents, who are in full support of their daughter going around with a young, highly educated white man. Surely, behind her innocent relationship with Tyler, Alison is also involved in a more passionate and intense romance with Edwin, one of the workers at the Indigo Bay resort. Edwin’s charms and his ability to please everyone already make him a popular figure among guests. On top of this is the fact that Alison knows her parents would be shocked by this romance of hers and would never approve of it, making it all the more exciting and pleasurable for her to be with Edwin. The two share romantic moments again, but Alison clearly states that she does not want to have sex yet, which Edwin agrees to respect.

Alison’s new friendship with the only other girl of her age at the resort, Olivia, also grows much stronger in “Saint X” Episode 4. The two became close friends within a very short time, and they talk about their experiences with men and also about their families. Olivia gets close with Alison’s parents and sister as well, and she offers to babysit young Claire, as Emily was called back then, so that Bill and Mia could attend some event and Alison could go out romancing. There is even a moment that suggests that there could perhaps be some physical attraction towards Alison in Olivia’s mind, as she clearly takes notice of Alison’s confident nature while changing before their spa session. Going by how “Saint X” is shaping up to be, such a romantic fling for Alison thrown into the mix would not be too unusual either.

Alison also has a confrontation with the middle-aged man Ethan, who keeps staring at her whenever she walks by. Ethan’s pregnant wife had also noticed this, but it has not stopped yet. Ethan was also the one to insult Alison very early on, as the vile man is always at a loss to see the young woman living her life. She now tells Ethan to stop staring at her every time and ruining her day. Ethan does not say anything but just returns to his room, where he touches himself, and uses Alison’s shorts, which he had stolen from the beach. It had earlier been revealed that Ethan could not get sexually intimate with his pregnant wife due to his physical shortcomings, but now it is clear that he is perversely attracted to Alison. The only reason we are watching this couple seems to be that “Saint X” is slowly developing Ethan’s character as a possible suspect in the death of Alison.

“Saint X” Episode 4 now also reveals a seed of doubt growing inside Bill Thomas’ mind about the romantic indulgences of his daughter Alison. Bill spots Edwin’s enthusiasm and nature when he serves Alison in any way and also sees the two brush past each other multiple times. While he senses something in these interactions, Bill’s first serious doubt is when Alison excuses herself for the afternoon, saying that she will be with Tyler. However, as Bill and Mia spend the afternoon on the beach, the man sees Tyler playing soccer with his friend Wes, meaning that Alison is with somebody else. Bill then talks about this doubt only to Gogo, who serves up drinks at the bar, and the reason for Bill telling him seems to be a sort of warning to Edwin to stay away from his daughter.

What Does Emily Do To Befriend Gogo At Present?

Emily continues with her efforts to befriend Gogo in Flatbush, and she still keeps her best friend, Sunita, in the loop about this. Despite Sunita not wanting her to, Emily goes around to the restaurant that Gogo frequents and pretends to run into him every time. Gradually, even Gogo understands that Emily is coming only to meet him, but he does not say anything about it. The man suffers from a serious panic attack inside his taxi one day as memories of his past haunt him, and he hallucinates the demonic witch that was part of the folklore in his native land. It appears that Gogo also starts to feel lonely in life, and he does not mind opening up to Emily, at least to some extent. The first breakthrough comes when Emily asks to hear about some crazy stories Gogo might have experienced as a cab driver in New York, and the man does agree to share a few tales. A day or two later, Gogo offers to drive Emily home when their favorite restaurant has to close before time, and the woman obviously sees this as a chance to get to know more about Gogo. As the two drive away in Gogo’s taxi, though, it becomes clear that the man is not driving towards Emily’s home but towards some other spot. Meanwhile, Sunita would always keep a watch on Emily from her car parked outside the restaurant during all these meetings, but on this particular occasion, she is blocked off by traffic and cannot follow either.

However, when the taxi ultimately stops, it is revealed that Gogo does not intend to do any harm but has only brought Emily to a spot he finds calming. He had earlier asked the woman why she would spend so much time with him at the restaurant, and she had said that despite having a boyfriend, she felt lonely in life, as she had cut off relations with most people in her life or even scared them away even. Gogo feels that Emily is not in the best state of mind, so he takes her to a serene, quiet spot from where the Statue of Liberty can be seen and says how looking at the lapping water makes him calm down and sleep better. Emily uses this chance to open up about her struggles, talking about a mental breakdown she had some time ago. The woman had grown obsessed with a documentary she was editing and then had a horrible breakdown in public one day. Gogo now also opens up about how he has a 21-year-old son and how he had left behind an old life in his native country. Although he does not mention any name or any particular incident, Gogo vaguely talks about a best friend he once had (definitely Edwin), with whom he had not spoken for the last twenty years, for he had turned out to be someone very different than who Gogo thought him to be. In the end, Gogo drives Emily home, and a friendship between the two has developed by this time.

Why Did Gogo And Edwin Have A Fallout Twenty Years Ago?

When Gogo tells Emily about his ruined friendship with Edwin, it seems like the reason for this fallout has something to do with Alison’s death. Emily also guesses this and tries to ask more about Edwin, but Gogo turns her down. While this might still be part of the reason, Gogo had a different reason for completely cutting contact with Edwin as well. Right after Alison’s body had been found and the police had stated her death to have been just an accident, Gogo was imprisoned for having cocaine in his house. It was Edwin who had convinced him to keep the cocaine in his house, despite Gogo not wanting to, as it was his grandmother’s house where he was living, and he did not want to get her involved in all this. But Edwin offered 10% of the profits, and Gogo agreed, perhaps more so because of his love for his best friend. But this decision had already backfired on Gogo, as he had to spend a long time in jail, away from his beloved son and Sara. During this time, Edwin tried visiting Gogo in jail, but he turned down his requests multiple times and only met with Bery, the young woman who used to babysit his son.

After his release from prison, Gogo returned to Sara and was told that he needed to provide for his son and estranged partner. Determined to bear their responsibility, Gogo decided to move to New York and work hard so that he could send money every month to Sara. This decision was not easy for the man, for he had earlier told Edwin that he never wanted to go away to the US, as he wanted to stay in his home with his family. In New York, Gogo moved into a cramped apartment, which he had to share with multiple others, and then took up a job as a taxi driver. The man once fell sick and could not work for a few months, when Sara expressed her anger at not receiving any money. Sara then also told Gogo that she no longer needed his support because she had recently married. Despite Gogo asking her, she did not reveal who her husband was right away, and it seemed like it would be Keithley, the rich man who had always pursued Sara ever since they were kids. However, at the end of “Saint X” episode 4, Gogo is seen having one more phone conversation with Sara in his past, and in it, Sara reveals that she is actually married to Edwin. The best friend who had literally led to the downfall of Gogo’s life had now taken away his beloved family from him as well. It was this betrayal that Gogo could never forgive and had therefore dropped all contact with Edwin forever.

What Can We Expect From ‘Saint X’ Episode 5?

With Emily and Gogo becoming somewhat friends in the present timeline, more revelations about the past can be expected, but the whole information will obviously be provided throughout the season. Emily’s boyfriend, Josh, had spotted the two together in front of their house, and he was immediately suspicious about what was going on, and this will perhaps also become a point of drama in the upcoming episodes of “Saint X.” In the past timeline, how Alison’s time at the Indigo Bay resort was spent among her many admirers will also be shown. Olivia’s interest in her and Bill’s suspicion against Edwin might also be explored more.

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