‘Saint X’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens When Emily Follows Gogo To An Art Show?


Episode 5 of the Hulu original mystery drama series “Saint X” continues to create more mystery than provide solid answers. While it earlier seemed like the present timeline would only be restricted to the characters of Emily and Gogo and that the most important matters would unfold in the past, episode 5 largely changes this. With the introduction of more characters from the past in the present timeline, it now seems like the present will ultimately be the most important. Last time out, in episode 4, Emily had managed to become sort of friends with Gogo, and she now continues to try her luck at getting to know more about what had happened to her elder sister, Alison.

Spoilers Alert

Why Did Alison Want To Keep Her Distance From Edwin?

Back during their vacation days at the Indigo Bay resort, Alison was enjoying the whole situation of her two admirers trying to get close to her. On the one hand, Tyler kept up with his gentle persuasions towards Alison, and he wanted to set up a date night for her. He initially wanted to go to Farway Island, the local hotspot for visitors, both due to its natural beauty and the folk legend that the place is haunted by an old witch who turns people into goats. To arrange for a boat, Tyler approached Edwin and asked him where he could find one. However, it was resort policy that tourists could not go to Farway Island by themselves and had to be accompanied by a local guide. Edwin offers to be their boatman and guide, although a twisted, perhaps even evil, intent is evident on his face when he does so. By this time, Tyler was also suspicious of something going on between Alison and Edwin, or at least he felt that the two were attracted to each other. Tyler now turns down Edwin’s offer and cancels the Farway Island plan altogether. Instead, he asks for a romantic date to be set up on the beach, and Edwin promises that he will get it done. That night, Tyler and Alison meet to come to the designated spot on the beach, where a beautiful date has been set up. All goes well until the boy wants to get physically intimate, but Alison is not yet ready. As Tyler tries to coax her into it a few times, Alison angrily walks away, and the couple seems to break up.

The best friend, Olivia, and the other boy of similar age, Wes, realize that everyone but them is having fun or making some romantic connections during this vacation. The two finally decide to give themselves a try and start making out when Olivia sees Alison walking away angrily and Tyler frustratedly following behind. It becomes clear to her that the couple has broken up or had a fight, and Olivia quickly runs behind Tyler, calling out to him. It was evident that Olivia was not really interested in Wes and was getting close to him only because she had nothing better to do. As soon as there is a chance with Tyler, though, it seems like she wants to console the young man and possibly attract some feelings from his side.

For Alison, the other side, which was the adventurous and thrilling romance with Edwin, was still on. However, there had been a development in this regard too. Her father, Bill, had earlier started to grow suspicious about her involvement with resort worker Edwin, and he continues to keep an eye on the two. Surely, Bill understands what is going on, and he has a word with his daughter about it. Not being judgmental or preachy, Bill tells Alison to be more wary and careful about having a romance like this out in the open. The young woman initially takes this otherwise and questions whether her father wants her to hide her romance only because Edwin is from a lower social class. But Bill convinces her that the only reason he is saying this is because people getting to know about Alison and Edwin’s intimacy could lead to Edwin losing his job, as such interactions are strictly against the rules. This warning has an effect on Alison, and she realizes how Edwin could lose his livelihood only because of her wish to fool around. This is why she approaches Edwin the next day and tells him that she would completely understand if he did not want to pursue their romance any longer, as she does not want to put his job at risk. Edwin is not really affected by this, though, as he makes jokes about Alison in the very next instant and tells his friend Desmond of his plan. Edwin intends to have sex with her on the last day of her vacation so that he will not get into trouble even if her parents find out about it.

What Happens When Emily Follows Gogo To An Underground Art Show?

In the present timeline, Emily continues to pursue Gogo in order to know more about the past. By now, Emily has become totally obsessed with this new personal investigation, and she does not care about the effect this is having on her personal relationships or on her job. Her boyfriend, Josh, tries talking about Emily’s recent struggles with her as well, but she does not really get into the conversation with any seriousness. Such is her obsession with pursuing Gogo and finding out more about the past that Emily forgets the birthday of Alison, which Josh remembers and wants to celebrate, just like Bill and Mia at their own house. Emily keeps looking for more information on the internet and even finds a video of Desmond conducting a special tour that would cover all important spots linked with the death of Alison Thomas, an incident that still remains the most scandalous one on the island.

When Josh tells Emily that he saw her with a taxi driver in front of their house some days ago, Emily does not reveal anything about Gogo or why the two were together. She simply brushes past the conversation, saying that the driver was just being courteous with her, holding an umbrella for her as she was not carrying one. When Sunita asks the woman to stop spending so much of her time and energy on Gogo and instead focus on the urgent editing job at hand, Emily does not pay heed to any of this either, which ultimately results in both she and Sunita getting fired from their jobs at the documentary film production company. Emily is not too bothered even after this and continues to obsessively look for the past.

The woman had earlier contacted Tyler, who has grown up to become a doctor and called for dinner with him. After an exchange of courteous pleasantries, Tyler asks Emily about her real intention in meeting him, and she asks to know more about their time on the Caribbean island. Emily admits that she was very young and therefore remembers very little of it, and she asks Tyler for more information. Tyler now presents things as he remembers and believes them, for he is certain that it was Edwin and Gogo who committed the crime. He reveals that Edwin had a history of getting intimate with young women who visited the resort, hiding his deceitful self behind his charms. Tyler does not feel Gogo was any better either, as the man would always blindly follow whatever his best friend would tell him to do. The man then also reveals that while Gogo had been imprisoned for possession of drugs after the incident, Edwin had possibly moved to the United States as he had always wanted to, and it was possible that Edwin was around them somewhere in New York City itself.

To create tension in this regard, Gogo is earlier seen calling someone up and saying that although he had avoided their contact for so long, he was now ready to meet with them again. A meeting time and spot are fixed, and that evening, Gogo visits his favorite restaurant once more. Emily meets him here, and although the man again turns her away, Emily now literally follows him through the streets into an underground art show. As it turns out, the friend Gogo was meeting after so long was not Edwin but Bery, the young girl who used to often babysit Gogo’s son for him at the resort. Bery is now an artist, also living in the US, and she has organized the art show. Gogo tells her that vaguely talking about old times with a woman at the restaurant, Emily, had gotten him thinking about his past, and he, therefore, wanted to talk to someone who knew about all of it. Bery admits that she knows all about the past and that she understands Gogo’s situation. She then also brings him a letter or note of sorts, saying that it is from “him,” which is almost surely Edwin, and Gogo reads through it. His face changes into one of anger, and as Emily watches all of this from a corner, Gogo leaves the place.

At the end of “Saint X” episode 5, Emily’s boyfriend Josh visits the Caribbean restaurant where Gogo and Emily mostly meet. The man does not know that, and he either visits to answer his suspicions or to simply buy food from there. Josh does look around with suspicion, though, as if he is looking for someone or something. It can also be that Sunita had finally told him about where Emily keeps going to meet the taxi driver since the best friend knew of this restaurant. Josh finally spots Gogo and recognizes him as the same man he had earlier seen with Emily in front of their apartment.

What Can We Expect From ‘Saint X’ Episode 6?

“Saint X” has been adding more suspects to the list of possible killers of Alison, and it will surely continue to do so in the next episode. The beginning of episode 5 showed a night following Alison’s disappearance at the Indigo Bay resort, and a number of suspects were established. First were obviously Gogo and Edwin, with the former praying and repenting for something they had done and the latter carrying a white piece of cloth (could be Alison’s?) in his hand and saying how they should control the situation. Back at the resort, Tyler’s father convinced him that he should not let his life be ruined because of a girl, and therefore Tyler must lie to the police exactly as his father was teaching him to. Alison’s best friend Olivia was also regretful of something she had done, as she now felt guilty, and it could be that Olivia and Tyler had gotten intimate after Alison broke up with the young man. Ethan and his pregnant wife are also seen, as the wife suggests that they should also join the search efforts, but the man says that he has no interest in it. It is also shown in the episode that the wife has found Alison’s shorts, which Ethan had stolen from the beach, and she now wears them in order to seduce her husband. Therefore, “Saint X” wants us to believe that either of these people or maybe all of them, could be somehow linked to the death of Alison. Whether we are given more such hints in the next episode remains to be seen. The present timeline also becomes extremely important, as it seems like Edwin in the present day is also going to make an appearance soon. What more revelations will be made by “Saint X” in that case remains to be seen.

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