‘Saint X’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens Between Emily And Gogo?


Saint X, the mystery drama series by Hulu, has crept towards its end with episodes that only added unnecessary complexities to the characters without making any solid revelations. In the new penultimate episode 7, though, the series finally picks up the pace, but in such a rushed manner that the already unconvincing characters now look even more unrealistic. Those who had been painted in a largely negative light so far, like Edwin, are given a sharp turnaround, while suspicions seem to fall on other, more apparently innocent ones. Although the plotline overall is still quite questionable, Saint X episode 7 is surely the most interesting episode since the series first set its premise.

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What Happens Between Emily And Gogo In The Present?

The episode begins with the present timeline, as Gogo is called up by one of his roommates, informing him that the man he had beaten up at the end of episode 6 had been taken to the hospital. Although it was Gogo who caused the injury to the man, who is also another roommate, he tells the police that he had been robbed on the street. This decision is not explained in the episode, but it seems like the roommate was scared to report Gogo to the police after having faced his terribly violent side. Gogo is also extremely perturbed after this incident, and he is overburdened by the guilt of having lost his temper. Along with the memories of him beating the roommate up, Gogo also seems to remember an earlier incident from when he was in the Caribbean islands. During their days at the Indigo Bay resort, apparently before the arrival of Alison and her family, Edwin and Gogo seemed to have forced themselves upon another young woman tourist. Unsettled by all of these thoughts, memories, and guilt, Gogo visits the local church the next morning for a confession to ease his mind.

On the other side, having seen Gogo almost beat a man to death had scared Emily terribly. She finally started to see the man as a possible criminal who might have raped and killed her sister Alison, and out of sheer fright, she had not left her house and room for a few days. As Josh is worried about his girlfriend’s health and tries to help her in any way, Emily agrees to get back in touch with her therapist, Dr. Norton. The woman is then seen in the therapist’s chamber, and Emily starts to open up about everything that she has been going through. Dr. Norton’s diagnosis of her situation is that she might be suffering from survivors’ guilt, in which Emily is feeling guilty for having survived while Alison was killed, and therefore she now wants to get hurt in the same way as Alison and by the same man, which is possibly Gogo. This is the reason, the therapist says, that Emily cannot stay away from Gogo even after knowing that he is a violent and criminal-minded man. After listening to all this, Emily is enraged once again, just like she had been with her parents in episode 6, and she shouts out that she needs to know why her sister had been killed, claiming that having this knowledge was crucial for her survival in the world. As Emily walks out of the place and is muddled with all her thoughts, she walks onto the road and is about to be hit by oncoming traffic.

Around this very same time, Gogo happens to be passing through the area, and he spots Emily in this situation. Remembering how Emily had once had a mental breakdown earlier, which she had told Gogo about, the man approaches her and takes her to the restaurant where they often go. Here, Gogo tries to calm Emily down, and she, too, takes this chance to talk about Gogo’s own insecurities. As the two get more friendly, Emily says that her elder brother had been murdered when she was just a young girl and that the killer had never been punished and had walked free. Emily mentions that this incident had split her apart and cites this as the reason for most of her troubles, even at present. Gogo also admits that he knows what it feels like to be split apart because of the actions of someone else, and the two now decide that they want to drink something stronger and continue their night. Emily and Gogo soon go over to a club, and Gogo now says that he used to be a waiter at a resort in the Caribbean, to which Emily asks why he had left. With a serious face, Gogo only says that there had been some incident due to which he had to get away. The two then get on the dancefloor, and Emily once gets physically close to Gogo, to which the man firmly asks her to stop, and he moves away. Scared that she had made Gogo angry, Emily once again has the same tic from childhood, in which she scratches her wrist with her own fingers. Gogo sees this from a distance and instantly grows suspicious, and he seemingly leaves the club.

In the meantime, Emily’s boyfriend, Josh, and her best friend, Sunita, are both worried for the woman, as she has not returned home after leaving in the morning to visit the therapist. Unable to contact Emily, they got in touch with every friend and relative, but nobody knew where Emily was. Josh had not yet contacted Bill and Mia, though, and he contemplated whether to do so or call the police first. Sunita points out that the police will not take them seriously, as Emily was with Gogo out of her own choice, and therefore, the two are left with a hunt ahead of them to find Emily in the present timeline.

Why Had Edwin Stopped Sara From Getting Together With Gogo?

Back in the past timeline, the action picks up right after the night when the gay tourists stumbled upon Edwin in an intimate position with another man in the forest. The next morning, Edwin returns to the resort and feels like every tourist and worker at the place is laughing at him and even thinking of ways to get rid of him. In fact, Saint X episode 7 now reveals that Edwin had always been attracted to men from his very adolescent days. But the society in which he lives is not accepting of homosexuality at all, and it is considered a great evil on the island. Men had seemingly been beaten and terribly ostracized because they had come out with their sexuality, and for this reason, Edwin had always kept his sexuality a secret. He was even taught to do so when he was a young boy, as he was told by his family that even thinking about homosexual encounters was a horrible sin that would be punished by people as well as God.

Also, when he was an adolescent boy, Edwin was shown to have approached Sara and professed his love for her with a kiss. At the time, or sometime later, Sara was in a very messy situation as her mother’s boyfriend was extremely abusive and controlling of the mother and daughter. Edwin had come up with a plan to help Sara with this situation, and in exchange, he had asked for one thing: that Sara never gets together with Gogo. As Sara agreed, Edwin got the abusive boyfriend a job on his uncle’s fishing boat, which made the man mostly stay away from the house, and therefore Sara and her mother were relieved. Ever since this had happened, Edwin kept reminding Sara of her promise never to be with Gogo, and he was the one who stopped her even when she became mother to Gogo’s child. While all this seems to have been because of Edwin’s secret love for Sara, the truth was quite the opposite—it was all because Edwin was in love with Gogo, and he did not want his beloved best friend to get intimate with anyone else. At one point during their childhood, Edwin even gathered the courage to profess his love to Gogo, but then at that very moment, Desmond and Bery came running, saying that a homosexual man, or “anti-men,” as they are referred to in the island, had been caught and was being harassed. As the children all ran to be part of this harassment, which is like an attractive event for them, Edwin was once again reminded that he could never reveal his true self even to his friends.

In the timeline where Alison and her parents were vacationing at the Indigo Bay resort, Desmond overheard a conversation between Edwin and Sara, in which they mentioned Sara’s promise of never getting together with Gogo. Like everyone else, Desmond also believed that this meant Edwin was in love with Sara and secretly wanted to be with her. Desmond had been avoiding Edwin after earlier directly confronting him about all this, and now the man talks with Bery about this. He explains how Edwin must have helped get rid of Sara’s mother’s boyfriend, who in turn had started an affair with Sara. Desmond is unsure about whether he should share all this with Gogo and discusses the same with Bery. Although at first Bery says that he should not tell Gogo, a conversation that she has with Gogo soon changes her mind. Gogo admits that he genuinely loves Sara and is still confused about why she does not love him back. Bery now encourages Desmond to tell Gogo everything, and as he does so, Gogo loses his temper and starts hitting Desmond.

Seeing all this transpire, Edwin runs into one of the bathroom stalls in the resort and breaks down, thinking that the tourists have told everyone about his homosexuality. Soon one of the guests who had seen him, Paul, approaches Edwin and tells him that he and his partner had not told anyone. Paul admits that he, too, had to hide his sexuality at a young age and, therefore, always wanted to help anyone in his situation. For this reason, Paul gives Edwin his expensive wristwatch, saying that Edwin should one day move to New York, with the help of the watch, to a place where he would be accepted for who he is.

Why Does Alison Agree To Go To The Restaurant With Edwin?

In the previous episode of Saint X, Tyler had told Alison about how Edwin always has a romantic affair with the guests at the resort, and this made the young woman break down. Now, when Alison meets with Edwin, she does not confront him or tell him anything about what she has heard. This is because of a reason that Alison discusses with Olivia—Alison does not plan on staying together with Edwin, of course, and so she does not really mind what he does with others. However, Alison is determined to prove to Edwin that she is not like any other white woman, and so she wants to do something with Edwin that he has not done with any other guest before. After first suggesting a getaway to Farway Island, Alison agrees to Edwin’s proposal of going for dinner at a local restaurant away from the resort.

Although Alison had earlier told her sister Claire that she would spend the night with her, eating candy and doing everything that they liked, Edwin’s plan makes her change her mind. This was the last night of their vacation, so Alison tells Claire that she will not be able to have their private party and instead leaves the hotel. This sudden abandonment also seems to be a major reason behind Emily’s obsession with finding out more about her sister. Back on that night, Gogo first confronts Sara about what he has heard, but Sara still keeps saying that she genuinely has no feelings for Gogo and has thus not gotten together with him. Gogo then approaches Edwin and tells him that he now knows about everything between him and Sara. Just at this moment, Alison walks out of the resort, and the two men cannot discuss their feud any further and have to drive away toward the restaurant.

In the present timeline, Emily leaves the club late at night to see Gogo drive up in his taxi in front of the place. Emily says that she had thought Gogo had left, but the man now seems to have realized who Emily actually is, possibly identifying her after seeing her tic. Gogo now, almost threateningly, tells Emily to get inside his car, and as the episode ends here, it does not seem like Emily has any other choice but to follow Gogo’s order.

What Can We Expect From ‘Saint X’ Episode 8?

Saint X will finally air its last episode next week, when we can expect to find out what actually happened to Alison and who killed her. Based on what episode 7 shows, it may not be very surprising if Gogo turns out to have been more involved in the rape and murder than he had seemed to be earlier. The episode also ends in a situation where Gogo and Edwin have a lot of tension between themselves, and Alison just walks into the middle of it. There might even have been a misunderstanding, as it is possible that Edwin felt Gogo now knew about his homosexuality, whereas Gogo only knew about Edwin’s arrangement with Sara. What exactly happened and whether someone else was also involved in the incident will be seen in the next episode. Along with the past timeline, the present also needs to be resolved, and what Gogo does to Emily will be something to watch. Also, whether Edwin makes an appearance in the present timeline since there are multiple suggestions that the man also lives in New York now will be revealed in the season finale of Saint X.

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