‘Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video’ Ending Explained: Is Sajini Dead Or Alive?


A young school teacher from a small town stuck between traditional values and modern ambitions, Sajini Shinde, found herself in a nightmarish situation when a video of hers went viral. Sajini was in Singapore for a school competition, and her colleagues encouraged her to let loose on her birthday night. She was apprehensive about partying at a nightclub, but her fiancé, Siddhant Kadam, boosted her confidence by asking her to behave like a modern woman. Shinde decided to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the night, but she did not realize she would have to pay a price for it. Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video questions the hypocrisy of individuals who expect women to be a perfect blend of traditional and modern. What could have been a promising exploration of the subject turns into a weak mystery thriller. The cringe-worthy dialogue and unimpressive screenplay make Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video a massive flop.

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Plot Summary: What Happens In The Film?

Student counselor Shraddha Oswal was quite drunk when she was asked to upload pictures of the school event. Along with the pictures of the robotic competition, she also attached a video of Sajini Shinde dancing her heart out at a nightclub. Sajini refused to leave her room once the video went viral. She was not ready to face the world, particularly the patriarchal figures in her life—her father and her fiancé. After returning to Pune, she considered attempting suicide, but Shraddha stopped her. Sajini had nowhere to go, and the people she cared about disowned her within seconds. Her fiancé accused her of being too modern for his liking and expressed how ashamed he was of her. Sajini lost her support system and her job. Her video was projected on a screen with a room full of men dissecting it. It was decided that she did not deserve to retain her job. The principal of the school, Kalyani, complied with the board’s decision.

We soon find out that Sajini was removed from the robotics team at the last minute, and it was Shraddha who paid for her expenses. Sajini’s position at the school was at stake, and it just took a video for her to be replaced. Sajini’s suicide note on Facebook soon attracted media attention. Did she commit suicide, or had she gone missing? Inspector Bela Barot was assigned the case, and she was expected to show no mercy to the suspects. Sajini had blamed her fiancé and her father for her decision, and naturally, they were the ones Barot was most interested in interacting with.

Who Were The Primary Suspects?

Sajini’s father, Suryakant, was a renowned theater practitioner, and he took pride in his craft. He was an egoistic man who enjoyed having control over the women in his household. His wife was expected to always remain silent and carry on with her duties without complaining. Suryakant was offended when Bela wanted to question him. He brushed off all allegations and demanded the police make sure that his daughter returned home safely. Meanwhile, Siddhant chose to be on the run, afraid that the police would blame him for Sajini’s disappearance. He destroyed his SIM card and took off from Bengaluru. We eventually find out in Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video that Siddhant abused Sajini time and again. Even though it was an arranged meeting, the two fell in love with each other. But Siddhant was obsessed with changing Sajini and making decisions for her. He had witnessed how Sajini’s father treated her, which perhaps made him think that he could behave the same way with her. She was expected to leave her life in Pune and shift to Bengaluru with him.

Surprisingly, the police tracked Sajini’s phone in Bengaluru, and their doubts about Siddhant only got worse. All of a sudden, Sajini posted on social media from Sangameshwar Temple in Pune. The police deduced that either Sajini was alive or the person responsible for her death was playing games with them. Siddhant traveled to Pune, and he was forced to confront the Shinde family, who were still hopeful about their daughter’s marriage. They wanted to make sure that Sajini was married immediately after she showed up. It was their way of dealing with the public embarrassment. Siddhant grew suspicious of Suryakant when he learned that the family was in Pune the day Sajini went missing. He decided to finally face the police and blame Suryakant for the disappearance of his daughter. Coincidentally, Sajini’s belongings were found near a dam on the same day, and they included a visitor’s card from Siddhant’s office. Barot accused Siddhant of abetment of suicide, and that was when his lawyer, Lalit Gandhi, came to his rescue. Lalit was not proud of his friend, but he had suggestions for damage control. Meanwhile, Bela found out that fifteen years ago, Suryakant’s elder daughter had gone missing, further raising suspicion. She interrogated his wife, Urmila, and found out that there was another woman in Suryakant’s life, and on the 17th, he and Urmila went to visit her. They later decided to visit Sajini but returned home when she did not receive their call. The entire explanation sounded unreliable to Bela, and she walked away, realizing that the family harbored secrets.

What happened to Sajini?

Bela Barot had her doubts about Kalyani when she spoke about her beloved teacher in the past tense. She had spoken to every possible suspect, but none of them assumed that Sajini had passed away. She believed the principal of K. P. High School was lying to her. Meanwhile, Suryakant and Siddhant doubted and blamed each other for Sajini’s disappearance. While trying to find evidence against Siddhant, Sajini’s brother, Aakash, comes across intimate videos that Siddhant had recorded of Sajini. Clearly, Siddhant was not an innocent guy. Behind his sweet guy facade was a cunning man obsessed with dominating and controlling his fiancée. To clear his image, Siddhant appeared on a television show. The host turned out to be his batchmate, and she, too, admitted that Siddhant was a terrible human being and a smooth liar. Towards the end of Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video, Urmila decides to leave Suryakant after enduring years of abuse. She blamed him for Sajini’s disappearance. Instead of supporting their daughter when she needed them the most, Suryakant decided not to contact her to make her feel all the more guilty. Director Mikhil Musale chooses to justify the father’s decision, blaming it all on his elder brother, who expected Suryakant to behave like a true patriarch. Fifteen years ago, when his brother was hellbent on punishing his elder daughter for getting involved in a romantic affair, Suryakant helped his daughter escape, and it was because of him that she was safe and alive.

Finally, at the end of the film, Bela Banot solves the mystery. She finds a pattern in every piece of written information she comes across. She noticed a stark difference between Sajini’s typing style and the one she came across after her disappearance. After conducting a thorough search of the new wing of the school, Inspector Ram Pawar came across a hearing aid lying on the floor. He had noticed that Milind Sabne, who handled the computer work at school, wore a similar hearing aid. Meanwhile, Bela found information about Suryakant’s elder daughter through Sajini’s chat and informed Urmila about it.

During Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Videos ending, the blood found on the hearing aid matched with the blood found in the shoes, confirming that Milind and Kalyani were somehow involved in the disappearance. As it turned out, the day she was expelled from school, Sajini met Kalyani at school in the hopes of getting back her job. Kalyani asked Sajini to blame the entire incident on Shraddha, but Sajini refused to do so. Kalyani misbehaved with Sajini and kicked her out of her office. Within a few minutes, Kalyani and Milind heard a loud thud, and when he went outside, they found Sajini’s body lying on the floor, unresponsive. Kalyani was ready to call the police, but Milind believed that the blame would fall on them and that it would be in their best interest to hide the truth. Before committing suicide, Sajini mentioned Kalyani in her note, blaming her for the action she was forced to take. Kalyani erased the original text and added the names of her fiancé and father to divert attention. The case was taken to court, and the judge announced that there was no conclusive evidence to suggest the abetment of suicide. Milind Sabne and Kalyani Pandit were convicted on the charges of causing the disappearance of evidence and giving false information. They were to remain behind bars for three years and were charged with a fine of two lakhs each.

A life was lost simply because of a video where a woman was seen dancing and celebrating her birthday. As a teacher, she was expected to not have a life beyond the classroom space. And if she did, her actions were to be scrutinized, and she could become a victim of slut-shaming. All Sajini needed was a support system, but unfortunately, she had no one. Coming from a small town, her world crashed when the video went viral. Everyone around her blamed her and questioned her integrity, and she was left to believe that she did not deserve to continue living her life. The film reminded me of a similar incident that unfolded over a year ago. In August 2022, a professor from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College was forced to resign over bikini pictures that were taken from her private social media account and circulated within the student community. Instead of opening a dialogue with the students, the college decided moral policing and gaslighting were the way to go. The incident could have been an important lesson in the lives of the students, but instead, all that they learned was how easy it is to blame and shame women.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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