‘Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles’ Season 2 – Ending, Explained – Why Does Kagehito Leave For His Planet?


Directed by Derek Lee Thompson Alfred, and based on the famous comic “Usagi Yojimbo” created by Stan Sakai, Season 2 is the continuation of the big what if in Season 1, where they closed the Portal, and instead of that Portal, a butterfly projection was seen. This season redeems most of the probable antagonistic characters and re-introduces them as heroes and supporters later on. Differences are put aside with redeemable arcs to battle a much bigger threat. The season was released on 1st September on Netflix and has been streamed across different nations because of the popularity the previous season had gained among children. 

Spoilers Ahead

Season 1: Recap and Plot Continuation

Season 1 of Usagi Chronicles established the backstories of different characters belonging to Neo Edo City. Usagi meets his new friends, who help him overcome a new threat in the city after he sets out all the Yokais from the Ki-Stone. Kagehito, a Yokai, sets out to take revenge on the entire city after being imprisoned for so long. Kagehito gets a hold of Clavis and opens an interdimensional portal for the Makkine’s to invade Neo Edo City. Meanwhile, Yuichi is trained by another Yokai, who was imprisoned as well, Karasu Tengu, the revered martial arts Sensei. Yuichi learns to wield his sword and his Kaikishi Yoyo to capture the troublemaking Yokais and transfer their soul energy back to the Ki-Stone. While Yichi and his friends traverse around to keep Kagehito from opening the Portal, they realize that he has been controlled by the Makkine and had been under hypnosis that was making him act this way. Ultimately, the Portal was opened partially for the troops to succeed in closing it. Instead of the Portal, a butterfly projection took its place, and Neo Edo City returned back to its busy state. However, the few robottos that had already entered and had escaped from the group’s attack had already started to plan their revenge. The group was left unaware of the threat that was right in front of them. The Yokai, O-Dokuro, after defeating Karasu Tengu, had ventured toward the city from the farm and were on their way to seek revenge for his imprisonment.

In season 2, Yuichi’s friends, Chizu, Gen, and Kitsune, are granted Kaikishi weapons by the Ki-Stone. Yuichi takes it upon himself to teach them how to use these weapons. However, he has no game plan, but somehow it all works out. They set out for the arcade, where they destress a bit, and Yuichi decides to not battle another Yokai due to Yokai like Ashibasha, Karasu Tengu, and Kagehito, who end up helping them. However, at that moment, Yuichi and his friends are jumped by O-Dokuro, who attacks and makes sure the bones take Yuichi’s Yoyo away so that he is not able to use it to capture him. They do capture him after the troop battle against him and transfer O’Dokuro’s body back to Ki-Stone, keeping only the head out on his request. Kagehito, who was recuperating in the Ki-Stone, suddenly comes out to warn them and reveal Makkine’s plans. The Warbottos seems to be traveling around to make more warbottos who are going to work to bring the Mechabots to life so that the Mechabots can transform into Mega Mechabots and help with the invasion.

Kitsune finds an egg, which is, in reality, a Mechabot who accepts Kitsune as her sister. While Kitsune bonds with the egg she names Kiyoko, Chizu challenges Fuwa for the leadership of the Ninja Dojo to rescue the orphan children from the inhuman training. She defeats Fuwa and is declared the leader. Yuichi and the troop then set out for the Willow Branch Sword, which could be used to cut the Ki-Stone, separating it from the Clavis, to close the Portal at the right time in order to defeat the Makkine once and for all. They bring back the orb containing Kagehito’s countrymen while making a plan to defeat those robottos. They had 2 days left. However, an ill-timed attack by the Bat Squadron opens up the Portal and lets the Makkine invade the city. They fight with the giant robot, and Kiyoko takes over the consciousness of the other Mechabots and fights on Kitsune’s side. Kagehito helps them out and escapes the ship by crossing the Portal at the last minute before Yuichi closes the Portal using the Willow Sword and destroys the ship. It all ends well, and Neo Edo City gains heroes and peace that is going to last them for a while.

Did O-Dokuro Change His Personality And Make Amends With The Troop?

O-Dokuro was a skeleton Yokai made from the different bones he had compiled from the different battlefields he had visited. He had escaped in the first season and had a battle with Karasu Tengu, who he defeated, and later ventured toward the city to defeat Yuichi and his group as an act of revenge. Yuichi and his friends went to the arcade in the city to have fun after a training session where Yuichi was not able to be a good teacher to his friends. During this time, Yuichi agreed with his friends to not battle with the Yokais anymore. However, his will is put to the test when O-Dokuro attacks them out of nowhere in the arcade after sneakily depositing the Yoyo in the claw machines so that Yuichi can’t capture O-Dokuro. After a battle and with the help of his friends, Yuichi successfully defeats O-Dokuro and transfers only his body, keeping his head intact on his insistence. O-Dokuro concedes his defeat and realizes that Yuichi doesn’t want to harm them anymore. He was simply overcome by his desire for revenge after being locked up for an eternity inside the Ki-Stone. The friends start taking care of his head and listening to his words. O-Dokuro later helps them find the Willow Branch Sword, a sword left by Yuichi’s ancestor, Miyamoto Usagi, that helped him cut through the Ki-Stone. Yuichi needed that sword to separate the Clavis from the Ki-Stone due to their being fused together with time. O-Dokuro knew every single battlefield and thus used this knowledge to help Yuichi get the sword. From the battlefield, O-Dokuro gains the bones back and recompiles his body, then sets out to explore more battlefields, only to return to help during the final battle.

Why Did The Rest Of The Characters Unite With The Group?

Karasu Tengu had already united with the group, as had Kagehito. O-Dokuro was the newest addition to their troop. After the group realized that the Yokais were not really there to cause havoc and that the real threat was somewhere else, they quickly formed an alliance with the group to get rid of the threat and save their city. The Chickaboomas, Bat Squadron, and Fuwa’s Ninja Squad, after Chizu takes over, all come together to defeat the Makkine who had started their invasion. All of them took their turns in defeating all of the warbottos and the Mechabots. All of them had a sense of unity, which is similar to the patriotism preached by a lot of movies as well as in real-life cricket matches against an outside threat or force.

‘Samurai Rabbit’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Why Does Kagehito Leave for His Planet?

The Makkine invaded the city through the Portal and sent in an army of warbottos and a giant monster, who caused havoc throughout the city, leaving destruction in their wake. The group is divided into smaller groups. Gen and the Bat Squadron Leader accompany Kagehito to the War Mountain, where the device to save his people is kept. Chizu and the rest of the members of the Bat Squadron deal with the warbottos while Kiyoko and Kitsune take care of the giant monster to stop it from reaching the Ki-Stone. Yuichi and Tetsujin stay to make sure they close the Portal in time with the help of the Willow Branch Sword. They quickly set out to assume their positions and fight the Makkine to stop their invasion from spreading further.

The War Mountain was the warship of the Makkine and had the Master Commander who was overseeing all of the invasions. His appearance was that of an infinity loop with a voice. Kagehito sent Gen and the leader back through the Portal so as to stall the Master Commander from attacking them. He escaped the ship at an opportune moment, right before Yuichi closed the Portal on the ship to destroy it immediately so that the Makkine could not attack another planet. With this, the ship was destroyed, successfully killing off the Master Commander as well as the energy it was providing to the warbottos to keep them afloat. With the energy gone, all of the warbottos shut down, along with Kiyoko. This spurred Tetsujin to fix the ship for Kagehito so that he could return to his planet and help his people come back from their frozen state. Tetsujin designed an energy battery for Kiyoko so that she could come back to life for Kitsune and become their once again, completing the group.

This season kinda marks the end of the Usagi Chronicles, but there might be more episodes where the group has to face new threats and save Neo Edo City yet again. However, Lord Kogane, however, took the credit the group deserved and instead used it for his own gain and procured a better reputation with the citizens. He introduced measures that profited the Bat Squadron, effectively putting a stop to their incessant attacks for less light in the night that hurt them. With everything in place, the troop could now rest easy and spend some time in peace until the next threat struck the city that would put them in danger. 

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