‘School Spirits’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Maddie Find Evidence Against Mr. Anderson?


In our reviews of Episodes 1, 2, and 3, we have spoken about why we are hesitant to believe that “School Spirits” is a good series, despite it being engaging so far. Our opinion has remained unchanged with Episode 4. There was nothing spectacular, but it kept pace with decent revelations and enough fodder for the next episode. But there is something that we failed to say initially, and that is that the series seems to have really captured some of the sensitivities of the afterlife. We were not expecting that. But we also don’t understand how the ghosts are able to move stuff around without actually moving it. We got a hint of it when we saw Simon give Maddie his blazer, but still, a proper explanation would have been nice. This is how “School Spirits” Episode 4 unfolds.

Spoilers Ahead

Nicole And Xavier’s Day Out

Nicole is confused as to why Simon is so convinced that Maddie is dead when she has found evidence to the contrary. As she dwells on this question, she plans on going to an event where people show up dressed as characters from horror movies. Nicole believes that Maddie would definitely come there if she went nowhere else. Since Simon refuses to go, Xavier pitches in. But when in the car, Nicole is a little miffed with Claire due to an interview she had with her a few hours ago. Claire is up for being homecoming queen, and she mentioned in the interview, unprompted, that she would have liked to be there for Maddie. Back in the car, Nicole wonders what happened between Maddie and Claire since they used to be friends, and Xavier mentions that Claire has a way of cutting people off. This alerts Nicole to the fact that there might be something between Xavier and Claire, and when asked about it, he tells her about him cheating on Maddie. Nicole is shaken up, and when they reach the event, she asks him to just stay back in the car as she looks for Maddie. Nevertheless, her quest is a failure, and Xavier joins her. Though Nicole is angry, the two of them talk through things, and we think their association might continue.

Maddie’s Search For Evidence Against Mr. Anderson

Did anybody else think that it was annoying how Maddie kept disturbing Simon during his test? Either way, Simon nicks Anderson’s phone when submitting his paper, but this is a dead end since neither he nor Maddie has any clue as to how to unlock it. But the other ghosts, namely Rhonda and Wally, come to know that Maddie can speak with the living, and they are furious that this piece of information was kept from them. Meanwhile, Maddie’s investigation is on as she asks the ghosts if they know anything about the teachers, and they tell her that they don’t spend their time spying on the living. But they do peep at them in the bathrooms. Maddie decides to ask the other ghosts and doesn’t find much even there. She asks Nina, the ghost who haunts the theater, and she yells at Maddie that nobody is thankful for what she does. Dawn is equally unhelpful, and she replies that she only sticks around for what the students leave in the theater. Maddie even approaches the band of ghosts, but they are not interested in talking to her if she cannot play anything.

Meanwhile, finding no other option, Simon tells the principal everything, hoping that once the authorities take over, they will be able to find better proof. Upon finding no proof against Mr. Anderson, they end up taking Simon himself. The police are convinced that Maddie has just run away, and she is staging this entire thing with the help of Simon and her friends for absolutely nothing.

Nothing is leading anywhere, and while Simon is dealing with the police, Maddie is stuck watching the trouble her friend is in. Which is when Charlie tells her his story with Emilio. He had been the first person that Charlie had actually been happy with. But when Emilio accidentally outed Charlie to his parents, the latter wrote an angry letter to him, telling him that he never loved him. Charlie had died immediately upon eating the French fries made in peanut oil, but his ghost had to see Emilio read that letter. Due to the pain he caused the person he loved so much, it still hurts Charlie to see Emilio every day as he is a teacher at the school. Maddie feels bad for Charlie, but a lightbulb goes off in her mind at that moment. The band of ghosts had a different mascot on their uniform than the one the school has now. Upon asking why, Rhonda and Wally tell her that after the band died, nobody wanted to wear the uniform with the devil as a mascot, which is why it was changed.

‘School Spirits’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Maddie Find Evidence Against Mr. Anderson?

Rhonda, Wally, Charlie, and Maddie go to meet Nina with some flowers, and they tell her how much they appreciate what she does. An emotional Nina shows them a trapdoor that Mr. Anderson keeps going into. The group finds a receipt there for the order of the costumes for the school band. That is enough for Maddie, who gives it to Simon. Simon takes it to the principal at the school teachers’ meetings and reveals that Anderson had pocketed the money for the band costumes and just repurposed the old band’s costumes for now. He had stitched the new mascot onto the old one and fooled everyone. Simon could not prove that Anderson hurt Maddie, but he proved that he was a shady man who needed to be investigated further.

With this part of the puzzle solved, Maddie stumbles on a new breakthrough when she finds that Dawn knows the passcode of everyone’s phone. She runs to find Simon before he leaves, and they unlock Anderson’s phone with the code. They find that the person Anderson had called about giving money to Maddie was none other than Claire.

Final Thoughts

We have suspected drugs from the get-go. We think that Claire and Xavier might be involved in a drug operation with Mr. Anderson, and he needed the money from the school band uniforms to cover some sort of debt. Maddie just got caught in the crossfire, and that is why she had to die. Also, we are not sure, but are the writers trying to create a romantic angle between Nicole and Xavier? It could be interesting if it did not feel so off, and we can’t figure out why that is. Nevertheless, the ghosts are getting more and more interesting, and since Maddie has offered to get a message across to Emilio, maybe Rhonda will also ask for a favor since she wants to cross over to the other side now. Only the coming episodes will tell.

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