‘School Tales: The Series’ Recap And Ending Of All Horror Short Films, Explained


“School Tales: The Series” is an anthology consisting of eight short films inspired by comic stories. The common ground for all the horror tales is that they unfold within the school premises. The series brings together the works of several Thai directors, each with a unique story. Not every episode is worth a watch, but some leave a mark by bringing to the table the gore and mutilation that can be expected from a Thai horror film.

Spoilers Ahead

‘7 AM’ Recap And Ending

According to a school tale, every day on the board of room 6/4, the name of a book is written, and those students who fail to bring the book within eight am are murdered by the spirit of the teacher. Q, a student who was bullied by his classmates, was given the responsibility to come to school at 7 a.m. and take a picture of the name of the book that was mentioned on the board. The rest of the students would take note of it and bring the textbook to survive another day. Therefore, since Q lived near the school, he was forced to take responsibility. Also because he was an easy target for the rest of the class. A student, Vaan, who lived far away from the school, demanded Q reach school at 6.30 am so that he could have access to the name of the textbook at the right time. Q was tired of the demands made by his classmates; he was doing them a favor by coming to school early, but now they wanted more from him. The interesting aspect of the myth is that the one who is killed is erased from the memories of the rest, which is why no one was sure if the story was even true, but they did not wish to take any chances. Q was apprehensive about reaching early, believing that the ghost of the teacher might be lingering in the classroom at that hour. He once thought of not informing the class group after reaching school, but he could not ignore Tan’s request. Tan was sympathetic to Q’s situation and often helped him when his classmates pressured him. The morning he reached early, he could feel the spirit of the teacher around him, and he fainted after seeing her. He woke up in the infirmary with Tan by his side. The two reached their classroom to learn that Auan had forgotten to bring his book. Vann had stolen Auan’s book, but by the time they had all figured out the truth, it was too late. Their world paused at 8 a.m., and Auan was hunted down by the ghost. One day, Q heard Tan explain to her classmates why she supported him. She explained that she was using him just like the rest of them to make sure that he helped them every morning. The next day, Q was determined to end the lives of his classmates. He sends them an old picture of the board. When the clock struck 8 a.m., every student was hunted down by the ghosts of the teacher and the students she had murdered. Not and Tan were punished by Wittaya, a classmate of theirs whose book they stole, as a result of which he was murdered. They hated him and wanted to be sure if the curse of the classroom was real. Only Q survived. We see glimpses of the classroom where Q is the sole remaining student. The teacher does not remember having other students, and Q was finally free from his duty and his bullies. The curse started the day a teacher murdered all her students and then killed herself. It was her ghost that tormented students even now, but the reason for the mass murder was never known.

‘Vengeful Spell’ Recap And Ending

According to a school myth, a senior had cursed death upon her entire class before she killed herself. The secret to the success of the curse was hidden inside the box of curses, which continues to exist inside the school. Soon we notice a schoolgirl frantically searching for help. She live-streamed out of desperation as she imagined spirits all around her. Out of fear, she jumped from the window of her school building and died. The next morning, her body was recovered, and everyone at school discussed Mint’s mysterious death. Pleng removed her socks and wiped off Mint’s name, indicating that she had some role to play in the mystery. Just like the rest of the school, she too expressed sorrow at Mint’s sudden demise. Though later, we get to know that Mint’s current boyfriend was Pleg’s ex-boyfriend, and she could not forgive Mint for destroying her relationship. Pleng admired Boy now. The two were working on a horror film production. But she noticed that Jennie would always interrupt her discussion with Mr. Boy. One day, Jennie confronted her, jokingly stating that she and Boy had been together for a long time now. Pleng was enraged; just when she had fallen in love with another man, there was someone else waiting to ruin it for her. She went inside the storeroom and got the box of curses. According to the box, one had to write down the name of the person they wished to die upon their foot and then chant a ground-stomping spell. Pleng had murdered Mint, and now she was about to end Jennie’s life the same way. She wrote down her name and chanted the spell. Jennie immediately heard the spirits around her. Her ears started to ring, and she could not control them. Meanwhile, Boy went inside the storeroom to find Pleng. He found it strange that Pleng found comfort in a place that was known to be haunted. Pleng asked him about Jennie, to which he replied that she was his sister. She was surprised to learn the truth. Boy later accompanied her outside and went to drop her off at her place. She invited him inside, and the two shared a moment of intimacy during which Boy noticed “Jennie” written on Pleng’s foot. He asked her to explain herself, and at that moment, he received a call from Jennie, who was in tears, crying for help. He ran to find his sister. Meanwhile, Pleng attempted to erase her name and save her life, but it did not come off. The noise became unbearable, and Jennie tore her ears off. The spirits around her encouraged her to take her life, and so she did. By the time Boy entered the apartment, it was too late. Pleng cried herself to sleep, but she was woken up by the spirits. Even though she had erased the name off her foot before going to sleep, it appeared again. She was dragged off from her bed by the ghosts, and she experienced terrible pain in her foot. Her foot started to swell. She bandaged it and walked to school, knowing that the only way to stop this was by burning the box. The swelling in her foot took the shape of a face, and the face grew larger in size with time. With her penknife, she sliced off the head from the foot and dragged herself to the storeroom. She searched for the box, but she could not find it. She saw Jennie’s spirit there. The spirit crawled and pushed her hand into Pleng’s leg. Pleng got hold of a chainsaw and chopped off her leg. The next morning, when staff entered the school, she noticed the blood leading to the storeroom. She saw Pleng, with her chopped leg, sitting dead in the room. Boy shared sorrow upon Pleng’s death on social media as he erased her name from under his feet. He had stolen the box from the storeroom the day he went inside to find Pleng. The spirits of the box called to him, and he found it there. The cycle of curses ended with the one who started it in the first place.

‘Beautiful’ Recap And Ending

Dao was the prettiest girl in school, and every student wanted to take pictures with her. Aim wanted to be admired the way Dao was, and she was ready to try whatever she could lay her hands on to become beautiful. She searched for several products and remedies, but nothing could guarantee the overnight beauty that she hoped for. She went through the internet all night, desperate to search for the right product, and at one point, she typed that she would do anything to become beautiful. The light in her apartment started to flicker, and the screen started to act up. She was directed to a page that guaranteed overnight beauty, and they offered to waive off their condition if they failed to deliver. She agreed to the terms and conditions without reading them, even though at the bottom it stated that whatever would happen that night should remain a secret from the world. A box was left at the door, and she grabbed the potion after opening it. She drank the content, and, to her surprise, she had become extraordinarily beautiful. She was admired by everyone at school. Her follower count was more than that of Dao’s. While everyone wanted to know about the secret product, Aim maintained her silence. Dao was triggered by the competition; she could not accept that someone else was receiving the same attention and offer that she once enjoyed alone. She started to follow Aim to find her secret. She noticed that Aim would often carry dead cats and frogs home, and to know the truth; she even got herself the apartment right next to Aim. She could hear strange noises at night. She knew that it had to do with black magic, but Dao was desperate to do anything that Aim was doing to become even more beautiful. After gathering enough evidence against Aim, she approached her, threatening to destroy her life by submitting the videos in which she was consuming a raw frog to the modeling agency. Aim knew she was in trouble and that Dao would not let her live in peace. She warned Dao that what she was so interested in knowing was not truly worth it. To become this beautiful, she chose a path that made her wonder if the beauty she attained was even worth it. But nothing could stop Dao. She was frantically searching for the product and couldn’t care less about Aim’s warnings. At Aim’s apartment, Dao was greeted with the stench of rotten meat. She knew that Aim was consuming blood for beauty, but she also believed that if Aim could do it, so could she. As Dao was busy consuming the potion she found in her wardrobe, Aim was going through a physical change. She bit down on the table as blood started to drip from her teeth, and her nails scratched the table as she experienced excruciating pain. Her body and head were separated, and her decapitated body was left on the floor. Dao, after consuming the potion and admiring herself in the mirror, searches for Aim. She then notices the headless body. Aim’s head was floating, and her body was that of a spirit. The potion that Dao had drunk was the saliva of a flesh-eating spirit named Krasue. She did not consume raw flesh but instead preferred consuming them after they were rotten. The spirit told Dao that from now on, she would understand what the spirit wanted to consume through smell. Dao could smell a baby from the apartment; it was that of the pregnant landlady. As the woman knocked on the door, she was greeted inside, to be consumed.

‘The Book Of Corpse’ Recap And Ending

The Book of Corpse was a book in which if one wrote down their death wish, it would come true, but at what cost? Saiparn was a transferred student who spoke up against the bullies who harassed a student to share her answer sheet with them. After complaining to the principal, she immediately became a target for the bullies. Meanwhile, the newspapers published a story about a school teacher who had entered the school library but was nowhere to be found afterward. Saiparn noticed the bullies searching for her, and she hid in the library. Nonetheless, they managed to grab hold of her, but the librarian saved her from torture. To help her, she assisted the librarian, Narin, in arranging the books at the library. She smelt a rotten stench from the room and noticed a leak in the ceiling. She also discovered “The Book of Corpses” there. It was almost as if the book was searching for her. She was later told about the book by Narin. She said that once, a schoolgirl named Ploypoom was bullied by her classmates and was locked inside the washroom right above the library. She endured the torture for three months since no one was aware that she was locked there. She eventually killed herself, but before doing so, she wrote about her pain and suffering in a book. Saiparn went to the upstairs washroom, but she was greeted by her bullies, and they locked her inside. She could see and hear Ploypoom in the room, and as she screamed and shouted for help, Narin came and unlocked the door.

Saiparn brought to her room the book of Corpses and read about Ploypoom’s misery. She was transported to her world, and she could see her rot after months of torture. In the book, she described how unfortunate her life was to have friends as evil as the one she had encountered in her life. She believed it was better to have no friends than ones like them. She drew an image describing how she wanted her friends to kill each other. The next day, Saiparn asked Narin what had happened to Ploypoom’s friends after her death. The librarian stated that her friends were taken into police custody for interrogation and, in the cell, they killed each other the way Ploypoom wanted them to die. After knowing how effective the writing in the book was, Saiparn chose to write her story as well. She wrote half of it when her bullies caught hold of her and the book and joked about what she had written. They tortured Saiparn and chopped off her hair. After the humiliation, Saiparn wrote down her wish. Kaew, her bully, was tortured by the spirits, and she slashed open her throat and died. She remembered that she had wished for a painful death for her bullies, and that was what she went through. Saiparn ran to the library to stop her wish from coming true, and when she opened the book, she noticed that librarian Narin had also written down her wish to end the life of a man who she had once admired. The man forced himself on her, and she decided to seek revenge. The ceiling of the library broke open, and a body fell from above. It was the teacher whom the newspapers wrote about. Saiparn was retching after what she had just witnessed. She noticed Narin pushing a syringe filled with Potassium Cyanide into her body. She explained that once one wrote down their wish in the book, they had to trade their lives for it. She gave her life to the spirits for revenge, and now Saiparn, too, had to give her soul to them to get rid of her bullies. Saiparn was petrified by the turn of events. She did not know that one had to give their soul to write the wishes in the book. She watched Narin’s body transform as several heads started to erupt from her body to form the demonic figure thirsty for her soul. Her soul was sucked through her mouth by the figure, and Saiparn found friends in the lonely spirits who would always be by her side. The Book of Corpses continued to entice those who suffered to write their wishes and join them in body and spirit.

‘Headless Teacher’ Recap And Ending

Teacher Waiwan was a unique figure at school. She was loving but, at the same time, strict. She was known for collecting her debts from people no matter what. She reminded the stall owner, Aunt Noy, at the cafeteria to pay back her dues. As they were bickering about it, Teacher Nop stopped by to remind Waiwan that it was better to conduct such business where students would not be present. Teacher Waiwan adored Nop and agreed with his remark in an instant. As she walked away, she noticed that students had drawn caricatures of her and had pasted them on the wall. She caught hold of the two students and caned them. Ping and Tim sat down and planned how they would seek revenge from Waiwan for the punishment. They decided to enter her room at midnight and scare her with their masks on. But what happened next was hilarious. As they waited to scare Waiwan, they instead freaked out when they noticed their teacher’s headless body. They ran as fast as they could. Meanwhile, the next morning, a student found Waiwan’s body in the greenhouse, but her head was nowhere to be found. Tim and Ping realized that the body they saw last night was that of Waiwan’s ghost. The only problem was that Tim left his phone in her room, and he needed to enter again to get it back.

They entered with a Buddhist novice to keep away the spirit. But they soon came across Waiwan’s decapitated body. The novice ran away, locking the two friends inside the room. They noticed that their teacher wanted to communicate with them. She did not wish for them to be scared, but instead wanted them to find her head. She returned Tim’s phone and asked the students to promise to help her find her head. The students promised to help, and they left with their phones. Even though they initially thought they would not help Teacher Waiwan, they gradually started to feel bad for her. She was an adorable teacher who even wrote appreciative remarks below the caricatures. They asked Waiwan how she felt after her death. She expressed that she felt cold. They decided to use this clue to find her head. They thought that it must be Aunt Noy who killed her because she owed her money. But after they searched through her refrigerator, they realized that she was not the killer. Then they doubted the security man and thought that he might be crazy enough to kill her. Tim heard noises while he was investigating the guarded area, so he hid inside the cold storage, and it was there that he saw Waiwan’s head. Teacher Nop was searching the area when he heard Tim gasp. He carried with him a knife and opened the box; he was about to strike Tim with his knife when Waiwan’s head bit into his hand. He cried out in pain, and Tim escaped from the box. Waiwan exclaimed that he was the one who had murdered her, and she demanded the reason for it. Teacher Nop proudly screamed that he was the killer and he was ready to kill again. Tim and Ping managed to hit Teacher Nop’s head with Waiwan’s head. As he lost consciousness, he was tied to a chair while Waiwan joined her head back to her body. When asked why he murdered her, Waiwan remembered the reason. That night, she was walking past the greenhouse when she heard noises. She started to record and saw that Teacher Nop was forcing himself on a student, and she immediately stopped him. She threatened to narrate the entire incident to the principal and police, after which the teacher attacked her with a knife. He murdered her, and in an accidental chop of the ax, her head got separated from her body. In the end, Ping and Tim apologize to Teacher Waiwan for making fun of her when she was alive. She forgave them for it, and they all celebrated their success together.

‘Lunch’ Recap And Ending

Aunt Jong’s pork bone soup gained immense popularity in the school cafeteria. While her stall had been a part of the school cafeteria for a long time now, her food had never tasted this good. A student named Kong, who went by the name Clicker/the Hardcore Truth Seeker online, decided to find the truth about the soup. As soon as she closed her stall and left, Kong sneaked inside and tried to expose the secret ingredient at the bottom of the pot to his live online audience. Kong noticed Aunt Jong standing behind him, making him nervous, but he continued with his mission to find the truth. Aunty tried to stop him, and during their scuffle, the pot fell over, and the contents were spilled. Bones were lying on the ground, and Kong was quick to remark that they were the skulls of cats and dogs. He accused Aunty of feeding students dogmeat, and his video became an instant sensation.

When Kong became a savior, everyone around him thanked him for exposing the truth. Kong was the cool kid in school who got the name Clicker tattooed on the nape of his neck. Meanwhile, hate started to pour in for Aunt Jong, and students refused to eat from her stall. As Kong gloated over his success, he started to notice a black figure around him. The figure was dressed in black; his head was covered with a hood. He pulled a knife out of the darkness and attacked Kong. Kong ran for his life; he was terrified of what was unfolding. He complained about the figure, but nobody around him could see it. He became a joke for his irrational behavior. He went ahead and accused Aunt Jong of sending someone to stalk Kong. He threatened her and recorded the event for his live audience. He not only harassed her but also called her son’s names for being a drug addict. Aunt Jong felt humiliated. She held onto the picture she had of her son and started to weep. But this time, the other stall owners had enough. They stopped Kong from entering her room. They confirmed that she used to cook the food alone, and her son was not involved in it. Kong entered even after being stopped. He was determined to find the truth about Jong and her son. After entering, he did not notice anything unusual. The other stall owner informed him that she had lost her son a month back and had been mourning his death ever since. He showed them the urn and added that her son was decapitated and she had to bury him without his head. The pain she must have experienced from being unable to find the head was unexplainable, and Kong was asked to not make it worse. He was pushed out of the room, and his schoolmates started to accuse him of being a clout chaser and ruining the life of an elderly woman. He was asked to apologize, but he refused to do so, stating that she was the one at fault. A teacher, Mr. Pob, entered the cafeteria and informed everyone that what Kong had claimed to be a dog’s head was actually that of a chicken. He got it tested at the university laboratory, and they concluded that the bones belonged to a chicken. Kong felt embarrassed. He continued to accuse Aunt Jong, but he had no proof. His peers started to show sympathy for Aunt Jong. Kong was sent a letter asking him to apologize to Aunt Jong at the assembly the next day, and his parents were asked to meet his teachers.

Kong felt angry at the turn of events. Within a day, he turned from a hero to a villain. When he was alone, he recorded an apology for Aunt Jong, realizing the mistake he had made, but just then, he noticed a cat passing by. His evil interest dominated his good side, and he killed it to accuse Aunt Jong of using cat meat in the soup the next day. He carried the dead cat inside her kitchen when she went away to buy meat. But what he saw instead was also strange. The picture of her son was set on the table, he was offered meat, and a skull of a goat was placed in front of him. It looked like a setup for black magic, but there was not enough proof to conclude it. Kong thought of recording it as well, but his phone started to act up. He turned around, and it was the same black figure who had attempted to kill him. Kong realized it was her son and asked him to show his face. As soon as he removed the hood, black dust rose from his decapitated body. Kong ran for his life and asked his teacher to help him. He tried to explain everything he saw, but when they asked him why he was present in Jong’s kitchen, he had no answer. He was asked to stay away from trouble and Aunt Jong.

Kong went again to the kitchen. This time he was determined to check what the object that was wrapped in cloth was. He opened it, and to his dismay, it was a human skull. He realized it was the head of Jong’s son. He turned around, and there was the figure again. He ran away from it. When Aunt Jong entered the room, she asked the figure to stop scaring the child, and the figure disappeared. Kong apologized to her, realizing that the truth was way darker than he thought. He promised to not spill her truth to the public, and he asked her to help him leave. But Aunt Jong had enough. She said that she had planned to leave the place by the end of the month, but Kong disrupted her plan. His curiosity did not just ruin her plan, but also his life. She asked him about the dead cat, and Kong apologized for his mistake. She pulled a sharp knife out and slashed his stomach. She pushed the knife into his stomach over and over again, expressing her rage. She cooked the soup with the head of her son, and that was the secret ingredient that made the soup extraordinary. She believed in black magic and devil worship and used the method to make her stall a success. The soup was her way of keeping her son alive, and perhaps the black shadow was also a result of her offerings. But Kong had destroyed her life, and she had no other choice but to kill him. The next day, students were served Kong’s meat. They initially enjoyed the taste, but soon his friend noticed a meat slice with “Clicker” written on it. Chaos was unleashed, and the students ran all over the cafeteria while Aunt Jong looked at it with a smirk on her face.

‘Curse’ Recap And Ending

Korn was the school topper, but he was bullied by his classmates and even his juniors. His classmates, Aekachai, Burin, and Mintra, gave him two options: either he could show his paper to them during the exam, or they would kill him. Korn tried to explain how impossible it would be for him to share his answers with them since they were sitting away from each other, but the three of them did not care for his logic. On the day of the exam, they grabbed hold of Korn and announced that they had found another way to pass the exam, but they needed his help. They took him to the infirmary of the old school building. It was believed that the place was cursed and that a nurse ghost lived there. If anyone wanted their wishes to come true, all they had to do was sit in a wheelchair, face their back to the door, and mention their wish. They tied Korn to the wheelchair and asked him to wish for them to pass the exam, or they would kill him. They left him in the haunted room and went to the exam center. Alone in the infirmary, Korn could hear the giggles of a woman. He noticed the shadow of the nurse passing behind the curtain. She freed him from the wheelchair and demanded he make his wish. He wished for Aekachai, Burin, and Mintra to die, and his wish was fulfilled. Burin was brutally murdered, and Aekachai noticed Korn run to the exam center. He asked Korn what he had wished for, to which Korn replied that he wished for their death. While the two wondered how they could save their lives, Korn laughed like a devil. No matter where they attempted to escape, the wheelchair followed them. They were greeted by the rotting nurse who tortured and murdered them. Korn was delighted by the outcome; he managed to get rid of his bullies. But he had forgotten that those three were not the only ones who made fun of him. Every other person he knew disliked him and took advantage of his weakness. After being bullied by another group, he went to the infirmary with a vengeance. He sat in the wheelchair and ordered the nurse to take care of 33 others who bothered him. The nurse was ready to oblige, but before she proceeded, she reminded him that he was yet to give her something in return for the three people she murdered. According to the deal, the person making a wish had to give a body part of theirs to the nurse for each success. Korn did not know this was part of the deal; he watched his hands and feet rot. The nurse reminded him that he had wished for 33 deaths, for which he had to give 33 parts of his body. She laughed hysterically while Korn cried in pain. With every murder, Korn’s body started to rot further. Ultimately, he was consumed completely by the ghost. The film ended with three girls entering the infirmary, wanting to confirm the myth that they had heard about the nurse and the wheelchair. As the girl wished, the nurse continued to laugh, knowing what she had in store for her.

‘A Walk In The School’ Recap And Ending

The moment you have a person denying the existence of ghosts in a horror film, you know that person will suffer. “A Walk In The School” is a film about Boyd, who does not believe in the existence of ghosts. He uses scientific discoveries to support his beliefs. He even goes on to state that the ones who claim to have seen ghosts are usually those suffering from mental illness. He takes it upon himself to debunk every school horror story, and he takes his friend, Tam, along with him. Tam is a shaky young fellow who is afraid of ghosts and does not believe in Boyd and his logic. The night they were supposed to go to their school to debunk the mysteries, Boyd dreamt of a coin toss and a strange black figure with red eyes appearing. He was woken up from his dream by a phone call from Tam. He drove to school while Tam waited for him within the school premise. Upon reaching the school, the lights started to flicker, and he noticed a shadow behind a door. Boyd was scared. He went ahead to check behind the door, and suddenly Tam appeared with a torch on his face. Boyd screamed, and Tam joked about his fear.

Nonetheless, the boys decide to start with their mission. Tam was asked to hold the torch while Boyd spoke to his friends and fans on the live feed. They first went to the dance room. As the story goes, there once was a dancer who wanted to play the role of Sita, but they were always chosen to play the role of Hanuman. The dancer was humiliated by the dance group for being ugly. Many asked them to wear a mask forever to hide their face. This infuriated the dancers, and they decided to swap the fake prop with a real trisula and stabbed the person playing Ravana on stage. The dancer later committed suicide by stabbing. It is said that their bullies could see the ghost dancer dancing with them during their performance, and they all fainted in the theater. Boyd debunked the story by suggesting that the dancer couldn’t have exchanged the prop for a real one because teachers and prop coordinators always check the props that are used. Also, the man who played Ravana did not die as a result of the stab, and he blamed the bullies’ vision of the ghost dancer as the result of mass hysteria. Even though Boyd explained his belief, Tam was not convinced. What was also strange was that Boyd’s phone started to act up with people sending him cryptic messages. His friends even called him twice during the live video, but he chose to ignore them.

Next, they went to the school gym, where a ghost existed. It is said that a national-level gymnastic competitor ran on the balancing beam and was injured by a pin left by her competitor purposefully. She fell on her head after the pin punctured her feet, and she died. It is believed that the ghost continued to run on the balancing beam even to this day. Boyd did not believe the story. He explained that the noise from the balancing beam was a product of humidity. He also rubbished the claim of the competitor placing a nail on the beam, stating that it is impossible since the gym is cleared by the coach or gymnasts before the practice session. Boyd bragged how they had not encountered a single ghost in the entire night, proving him right. Tam was still not convinced. He believed that just because the ghosts did not show themselves did not mean that they did not exist. Tam went on to suggest another story. He said that there exists a story of two best friends who tossed a coin and decided that the one who would win would be forced to do anything. This story disturbed Boyd. He asked Tam to stop discussing it since he had never heard of such a tale. Within a few minutes, the lights in the corridor were turned off, and a dancer waited for Boyd. He started to dance around him. Boyd initially thought it to be an elaborate prank by his friends, but he soon realized it was all real. He ran as fast as he could from the ghosts and then went into the gym to hide. They sneakily witnessed the gym ghost practicing her balancing beam act and falling on her neck after it. She followed Boyd and crept on his body, but he managed to run away from her with Tam. As they ran from the ghosts, they reached the top floor of the school building. Tam wanted to go upstairs, whereas Boyd wanted to go downstairs. Tam flipped a coin to decide, but Boyd tried to stop him in every possible way. Tam had won the toss, and he asked Boyd to go upstairs. Boyd was scared to go there since he knew that a black figure lived beyond the stairs. Tam went ahead and narrated the story of Boyd’s childhood when he forced his friend to climb the stairs since he lost the bet. His friend screamed for Boyd’s help after going to the other side, but Boyd chose to run away from it. He never saw his friend after that day, but this time he would be the one on the other side.

When Boyd’s phone started to ring, his friend informed him that Tam had died in an accident while he was on his way to school. Therefore, the Tam he was making the live videos with was Tam’s ghost. People saw him talking to a spirit in the video, and they tried to inform him of the truth from then on. Boyd watched Tam climb the stairs to the other side of the passage, and Boyd followed, refusing to give up on his friend as he did the first time. He was reunited with his childhood friend, and now the three of them lived together happily, even in spirit. We did not get to know the truth beyond the door; perhaps a figure who sucked the souls off the bodies of those who entered. Whatever the case, Boyd now believed that ghosts were real. He was one now.

Final Words

“School Tales: The Series” offers a lot more than the eerie existence of spirits. There is a certain uniqueness to the stories and the visual presentation of the supernatural that makes up for the craft. You can give it a watch if you enjoy the horror genre, especially gore. 

“School Tales: The Series” is a 2022 Horror Anthology series streaming on Netflix.

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Srijoni Rudra
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