‘Scream’ (2022) Ending, Explained – Who Was The Ghostface?


The 90s slasher horror classic, “Scream,” is back, and this time it is all about reviving the original. Tara Carpenter, a high schooler, received a phone call from an unknown number when she was alone at home. What seemed harmless at first soon turned into a game of disaster. In the Stab original (the film within the film), Casey Becker received a similar call from an unknown number that resulted in her and her boyfriend’s deaths. The new Ghostface took inspiration from the original. A similar game of horror films was played, where one wrong answer out of three would result in the death of Tara’s friend, Amber. Tara was shaking when the predator sent her videos of Amber to prove how close he was to her. Tara played the game. 

The game was about the first “Stab” film. After answering two questions correctly, she messed up the final one. The Ghostface tactfully entered her house, and in the meantime, Tara had called the police. Tara was stabbed multiple times, but the timely arrival of the police helped her survive. And thus began the new “Scream,” located in the same town, Woodsboro.

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‘Scream’ Plot Summary: Whom’ The Ghostface’ Was Hunting?

Tara was a teenage girl; her mother was mostly absent, and her sister chose to stay away from the town. Tara’s older sister, Sam, was informed about her condition. She rushed to Woodsboro with her boyfriend, Richie. At the hospital, Tara broke down in front of Sam. The sight of her sister comforted her. The people of Woodsboro were not fond of Sam. She was known for her reckless behavior as a teenager. Amber expressed her concern upon Sam’s arrival. She informed her friends that Sam was not a great person. Her father left the family when she was 13. After that incident, Sam started acting out. She often got in trouble with the cops. When she turned 18, she ghosted her family, and Amber was worried that Sam might hurt Tara once again.

Tara’s close friends were:

  • Wes Hicks, son of Sheriff Judy Hicks.
  • Amber Freeman, the one who was supposed to be attacked.
  • Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin were the twins of Randy Meeks’ sister (Randy was murdered by Billy Loomis before he revealed himself as the Ghostface in the 1996 Scream).
  • Liv McKenzie, Chad’s girlfriend.

When the friends were discussing Sam at a local pub, Liv’s ex-boyfriend, Vince Schneider, visited them. After a round of verbal arguments, Vince and Tara’s friends were asked to leave the pub. Vince was stabbed in the pub’s parking lot by Ghostface. Meanwhile, Sam was attacked by Ghostface at the hospital. The Ghostface had informed Sam over the phone that he was aware of her secrets. After being attacked, Sam decided to reveal her secrets to Tara. She was the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis. Sam’s mother was pregnant with her when she married their father. Sam learned the truth from her mother’s diaries that she kept in the attic. When she confronted her mother, her father overheard the argument. He left the family that night. Sam blamed herself for their father’s absence. She also believed that Ghostface was after her as she was the daughter of the original killer.

The Connection Between ‘Scream’ 2022 And 1996

The killer (s) was after Sam as she was connected to Billy Loomis, but why was Vince murdered? Besides his ill behavior with the group, he was also the nephew of Stu Macher. Stu and Billy were the two killers who planned the series of murders that took place in 1996. Sam decided to seek help from retired Sheriff Dewey Riley. Dewey Riley was present throughout the entire Scream series. After being stabbed nine times and separating from Gale Weathers, Dewey now lived in a van. Initially, Dewey was not interested in getting himself involved in the case, but Sam reminded him that this killer would try to incorporate the past. After Sam and Richie left, Dewey informed Gale and Sidney Prescott about the revival of the Ghostface. Sidney had no plans of returning to Woodsboro, and she wanted to stay away from the fiasco.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Judy Hicks was threatened by Ghostface over the phone. He planned to murder her son, Wes, who was at home alone. Like in every other horror film, Wes went for a shower, and he could not hear his phone ringing. Even though Judy rushed towards her house to save her son, she was greeted by Ghostface. Judy was stabbed multiple times, and Wes was oblivious to the murder taking place right outside his house. Ghostface eventually slashed Wes’s throat, generating panic all across the town. Dewey’s message had brought Gale back into the town, and the two shared a few words regarding their past.

Sam noticed that the police were busy with the Hicks murder case, and her sister was left alone at the hospital. As she got into her car, so did Dewey, who wanted to accompany her to the hospital. At the hospital, Tara and Richie were attacked by the killer, but Sam and Dewey reached at the right moment to save them. Dewey wanted to shoot the killer in the head, but just when he was ready to shoot, he got distracted by a call from Gale, and Ghostface shot Dewey instead. The death of Dewey brought Sidney back to Woodsboro. The killer(s) were successful in their attempt to bring back the original cast of “Stab.”

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‘Scream’ Ending Explained: Who Was The Ghostface?

Sam decided to take Tara out of the town even though Sidney, with her years of experience, informed her that the killer would follow them. As Sam, Richie, and Tara were driving out of the town, Tara noticed that her inhaler was missing, and she could not do without it. The plan was to go to Amber’s house to collect her inhaler and continue with their journey. Sidney and Gale followed Sam with the help of a tracker that Sidney had planted on their car.

There was a party at Amber’s house to mourn the death of their friend Wes. At this party, Liv and Chad had an argument, after which Liv left. Unable to get any reply from Liv, Chad decided to look for her outside the house. This was when he met Ghostface. He was stabbed and was later found lying outside, unconscious. Mindy was also attacked by Ghostface while watching “Stab.” Liv then entered the house, informing the friends about Chad. Tara, Amber, Richie, and Sam looked at Liv with suspicion, but it soon dissolved when Amber openly shot Liv in the head and revealed herself as the Ghostface. Richie pulled Sam to the basement and tried to plant the idea that Tara might be the second killer. Sam rejected the idea, saying that she knew her sister better than she knew him.

When Sidney and Gale reached the house, Amber pretended to be hurt, but the original cast was used to such pretense. Since her plan did not work, Amber shot Gale, and Sidney tried to shoot Amber. Gale asked Sidney to kill the Ghostface one last time for Dewey. As Sidney entered the same house where it all had begun, she was attacked by the Ghostface. When the two struggled, Sam pointed the gun at Ghostface, but she was stabbed in her stomach by Richie.

Richie and Amber were the two killers in Scream 2022. Amber was a suspect from the moment she was not attacked by the Ghostface. Also, there was a visible awkwardness between Amber and Richie when they were first introduced to one another by Sam. The couple learned about Sam’s parentage from her mother, who was often drunk. Amber became obsessed with the “Stab” movie franchise after moving into the same house where the massacre had taken place. She then met Richie online, and they connected with the same interest in creating a real-life sequel of the “Stab” film. Since the films were based on the real incident, they took it upon themselves to write the script for the next Stab. They knew that the film would not be brilliant if it involved the original characters. Therefore, they built a new story and incorporated the original characters as well. In this version, Sam would be blamed as the killer since she was the daughter of Billy Loomis. “Scream” puts forward the obsession of the fans to the point that their disappointment with the franchise takes them to the level of murdering people to create a better story.

Amber could not find Tara, so Tara attacked her with her crutch, and this created confusion, allowing the rest to act. Sam attacked Richie, and Amber managed to find her ground and attacked Gale and Sidney. When Gale was finally able to overpower Amber, she shot her twice. Amber caught herself on fire after being shot as she fell into the stove that was turned on. When Sam and Richie were struggling, she thought of her father, who would often come into her dreams and ask her to cause violence, but this time his advice helped her. She found a knife lying around and stabbed Richie multiple times. Since the killers should always be shot in the head, as the “Scream” rules go, she shot Richie in the head. Amber was not shot in the head. She survived the attack once again, but this time Tara shot her in the head.

In the end, Sam thanked Sidney and Gale for helping her and her sister. The Meeks twins survived and were taken to the hospital. Gale thought of writing a book on Dewey instead of the killings, which only caused harm. “Scream” (2022), with its meta-commentary, is fascinating to watch. The film’s commentary on fandom and the horror genre was particularly intriguing. The film ended on a happy note, but we all know that there will always be one lunatic trying to seek revenge or find the perfect end. After all, life is never peaceful in Woodsboro!

“Scream” is a 2022 Horror Thriller film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

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