‘Seal Team’ Ending, Explained: Too Many Sharks Spoil The Seal Food!


‘Seal Team’ is an animated action-comedy spoofing the American military drama of the same name. The film revolves around Quinn and his fellow seals that team up against sharks that have terrorized the sea. It depicts the phenomenon of survival of the fittest (in an aquatic setting) and perhaps intends to challenge it. The film ‘seals’ the deal with an audience that likes adventure with bits of satirical comedy by piquing their interest. Did they do so successfully? Keep reading to find out. 

What is the HMMF?

The HMMF is a Hydro-marine Military Force that arrived at the Cape of Storms on the Good Boy ship in the 1980s. The naval force intended to diffuse the X47 death balloon with the help of three brave marine creatures:

  • Claggart: An experienced bomb disposal technician
  • Switch: A gear man and a biotechnology expert
  • Dolph: A model who was used to track the location of the bomb

Unfortunately, the disposal turned out to be a massive failure when the X47 exploded.

The incident wrecked the Good Boy ship and traumatized the three friends. While Claggart lived in the guilt of the shipwreck, Switch lost some of his sanity. Dolph missed his shoot for the National Aquatic. Years later, the spirit of the HMMF is renewed when Quinn and his friends seek Claggart’s help for their mission! 

HMMF (or hmph) is the crying sound of a seal. Perhaps, the real reason behind the name of the military force was that it was the voice (or the strength) of the seals. Ever since HMMF had been dissolved, the seals at the cape lived miserably and were bullied by the sharks. This was a probable indication that seals must have a voice to live a better life- leading to the restoration of the HMMF!  

What is the Seal Team?

The members of the Seal Island have been living miserable lives surviving on nasty-tasting barnacles and scorching in the sun. They are deprived of nutritious fish as monstrous sharks have terrorized the sea. Quinn and his friend Benji are among the few seals that would attempt to hunt for some real food. Even amidst the underwater perils, the two friends have always had each other’s backs. 

Unfortunately, in one such food-fetching incident, Benji becomes the prey to the cruel leader of the sharks- Grimes! However, Quinn gets saved by an old Claggart, who single-handedly fights the sharks. Witnessing the trauma, Quinn decides to avenge his friend and get justice for the people living on Seal Island! Quinn’s motivation leads to the formation of the Seal Team! 

The Seal Team is a crazy, stupid, and brave team of seals driven by a RIS (Really Stupid Idea) to fight the Shark ambush. With the guilt of losing his friend and the hope of saving the Seal Island, Quinn convinces Claggart to mentor the Seal Team. While most other seals consider this to be a suicide mission, these seals agree to be a part of it:

  • Geraldo: The flamboyant “show-off” who brags about breaking free from an aquarium (owing to his intelligence and symmetrical features)
  • Beth: A freakishly brave weirdo who is not afraid of pain
  • Switch: Claggart’s former colleague and a loyal friend
  • Jing: A clever and assertive seal. She had been the real mastermind behind breaking free from the aquarium and is Geraldo’s love interest. 
  • Claggart: The leader and mentor of the Seal Team

And of course

  • Quinn: The friendly idealist that always jumps to action before getting a thumbs up

With Claggart’s hardcore training and Switch’s supply of biotech weaponry, Quinn and his friends gear up to make the sharks “shiver.” With the help of Switch’s weapons, the Seal Team sets out to capture every single shark surrounding Seal Island. They coordinate with seagulls to keep a constant eye on the sharks. Using attack clamps, electric eels, and ropes, they trap a white shark in a cage suspended from a boat. 

The news rapidly spreads across the waters. Worried by the audacity of the seals, Grimes fears that all the lame sea animals will start taking the sharks for granted! Grimes and the shiver of sharks plan an ambush against them to set their example among all the water animals. 

The reason to not pursue something in life is often that the idea sounds crazy, stupid, or too brave (to be practical). However, “crazy,” “stupid,” and “brave” is the foundation of the Seal Team! So does it work out for them in the end? Let’s find out. 

‘Seal Team’ Ending Explained: The Ambush At The Cape of Storms

While the Seal Team celebrates its first victory, the sharks charge at the Seal Island in large numbers. When the team finds out, they prepare to rescue the other seals. However, being a wrecked old ship, Good Boy is no good for sailing! Hence, they hit the trail to Gerald’s old aquarium to look for a new boat. The Seal Team encounters The Magnificent Jing, who joins them despite her past with Geraldo. With Jing’s help, the team gets their hands on super classy speedboats and reaches Sentinel Rock, where a seal family has been trapped. Switch contaminates the water with his formula chum that lures the sharks in another direction. The team saves the family and escorts them back to the island. 

When the team catches a glowing fish (Grimes’ companion), he reveals to them that the attack on the island was just baited for the Seal Team! On finding them vulnerable, the shiver of sharks pounces on the Seal Team. While Geraldo and Jing distract some sharks, the rest of the team fights the others. However, this time the sharks are well-equipped to resist the biological weapons! The Seal Team knocks out a few sharks only to find out that the rest have a prompt meeting to discuss a new attack strategy. Hence, Quinn puts on Switch’s Octo–suit and camouflages his way into their assembly. The sharks discuss several aggressive strategies and go wild across the waters. 

Quinn feels guilty about putting everyone’s life in danger due to his own RSI. Just then, the Seal Team comes together to confess how Quinn’s RSI gave a purpose to their lives and can potentially save all the seals from starvation. With a newfound drive and the help of Dave (the harmless basking shark), the Seal Team fights back! The team locks the sharks in the sunken Good Boy ship, shocks them with electric eels, blinds them with octopus ink, and bombs a few. They do everything in their power except give up. Fortunately, Dolph (a brave old member of HMMF) sails triumphantly at the spot and starts attacking the sharks with tin-can bombs. Seeing the efforts of the Seal Team, every seal that has been rescued starts helping them. At last, the sharks give up and flee! The seals can now go on sardine runs fearlessly!

Months later, all the sharks at the Cape of Storms are terrified of the seals. Because, now if any shark that starts to get cheeky must face the attack of the Seal Team! As it turns out, the RIS (Really Stupid Idea) behind the formation of the Seal Team came off with flying colors! 

Final Words

‘Seal Team’ is cleverly named for a ‘team of seals’ and comprises satirical military references, affirming the thought and creativity behind its making. Regardless, the plot, the execution, and the dialogues feel inadequate for the conceptualization. While the action in the film does not give much adrenaline rush, the humor is not quite rib-tickling either. In all, Seal Team passes as a decent feel-good film but fails to create any significant impact.

Seal Team is a 2021 Animated Adventure film directed by Greig Cameron and Kane Croudace. It is streaming on Netflix.

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