‘Seasons’ Ending, Explained: Did Kurt And Charlie End Up Together?


The Netflix Filipino film, Seasons is about how the relationship between two best friends gets affected when love enters the equation. Charlie and Kurt have been best friends for over fifteen years. Their friends doubted that they were secretly in love, but Charlie and Kurt strongly believed that they did not have any romantic affection for one another. They enjoyed each other’s company more than anything else, and most days were spent chatting and grabbing dinner together. Life was going great for Charlie and Kurt, but that was until Charlie decided to find Kurt a date. Kurt did not believe in finding love on dating platforms, and Charlie wanted to prove that it was possible. While Charlie tries to search for the perfect woman for Kurt, Kurt asks her to give her colleague, Hans, a chance to date her.

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‘Seasons’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About? 

Finding the perfect woman on a dating app was not easy for Charlie. Most women disconnected her calls after they found out that the profile they matched with on the app was run by Kurt’s best friend. Some agreed to meet Charlie, but each was peculiar in their own way. Tired of her failed attempts, she ordered a carrot cake at the cafe. The taste of the cake blew her mind, and she asked the waiter about the chef. She knew she had found the perfect match when she figured out that the chef was a woman who was incredibly talented. Charlie searched for Jane on social media and found her account. She could not contain her excitement and discussed all about Jane when she met Kurt. Kurt was pretty much sold on the idea when he heard about the carrot cake. He wanted to meet Jane, and Charlie had to hatch a plan to make it happen. She accompanied Kurt to Jane’s cafe and walked over to Jane, requesting that she spend ten minutes with her best friend in exchange for eight carrot cakes. Jane was quite shocked by the proposal, but she eventually agreed to it.

Kurt and Jane clicked almost immediately; the ten minutes turned into hours, but their conversations did not run dry. Things started to get complicated in Seasons after that night. Charlie was used to having Kurt around at all times, but suddenly he was too busy to respond to her calls. She tried to spend time with Hans, but without Kurt, nothing seemed to interest her. She was afraid that she no longer had any importance in Kurt’s life. One day, she decided to surprise him at his bar but Kurt seemed busier than usual. Charlie noticed that he was fixed on his phone and was not concentrating on anything she said. She was hurt by his behavior. After all, she had been in his life for fifteen years, yet a person he had only recently started dating became more important. 

Charlie performed at the opening party of Kurt’s bar. She sang a heartbreak song, and it was aimed at Kurt. Kurt’s absence made her realize how much he meant to her. And it was not easy for her to watch him slip away. Their friends knew what was going on, but it was all too complicated to be discussed openly. Kurt and Jane were not in a relationship yet, but their growing friendship made Charlie jealous. She got drunk that night and fell sick. Kurt helped her in every way possible, but all Charlie wanted was for him to stick to his promise. The first night that Charlie and Kurt met in high school, Charlie made him promise to be with her always. Since her father passed away when she was young, she was afraid of losing those who mattered to her. After meeting Kurt, she knew that she wanted him to be a part of her life, and he promised to never leave her side. Charlie was now afraid that Kurt would abandon his promise and leave her stranded.

Why Did Charlie Fake Her Pregnancy?

With Kurt continuing to ignore Charlie, she decided to make him dinner and wait for him at his apartment. After evaluating all her previous relationships, Charlie realized that what she had with Kurt was impossible to find anywhere else. They were meant to be together, and she had to find a way to make it happen. Unfortunately, Kurt returned home with Jane. Charlie immediately hid under the bed. As Kurt and Jane were making out, Charlie sneezed in between. They found out that she was hiding, and Kurt was furious. Jane left the apartment irritated, and Kurt demanded answers from Charlie. She tried to explain that she wanted to spend time with her best friend, but she soon realized that Kurt had planned a grand gesture for Jane. He had a ring in his pocket and had planned to propose to her. Charlie was completely dumbfounded, and in a moment of desperation, she lied to him, stating that she was pregnant. She fabricated a story in which she slept a couple of times with a stranger, and now that she was pregnant, she believed it was her duty to inform him about the baby. Kurt sympathized with Charlie’s situation, and he promised to help her find JK.

They traveled together to the North of Ilocos for a week, and Charlie hoped that after spending time together, Kurt would realize that she was the one for him. Initially, no matter how hard Charlie tried to make Kurt focus on her, he was either too invested in finding her fake fling, or he was busy on calls with Jane. Charlie felt guilty about lying to him, but at the same time, she knew that she had no other choice. Kurt was about to marry someone else, and after finding out how madly she was in love with her best friend, she could not have risked it. Gradually, with Charlie always by his side, Kurt started to appreciate her presence. He was reminded of the many years they had spent together. The first time they met was at their high school prom. Charlie wanted Kurt to pretend to be her partner, and they kissed. It was awkward yet the most memorable moment of his life since that was the beginning of their friendship. The people they met during the trip could sense that Charlie was in love with Kurt, but it was almost impossible for Charlie to say it out loud.

One night, while sitting next to one another and stargazing, Charlie and Kurt kissed. Charlie felt all the more guilty, and even though she wanted to tell him the truth, they ended up sleeping together. The next morning, when Kurt woke up, he found Charlie sitting outside their room. When Kurt confronted her, she told him the truth. Kurt was shocked, and he felt cheated. He could not believe that Charlie had lied to him and made a fool out of him. He did not say a word and left the resort. Charlie returned to Manila and tried contacting him, but his phone was unreachable.

‘Seasons’ Ending Explained: What Finally Happens Between Kurt And Charlie?

Kurt changed his apartment and stopped responding to Charlie’s calls. We found out that they remained out of touch for over three years. At the end of Seasons, Charlie noticed Kurt while performing at a local bar. She struggled to control her nerves as she saw him staring at her. Kurt and Charlie finally broke their silence after three years, and Kurt informed her that he was getting married. His relationship with Jane did not work out, but he met someone else. Bianca was supportive of him and helped him heal during the worst phase of his life. Charlie could not hold back her tears as she heard him discuss his lover. In all these years, she could not get over him, and the fact that he was getting married made matters worse. Kurt did not wish to hurt Charlie; he had come to meet her because he missed his best friend. Charlie realized that even though they were not meant to be together, they must not abandon the beautiful friendship they shared. She tried to be Kurt’s best friend for once. They both missed each other’s presence in their lives, and they decided to remain friends. Charlie performed at Kurt’s wedding. It was difficult for her to watch the man she was madly in love with marry another woman. But she knew that Kurt was content with Bianca, and she tried to be happy for him. Tears rolled down Charlie’s cheeks as she watched the couple say, “I do.”

Seasons ends on a bittersweet note. Charlie wanted her relationship with Kurt to be more than friendship, but it did not work out in the end. They both cared about each other, and perhaps at times Kurt felt romantic affection for her, but he could not look past the betrayal. He realized that Charlie was better off when she was not in love with him, and maybe that is why he chose to maintain distance from her. Charlie was afraid of losing the people she loved, and she wanted to hold Kurt close, but she allowed her emotions to get the better of her. It will surely not be easy for Charlie to continue being best friends with Kurt now that he is married. She will find it difficult to watch him with someone else, but at the same time, she might as well learn to accept it and realize that his world does not revolve only around her. Even though love was not on the cards, their friendship continued to bloom. Kurt was Charlie’s lifelong companion, not as a lover but as her best friend.

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Srijoni Rudra
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