‘Seaspiracy’ Summary & Analysis – Big Lie Of The Fishing Industry


There are two things that, if not kept in check, would lead to a horrific end of this beautiful plant. Man and his lust for money. The mere obsession of procuring profits at any cost will lead us to a place of no return. The problem is not that someone wants to earn money or is passionate about running a business. It’s their life and if they have the ability to run a successful business then they do so. But the problem arises when earning money becomes the priority of the majority. The lust for procuring profits from their business overpowers every other emotion. We give a kind of authoritative power to a piece of paper. Our whole system is soaked in this lust. There are only a handful of people who have been able to go beyond it. But it doesn’t matter much, as a civilized system only responds to the majority and there is no space for an individual whose thinking is not aligned with the general consensus.  

The documentary Seaspiracy tells us about one such individual, Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker, for whom the clink of coins or the rustling of notes, just didn’t matter. He knew life couldn’t be bought. He knew that one day when our seas die and there is no air left to breathe then how many blue chips you hold wouldn’t make a difference. 

‘Seaspiracy ‘ Summary

Ali Tabrizi was a marine life enthusiast. He was among those individuals who always donated for the “plastic-free drives” kind of campaigns. He also joined the organizations when they came to clean the beaches. He did everything that he thought would make a difference. But he was curious about the whale hunting that used to happen in Tiji, Faroe Islands, Japan. The Japanese government had earlier refused to stop Whaling even after international pressure. Ali wanted to visit the island and check for himself and document it.

But what he saw changed the course of his research forever. Seaspiracy uncovers the real truth.

‘Seaspiracy’ Analysis – The Big Lie

When guerilla shooting in Taiji for Seaspiracy, Ali realized that there was something dubious about the whole whaling activity. He saw that fishermen were driving the dolphins to the shallow end and then brutally killing them. He didn’t understand it. He came here to see people hunting whales but this was a totally different scenario. And why were they killing dolphins and not capturing them. Because profit was to be made by selling dolphins to bug aqua parks where they have dolphin shows. 

It was then the big chain was exposed to him. They were killing dolphins to show the world that due to the dolphins the smaller fishes are reduced in the sea and so it affects the marine balance and ecosystem. But the real deal was that they wanted to fish more extensively. 

One thing led to another and he realized that all the hue and cry about the plastic straws polluting the seas just didn’t make any sense. The fishing nets itself was causing havoc in marine life. The unused fishing nets that were thrown in the ocean, were the reason for the death of millions of ocean creatures. It was startling as things were just not adding up and one thing was leading onto another. 

Seaspiracy Netflix Documentary Film 2021

The hoax of sustainability 

Ali found that big organizations like The Marine Stewardship Council or the Earth Island Institute didn’t have a clue of what the real problem was. They were just turning a blind eye towards extensive fishing that was spoiling our oceans more than anything else. Also labels like sustainable fishing just didn’t make sense. There was no proof that a product was made by using sustainable methods or not. And moreover sustainable methods were not possible even if one wanted to. So when these organizations were compelling us all along to eat their product because they are “marine environment safe”, it was all one big hoax. These big organizations just denied to entertain the question of Ali Tabrizi and it was then he realized that the whole system is rigged to make us believe that we all are helping towards the cause of cleaner oceans but in fact we were doing just the opposite. 

Where the Knots Unsnarl

The Global Commercial Fishing Industry market accounted for $240.99 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $438.59 billion by 2026. 

I think the above statement explains everything if you understand the immoderate human psychology. We are driven by selfishness and the want for more just keeps on increasing. All these so called sustainable and environment friendly organizations and certifications were fed by the fishing industry. And considering our heightened philosophies, we never bite the hand that feeds us, even if it is soaked in blood. The only difference being that this time the blood is going to affect our fate on this planet. We can’t escape the doom forever that we are so inclined to bring.  

So the day the ocean dies and with it our delicate ecosystem, we can all sit together with our money, shares, assets and then discuss how good we were in creating business out of every goddamn thing on this planet. But the only difference would be that now we would be spending all the money to buy the natural resources that we once very proudly and arrogantly destroyed. 

Streaming on Netflix just watch Seaspiracy to get a perspective. Think about it and act upon it before you reach a point of no return.

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