‘Secret Magic Control Agency’ 2021 Review – Sometimes We Need A Little Magic!

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Secret Magic Control Agency, directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin, is a Russian animated spy fantasy adventure film loosely based on the story of Hansel and Gretel. This time they are secret agents embarking on a mission to find the missing king.

Secret Magic Control Agency regulates and manages all magic performed in the kingdom to ensure no misuse of magic to harm innocent creatures. Gretel is an important agent in the agency known for her bravery and wisdom. She single-handedly fights all magicians who perform illegal black magic and aspires to be crowned the best agent of the agency. 

One fine day the king gets mysteriously kidnapped, interestingly by his own food. The assignment to find the king and bring him back safely goes to Gretel but this time she is not alone. She is accompanied by her estranged con-artist brother Hansel. Together they unravel the mystery, fighting their way through the dangerous path to finally locate the king, and rebuilding their own relationship in the process.

Ilvira, a chef in the kingdom, has kidnapped the king to make him fall in love with her to become the queen and finally take over the entire kingdom. Will Hansel and Gretel be able to stop her in her mission?

Nicholas Corda and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld have given their voices to adult and young Hansel, doing an excellent job in bringing the character to life. Sylvana Joyce and Courtney Shaw have given their voices to adult and young Gretel, bringing out her witty and strong character beautifully. Erica Schroeder as Ilvira is able to bring the wicked witch to life which makes the movie all too interesting. 

The movie is beautifully created with colorful scenes, mermaids and witches, and adorable cupcake minions. The movie can be enjoyed by all age groups and is a perfect treat if you want to spend time with your family. It has enchanted scenery and characters like in a fairy tale with action sequences of a crime-thriller movie. 

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