‘Secrets On Greek Row’ Ending, Explained: What Actually Happened To Wally?


Movies for television do not demand a lot from you. Maybe it is the budget constraint, but by not being able to do too much, they rely on the writing, which, intentionally or not, is their biggest strength. It might seem like an outlandish comparison, but we found that “Secrets on Greek Row,” with its simplistic narrative, albeit with a few plot holes, was more engaging than the convoluted “Knives Out.” It might be a controversial opinion, but it remains that this movie is a decent watch, and this is how it goes.

Spoilers Ahead

How Is Kaylee Framed For Wally’s Death?

It is November 2007, and Roger Lancaster commits suicide, unable to face the sexual harassment allegations against him by Vera Quiad. In the present day, Vera’s daughter, Kaylee, is the president of a sorority named Thetas and is a popular student, though she is often made fun of for dating someone younger than her. Kaylee is twenty-one years old, and her boyfriend, Wally, is eighteen. As Kaylee says later, she was the one to pursue him even though he was hesitant at first because she was dared to do so by Lori, her best friend. However, Wally was the one to first confess his love for her. Kaylee never got the opportunity to say it back.

Wally and Kaylee break up temporarily when they discover that Roger Lancaster is Wally’s father. Kaylee wants to talk to him, and she takes the opportunity when one of her friends, Chase, invites her to his birthday, which in his sorority would be celebrated as a formal event where everyone would come dressed as ancient Grecians. Kaylee agrees but makes it clear that she is only there to patch things up with Wally. Chase agrees though it is clear that he has feelings for Kaylee and, subsequently, is a bit of a jerk to Wally. At the party, Wally and Kaylee patch things up, and all would have been well in the sorority paradise if the disaster hadn’t struck. Towards the end of the party, Wally is extremely drunk, along with Chase, and the latter is being a little disrespectful to Kaylee. In the tussle that follows, Wally falls into the pool along with the speakers nearby and gets electrocuted. It is a really tragic end for him.

At Wally’s funeral, his mother, Sabrina, is furious at Kaylee and Vera, as she blames them both for the destruction of her family. Though the two of them leave, it is not looking good for them. The cycle continues with someone writing in the shower, while Kaylee is there, that they know she hurt him. When Kaylee tries to investigate, her friends are angry with her for suspecting them. During this time, everyone comes to know that GHB, a date rape drug, was found in Wally’s system. Sabrina is convinced that Kaylee had something to do with it since she is an older woman dating a younger guy. In Sabrina’s eyes, she has lost both her husband and her son to the women of the Quaid family, and that is too much of a coincidence to bear unless she lets her anger take over and believe that they were deliberately preyed on. She even brings the police to a party that Kaylee is having at her sorority house, but when the police find no sign of drugs or alcohol, she is disappointed.

Sabrina’s sadness arises not from indignant ignorance but from the fact that she is constantly let down by her family. It is easier to blame Vera than to accept that her husband was a sexual predator. It was more convenient to blame Kaylee than accept that her son might have been experimenting and gone a little too far with it. The scene at the party sets her emotions back a few notches. But the problems continue for Kaylee when Chase drinks a little too much punch and falls unconscious, foaming at the mouth. The next morning, the police raid Kaylee’s room and find GHB in her drawers. Kaylee has been framed, and it certainly looks like she is the one responsible for what happened to Wally and Chase. Anyone who believes in her only does so out of sheer faith in her goodness. After her mother bails her out, she asks her not to go back to the sorority. But Kaylee is the president, and she cannot avoid it, especially since their sorority is in danger of losing its accreditation. When the committee is held to decide the fate of Thetas, Kaylee offers to step back from the sorority so that it may continue. But her sorority sisters protest her decision and refuse to allow her to take the fall by herself. This results in the entire sorority losing its accreditation, as expected, but nobody has any regrets.

On the last day, when everyone is leaving the campus, Sabrina comes to meet Kaylee. This is the first time she is there without any animosity, and she gives Wally’s phone to Kaylee, saying that the memories stored in it are private to the couple and should be with Kaylee. Sabrina seems to let go of her anger and accept that she cannot keep taking it out on Vera and Kaylee to make herself feel better.

‘Secrets On Greek Row’ Ending Explained: What Actually Happened To Wally?

When Kaylee is going through Wally’s phone, she finds a video of him at the party, where Chase is forcing him to get drunk despite Wally’s refusal. Kaylee is in tears, understanding that it was Chase all along who was responsible for Wally’s death. Right at that moment, Chase comes into the room and catches Kaylee watching the video. He panics, and despite the fact that he never intended to harm Wally, it can’t be denied that he refused to take responsibility for his actions. In fact, he was the one who framed Kaylee with the GHB to take the heat off his own sorority. An angry and scared Kaylee rushes down the stairs, only to find that their sorority mom, Carolyn, is none other than Chase’s half-sister. She says that she raised Chase and plans to look out for him no matter what. That includes killing Kaylee if she has to. She came to the sorority house after Chase told her what he had done. Carolyn just needed to make sure that his misdeeds never came to light. She probably wrote the stuff on the mirror for Kaylee, and she certainly helped Chase frame Kaylee with the GHB.

To be honest, we understand the GHB, but we don’t understand why she wrote anything like that on the mirror. Everyone believed that Wally’s death was an accident. What was the point of deflecting from it by trying to introduce elements of a mystery? This is a very unnecessary plot hole in an otherwise smooth narrative. Additionally, even her presence in the sorority is a little excessive. If this were a real case, there would have been no real purpose for her, but since this is a movie, she acts as a final twist in the tale. Either way, at the end of “Secrets on Greek Row,” Kaylee escapes by getting the better of Carolyn, though it results in her death. When Chase tries to attack her, Kaylee is rescued by Lori and Winter. Chase is likely to be sent to jail, and with the mystery of the GHB finally being solved, we can assume that Sabrina must have gained a modicum of peace. Six months later, the Theta sorority is back in place, and Vera becomes the new house mom. It ends with a sweet speech on sorority sisterhood, and we are left wondering whether this was the message of the movie.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, the movie was okay, except for the ending. If they had just kept the sister, Carolyn, out of it, it would have been a much tighter script. These unnecessary plot holes were jarring in an otherwise smooth narrative. Also, if we were to be a little petty, we would say that Kaylee’s goody two shoes tragic portrayal was a little too boring, but maybe that was the requirement of the story. Chase and Sabrina were far more interesting, and maybe we could have seen more of them. Either way, “Secrets on Greek Row” is halfway decent, and we would watch it on TV.

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