‘See You In My 19th Life’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Ji Eum Know Seo Ha?


We heard that the ratings for episode 6 of See You In My 19th Life took a dip, and we wondered whether it had something to do with the level of sweetness going down in favor of more strategic matters. Perhaps to compensate for that, episode 7 has been a lot more balanced. It will always be astounding how Ban Ji Eum doesn’t let go of a single opportunity to make a pass at Mun Seo Ha, but he has started reciprocating instead of simply accepting them. But on the other hand, See You In My 19th Life really needs to pull up its socks because its direct competitor is King The Land, and that series has not slipped even once. So let us see how this series tries to salvage itself in its 7th episode after the setback of the previous narrative.

Spoilers Alert

Does Seo Ha Accept Ji Eum’s Confession?

Let us start with Do Yun and Cho Won because they are being given criminally less screen time. Last time, Do Yun got drunk and got very close to Cho Won while pretending the next day that he remembered nothing. As for Cho Won, who has liked him for many years now, she meets Ji Eum, who tells her that Do Yun is simply playing hard to get. There is a rather sweet scene with Ae Gyeong, Cho Won, and Ji Eum having food and drinks and freely talking to each other about the reappearance of Ji Eum in their lives and the subsequent happiness. Since Cho Won gets a little drunk and Ji Eum is a responsible older sister, she plays a matchmaker and calls Do Yun to take Cho Won home. When they are going back, Cho Won does the exact thing that Do Yun had done, and she makes it clear that she knows that he remembers everything. However, she also trips and falls, twisting her ankle in the process. She takes care of herself, and when she meets Do Yun next, she tells him that she remembers everything and wants him to say the same. Do Yun admits that he likes her but is clear that he won’t date her. This man has some serious mental blocks, and he better start working on them right away.

Meanwhile, coming to our main love story, Seo Ha has really started leaning on Ji Eum for support. He meets some of his relatives at his father’s place for dinner, and it is clear that they are set on undermining him, whether it be his work or his trouble hearing. Seo Ha is aware of this, and right before dinner, he pulls out his hearing device. The fact that these people are so openly able to disrespect Seo Ha must mean that they are following the Chairman’s example. We simply cannot fathom why he would hate his own child so much and are desperate to know for sure whether he was the one who ordered his son’s murder. Nobody even asked him about his busted lip, proving how little they saw him or cared about him.

As he steps out of the house, he gets a call from Bang Ho Sik, the man behind Wonjo Capital, and he tells Seo Ha that he has an idea of who tried to have him killed as a child. It was someone in the company itself, and Seo Ha was devastated upon hearing this, though he might have suspected it ever since he heard the whole thing. Bang Ho Sik has been threatened by the Chairman to leave the country as soon as possible, and he isn’t ready to just pack up. What he wants from Seo Ha is a hefty payment. He also has the recorded message of when he was given the job, so that is enough evidence.

As Seo Ha walks back home, he finds Ji Eum waiting for him, as she always does when she senses that he is in trouble. Needless to say, their relationship finally progressed, and it was Seo Ha who took the initiative this time. In the house, Ji Eum makes her second confession, and this time, Seo Ha admits that he likes her but simply needs time, and he wants to be the one to make the third confession. We agree with him, but we almost feel sorry for these sisters, who are being made to wait so much by the men they desperately like and would do anything for. When Ji Eum sees that Seo Ha is getting a call from her brother, Dong U, she goes to meet him, and he spills the beans about what he heard Bang Ho Sik say and how he informed Seo Ha about it.

The next day, Seo Ha tells Do Yun that the accident was preplanned, and something is making us think that Do Yun already knew that. His reaction was very measured, and the shock we expected was missing. This reaction is also making us reconsider his reasons for not telling Seo Ha that his father was the driver of his car and passed away in the accident. Do Yun knows a lot more than he lets on, and though he is pretending to work for the Chairman, it is just his way of keeping a check on things. If you try to make an excuse for him by saying that maybe he just has one of those faces that don’t show surprise, we would ask you to remember how shocked he was when Ji Eum started describing Seo Ha’s gift box to him. Do Yun is not an easy character by any means, and though we don’t doubt that he is on Seo Ha’s side, there is going to be friction due to the mountain of secrets he has undoubtedly kept.

How Does Ji Eum Know Seo Ha From Her First Life?

Ji Eum has been suspicious of Min Gi from the get-go. We saw that he was the professor of archaeology in this episode, but Ji Eum still doesn’t know that. However, she confronts him right away and asks him about the bells she found in his room. That is when Min Gi reveals that he is like Ji Eum, and this is his 23rd life. The bells help someone remember their first life, and unless Ji Eum pieces the memories of that life together, she won’t know why she remembers her previous lives. It is a matter of going back to the beginning. But we still don’t know how Min Gi came to be in possession of those shaman bells or what his purpose was in seeking out Ji Eum.

It wasn’t just friendly curiosity, or he would have approached her directly. He is also reporting to someone, so we have another mystery here, apart from that of Seo Ha’s accident. That brings us to the end of episode 7 of See You In My 19th Life, where Seo Ha gets a call from Bang Ho Sik asking him to meet so that he can give him the evidence. As Seo Ha leaves, Ji Eum follows him, and she tells him that she knows what he is up to. Seo Ha admits to it but says that he wants to know it because he wants some justice for Ju Won. When they reach the place, Seo Ha asks Ji Eum to stay back and promises to be back for her. As he leaves, Ji Eum finally remembers that he was a part of her first life, and he had walked away from her with a bloodied sword in his hand. Also, Ji Eum has taken many forms in her lifetimes, but she looked the same in her first life as she does in her 19th. This couldn’t be a mere coincidence. As Ji Eum remembers this, she cannot stop herself from following Seo Ha again.

Final Thoughts

With all of its childhood and past life connections, this kdrama is kdrama-ing hard. We saw Ji Eum ask Min Gi in the precap for episode 8 whether they were involved in a previous life. We are not sure if she meant Min Gi himself or Seo Ha. But true to kdrama fashion, we know that by the time Seo Ha’s confession comes, something will happen that will cause Ji Eum to reject it. Maybe then we will see some pursuit from his end. Even Do Yun needs a dose of that medicine, to be honest. We won’t see that in episode 8, but we expect more in the coming weeks.

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