Did Seraphim Save Gorgo In ‘Blood Of Zeus’ Season 2? Character, Explained


In the first season of Blood of Zeus, we were introduced to the king of demons, Seraphim, and the way he was made out to be this cruel and heartless killer who just wanted to spread chaos and cause widespread destruction. But when we got to know what happened to him back in the day, we realized that there was probably some kindness suppressed deep within his soul. Life had been very unfair towards Seraphim, and his circumstances played a key role in making him what he is today. For the longest time, he believed that Ariana was his mother, but eventually, he realized how his own family members were responsible for all the misery and hardships he had to endure. Everybody used Seraphim for their own purpose, and he had no clue that the person he believed to be his arch nemesis would be the one who would show him some empathy in the end. Seraphim was Heron’s half-brother, and he somewhere blamed the latter for his situation because he was influenced by the narrative of a few manipulative people who just wanted to take advantage of the situation. Back in the day, Zeus had no clue that Acrisius would do something like that with his own nephew. Zeus had reason to believe that Seraphim wouldn’t be safe with his uncle, but the cruel man threw him from the cliff because he wanted him and his sons to be the heirs to the throne. Had it not been for Ariana, Seraphim would have never survived. 

In Blood of Zeus season 2, when Hades met Seraphim, the former told him how he was the one who saved his life by whispering in his ear to eat the flesh of the giant. Hades took credit for the fact that, had he not done that, Seraphim wouldn’t have been able to survive, and moreover, he wouldn’t have been able to take revenge on Acrisius’ sons. But Hades had ulterior motives behind everything, and he was just using Seraphim for his own benefit. Hades probably didn’t care if Seraphim lived or died, and he was only concerned about getting his hands on the Eleusinian stone. Seraphim probably knew that Hades had hidden agendas, but he didn’t care about it as he knew that Hades was the only person who could help Gorgo come out of Tartarus and allow her soul to proceed to the afterlife. 

Seraphim knew the risks of going into Gaia’s realm, but he was ready to put his life at stake because of Gorgo. It proved that even when life had shown him the worst of days, he still had some feelings left inside him. Seraphim went to Gaia’s realm, and he successfully passed the three challenges, but just when he was about to take the stone, Heron came and took it. Heron understood Seraphim more than anybody else did at that moment, and the former knew the kind of excruciating conflicts he was dealing with. Seraphim, not knowing that Electra was his mother, had killed her, and the guilt of doing that burdened his conscience even more. Seraphim knew that he could not go back in time and change what he had done, and though he repented of his actions, he knew that life had not been fair to him. That was the prime reason why, when he said in front of the judges that he had no qualms about what he had done in the past, even if it meant that he would get the harshest punishment. The gods were at fault, and Seraphim, over a period of time, realized that probably mortals were more righteous than them. We saw how Hades used Seraphim for his greed, and even Zeus, due to his own indulgences, did something that had an adverse impact on his life.

At the end of Blood of Zeus Season 2, we saw how Heron’s altruistic act brought about a change in the scheme of things, and it even took Seraphim by surprise. Heron got the stone, but he didn’t want anything specifically for himself. Heron asked Hades to give Seraphim whatever he wanted, as somewhere, he knew the kind of pain the man was in and how much he had endured in his life. So Hades finally granted Gorgo a passageway to the afterlife, and it made Seraphim realize that there was still some good left in the world that was worth fighting for. That selfless act somewhere dissipated the hatred that existed within Seraphim. When Hades stabbed Heron, the anguish on Seraphim’s face made it pretty clear what kind of feelings he had for his half-brother. If there is a season 3 of Blood of Zeus, I am pretty sure that Seraphim is going to play a huge role in it, and probably this time, he will fight alongside the gods and demigods and make sure that, in the end, peace and tranquility are restored in the realm. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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