‘Sex Education’ Season 1 And 2 Recap, ‘Season 3’ Plot Summary & Review


Michael Groff, the former headmaster, has now left Moordale for good, and Hope Haddon has replaced him. Hope wants to completely revamp the image of the college and take it out of the shadows cast by the media. Moordale had earned the title of “sex school” over the years. Maeve and Otis now don’t talk to each other. Otis had left a message for Maeve, which was deleted by Issac, a friend who lived at the same campsite. Issac was very protective towards Maeve and somewhere had feelings for her too. So Otis always thought that Maeve was never interested as she didn’t reply, but in reality, she was unaware of any such communication being made.

Eric and Adam are slowly evolving as a couple. Ruby is secretly having a physical relationship with Otis, which no one is aware of. Jean Milburn got pregnant, and Yakub, her partner, still doesn’t know about it. She is feeling all jittery in telling him the truth. With all these complications, another year starts at Moordale!

‘Sex Education’ Season 3: Plot Summary

Hope is hired to bring about a change in the school. She takes some very stern steps, which are not accepted very nicely by the students. Teenage is an age of rebellion. A conservative and dictatorial approach does not go very well with young adults. Uniforms are made compulsory, and the curriculum is reformed. I call it reform only because it was for improving the school’s reputation, but in reality, it was a step backward. The curriculum became regressive and considered sex as taboo. Talking about sex or just exploring your sexual identity was seen in a bad light. Restrictions were put on each and everything. Everything was being banned, from the lyrics used in the school anthem to the wall graffiti that proclaimed sexual freedom.

Amidst all this, Ruby introduces Otis to her parents, and her relationship is no more a secret in Moordale. Maeve and Issac develop a bond that is beyond friendship. On the other hand, Eric takes a trip to his maternal grandparents in Nigeria, where he gets a realization. He starts to feel that Adam is still in the process of exploring his sexual identity, and due to that, Eric has to tone down and compromise when it comes to his own expressions. Eric is an unabashed individual who has fought his battle. He now wants to enjoy life and not hide anything from anyone. On the other hand, Adam is still in a phase where he is a bit skeptical about telling people.

Jean, after a lot of procrastination, tells Yakub about her pregnancy. Yakub moves in with her. Otis is not very accepting of the fact as his private space is being compromised. Ola also moves in with Yakub, and the atmosphere becomes quite chaotic. Jackson Marchetti is no more the head boy and has given way to Vivian to become his successor. Jackson is head over heels for Cal Bowman. There is instantly a spark which both of them cannot deny.

Amidst the dawn of love, the infatuations, the rebellions, the chaos, the explorations, the heartbreaks, and acceptance of one’s own skin, life at Moordale evolves and unfolds in an engrossing manner!

Season 3: Review – The Merits and Demerits of the Show!

The characters are well researched, and so is the backdrop on which the screenplay is based, i.e., our inability to understand the true nature of physical intimacy as well as getting along with our own physical being. These are situations that we have witnessed in our everyday lives. The writers do get a bit overwhelmed at times and end up doing things that seem frivolous. But then, in the end, they do maintain the sanctity of the series.

Sex Education might take a bit of time to quaff you into its world, but if you are patient enough, it gives you a lot of thoughts to ponder upon. The best part is that it never gets too preachy, it never gets too emotional, and there is always a balance in the state of affairs. The spoken facts are packaged so that you never feel it becomes more informative and priggish in its approach.

Yes, I agree that after 2 seasons, it becomes a bit challenging to develop new routes and conflicts. You unknowingly harp upon the legacy and strong points just because it is easy applause. So to balance the earlier set legacy with some exciting new prospects is very important. It is not a perfect screenplay if you are looking for one. There are sequences that I believe could have been completely avoided, but what you have to see is that the series has nothing to offer in totality. And Sex Education does have a lot to offer.

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ – A Necessary Drama Series

It might look like a high school comedy-drama, but the show is as vital for a teenager as for an adult. There might be societies that are privileged enough to get a proper education when it comes to sex. But a massive chunk of countries and cultures are not part of that clan.

Sex is a taboo, therapy is meant for sissys, language is arbitrarily gender-sensitive to the extent that being neutral is not taken into consideration, sexuality equates identity, and anything that is not seen before becomes obscene because there is a fear of change in most of us. Our morals are fragile, and traditions are quite often baseless because they can’t stand one logical argument. Our integrity and our obstinate beliefs make it impossible for an individual to breathe appropriately. We would rather believe that a UFO landed than believing that gender dysphoria actually exists.

What hurts the most is seeing an individual compromise and live a pretentious life so that our peaceful society does not lose its balance. That individual goes through a lot daily but can’t express it because the openness you need to understand is not to be found anywhere. Words like queer, non-binary are often equated with words like – being delusional, going against nature, unreasonable and outrageous. We don’t realize it, but we are the orchestrator of the world’s most silent and invisible genocide.

As parents, we need to be more responsible, and as a society, we must learn to accept diversity. Parenting is not an easy job, but you have to accept that your child might not think and have a value system just like you. There can exist a different point of view that you need to understand. At least give them a chance and an amicable environment to speak. I have always believed that just reassurance is a priceless emotion to be felt by anyone. It changes the life of a child. So maybe instead of telling them what is right and what is wrong, let them meander into the meadows of non-conformity, let them break taboos, tell them that no matter what, you are there for them, and most importantly, open a channel where they can communicate anything and everything without any fear of judgment.

That is my takeaway from Sex Education. It is a beautiful series that talks about things we are too scared to talk about. I hope that the upcoming generations find this on Netflix. I hope they get entertained but not at the expense of anyone. I hope they are more accepting than we have been. I hope that they do not become co-conspirators in this big and silent genocide like we did. I hope they make this world a better place for you, irrespective of your gender.

Sex Education is a Drama Comedy series created by Laurie Nunn. Season 1,2 and 3 are streaming on Netflix.

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