‘Sex/Life’ Season 1 Summary & Ending, Explained – Whom Billie Chose In The End?

Humans are dynamic. They are constantly evolving. Change is their inherent nature. We have seen many stories where a character is depressed or unsatisfied due to its mundane state. The character is fixed in a routine, or a loop, or a relationship, or marriage? They want to break out, find an escape, or just wish for a complete makeover. But how can one run away from the vows of marriage? Vows that are made to last more than human life itself? Netflix’s sensational television series, Sex/Life, asks all the essential questions.

Sex/Life is based on the novel “44 Chapters About 4 Men” written by B. B. Easton. Season 1 is narrated in 8 episodes. It’s purely an adult series. Therefore, try not to enjoy it with your family. It will save you some embarrassment. However, binge with a partner would be the best thing you would do. Not drifting away from the topic, so let’s jump to conclusions.

Plot Summary

Billie Connelly is a married American woman living in the suburbs of New York City. Cooper Connelly admires his wife, and the two adorable children complete the happy family. Everything is perfect except Billie’s sensual life. After their second baby, the intimacy just vanished from their marriage. Billie, who had been wild in her past life, misses it in her marriage. She wants to experience that love bubble rush again.

Unable to control her desires, Billie starts writing a journal to re-visit her past experiences. Her notes quickly get filled with memories of her ex-boyfriend, Brad Simon, whom she dated 8 years ago, before meeting Cooper. With Brad, Billie had the best time of her life.

Unfortunately, Billie’s desires didn’t stay in her journal. Connelly reads his wife’s journal and tries to please her, as per her expectation. But the spark is still missing because Brad was inherently wild, dangerous, and arresting. Soon, Billie’s wish comes true when she runs into Brad at her best friend, Sasha Snow’s house. However, a step further from here will decide the course of action and the fate of Billie’s married life.

‘Sex/Life’ Season 1 Ending Explained

The owner of a record company, a charming good looking guy, Brad Simon, had father issues. During his childhood, Brad’s father left him because of his drug addiction. All through the years, Brad resented his father and made his way to the first page of the newspaper so that his father would notice him and call him back, at least once.

Due to his childhood trauma, Brad became afraid of commitments. He ran away from people he got attached to. Brad did the same with Billie. Even after everything, he left Billie because he couldn’t face his own father and solve his own issues. 8 years later, when Brad met Billie, he told her that he had finally made peace with his father. It changed him, and now he understood love better. The problem that separated Brad and Billie was solved, so will Billie choose Brad over Connelly?

Connelly was a sophisticated straight-laced guy, who tried his level best to become Brad. However, Connelly wasn’t Brad, and that was why Billie chose him. She wanted love, security, safety, a beautiful home, a family, and Connelly gave Billie everything. But for Billie, it constituted only 85% of the perfect life. The 15% was still missing. The rush, the danger, and the excitement that only Brad could offer. An ambitious Billie wanted it all. She wanted 100 percent.

During the beginning of the last episode, “This Must Be the Place,” Billie chose Connelly over Brad. Billie restarted her married life and applied to Columbia University to finish her incomplete Ph.D. Everything went normal, the flow became mundane, and the problem arose again. Billie started missing her one true self. She started hallucinating about Brad again.

In the end, Billie realized that a happy family was not enough. She chased her true freedom and power and ran over to Brad’s apartment. She declared loud and clear, “She wants it all.” While Billie ended up at Brad’s apartment, Connelly called his boss, Francesca, to fill his gap. Maybe, for the couple, cheating on each other turned out to be the “new normal.” And why not, What’s life if not lived outside the lines?

Sex/Life is a 2021 Romantic Drama Television Series created by Stacy Rukeyser and Belle Nuru Dayne. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.


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