‘Sexy Beast’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: How Do Gal And Don Get Into Police Trouble?


The crime thriller drama series Sexy Beast did not have the best of openings, even though there were slight promises in the first three episodes. This week’s episode 4 arguably does little to progress the main plot forward, as not much really happens with regards to Gal’s dangerous and criminal life. Nonetheless, we still get answers to who Teddy was actually working for and also about what happened between Gal and Deedee on the night that the man finally spent with her.

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Where does Teddy take Gal and Don?

At the end of Sexy Beast episode 3, the mobster Teddy Bass had told Gal Dove to stay prepared to travel somewhere, suggesting that a bigger plan was waiting for the protagonist. This is indeed confirmed, as Gal and Don have now flown out of the country to Spain, and Teddy intends to introduce them to a friend or boss of his. It is now revealed that Teddy has been working with, or for, a man named Roger Riley, an Englishman settled in Spain. Riley is a dangerous man too, for he has acquaintances with people like Teddy Bass, and the man’s rich and lavish lifestyle wonders Gal and Don. The two young men are impressed by the huge villa that Riley stays in, and the swimming pools, fountains, and women that also come along are added bonuses.

Riley does not reveal his plan with the protagonist yet, and he gives the men some time to soak up the warmth of Spain. But while a meeting at Riley’s house is decided to be held that evening over dinner, Gal and Don get too carried away by the new country, and they miss the important appointment. Riley is surely upset over the matter, for he questions whether Gal and Don are really trustworthy with the important job that he is going to offer them, but Teddy is even more livid. Since it is Teddy who has brought the men to Riley, who is seemingly a senior in the profession, the mobster feels let down by Gal and Don when they fail to make an appearance.

Along with this disappointment, Teddy also somehow finds out that the security guard who had spotted the gang after the coin heist had not been killed by Gal as he had ordered. This makes the mobster even angrier, and he does not hesitate to pull out a gun and hold it at the protagonist’s head. But Don once again proves that despite all his shortcomings, he is a genuine and dedicated friend to Gal, as he lies about having convinced his friend not to kill the guard. It is during scenes like this that Don’s character in Sexy Beast (2024) does not really match with that in the Sexy Beast film, for the man played by Ben Kingsley had no such feelings of friendship or consideration. Teddy is furious with Don, but he also knows that killing the man will leave him with no gang and will also turn Gal against him. It is quite evident that Teddy does not want to lose someone as resourceful as Gal, and he finally lets the two go for the earlier lie. He also mentions that the security guard had been killed by his men anyway, and then takes the two men back to Riley’s house.

It is only towards the end of the episode that Riley reveals his true plan with Gal and Don, revealing that he is the one who is fiercely against Sir Stephen Eaton. Teddy had been hired by Riley to cause significant damage to the wealth and reputation of the upper-class man. At present, Riley informs Gal and Don that a third piece of property, after the rare coin and the Laotian model, had to be stolen from Eaton’s prized possession, and this time, it is an expensive diamond known as the Eye of Bombay. It is further revealed that Eaton’s matrimonial ties with the royal family allow him to use Kensington Palace as a safe deposit for his possessions whenever there is some trouble against him. Riley basically wants to spook Eaton enough to move the Eye of Bombay into the vault of Kensington Palace, intending to steal it from the place. It is to conduct this grand heist that Riley hires Gal and Don, and the two swiftly agree to the plan, intending to make it big in life.

How do Gal and Don get into police trouble?

Sexy Beast episode 4 has Gal and Don roaming around by themselves in the Spanish countryside for the most part, and the two Englishmen do not have to try too hard to get into trouble with the Spanish police. In a totally vacationing mood, the men explore the beaches and the towns around the area, all while continuing with their attitude of friendly banter. Gal soon starts to express his desire to move to Spain and settle in the country, which he finds really beautiful and almost perfect to live in. This naturally angers Don, for his best friend leaving their native country is disrespectful to England as well as to him. This whole matter matches well with the tone of the Sexy Beast film, as Gal did ultimately settle in Spain with his family, and much of Don’s anger and frustration against the friend was because of this reason, and for abandoning their friendship in the past as well.

At present, Don tries convincing Gal to not think of such a terrible idea as leaving England in his own aggressive manner, and this leads to a friendly scuffle between the two in the town plaza. Two local policemen, who were already quite frustrated with Englishmen coming into their country and destroying the peace of the place, intervened. It seems like the policemen are not really sure whether the fight is serious, and so they just want to put an end to it in order to not disturb others. But someone getting in the way of Don, stopping him from doing what he wants, is never a good situation, and in the heat of the moment, Don smacks one of the policemen as well, breaking the latter’s nose.

From this point on, Gal and Don are obviously hunted by the two policemen, who want to arrest them and, more importantly, take their personal revenge against them. Their escape from the law is given quite some runtime in the episode, revealing how Sexy Beast is already having to stretch out less significant matters. Not only did Don attack the police, but he had also mentioned that they were friends of Riley, which made the officers immediately go to Roger Riley’s house and look for the man. This frustrates Riley and Teddy further, for their recently hired heist members were bringing unnecessary attention to them. Before the criminals have to answer to the police, one of their colleagues comes in, mentioning that the fugitives have been spotted.

The chase begins once again, as a result of which Gal and Don are separated from each other, and they decide to meet at a local church when the coast is clear. Eventually, the police indeed give up on their search, and the men are free in the countryside, lost and lonely. Don manages to find the church and go inside to have a genuine conversation with the divine, whom he interestingly refers to as his mother. To Don, his mother had been someone pious and holy, and after having lost her at quite a young age, the idea of his mother and that of God seemed to have welded inside his mind. On the other hand, Gal goes through local farms in the area, befriends a farmer, and gets a taste of some local alcohol. When he finally reaches the church, Gal finds Don praying, and the two friends leave soon.

The alcohol naturally has an effect on Gal, as a result of which he ends up getting intimate with a local woman on the beach. This, too, infuriates Don, probably because this further shows how Gal is comfortable with the idea of living in Spain and starting a family here. He confronts his friend the next morning, even though Gal does not remember much of what had happened through the night. The conversation finally leads to Gal revealing what he had been trying to tell Don for a long time—about his feelings for Deedee and how he felt excited thinking of a life with her.

Why did Deedee leave Gal?

Along with the events from Spain, Sexy Beast episode 4 also shows scenes from a couple of nights earlier, when Gal had reached out to Deedee once again. While episode 3 ended with the two meeting, it is now revealed that the two spent the whole night together, going around to different places and walking through the city. The two got to know each other better, both falling in love with each other through the whole process. Gal also learns about Deedee’s profession as an adult film actress and about how the woman’s family no longer kept in touch with her because of it. Through his suggestions, Gal does make Deedee think of her family in a warmer manner than usual, as he tells her to return home for dinner once and give his family one more chance to react.

Later at night, the two dine at a restaurant, and Deedee playfully asks Gal to show her his talents, which he does perfectly by stealing the keys from some rich family. Gal and Deedee then head over to the expensive apartment, the key of which they had just stolen, and in a bid to impress the woman further, Gal breaks into the hidden safe at the place as well. However, the man does not take anything, revealing that he only stole from bad people, and so there is no reason for him to steal on this particular night. It is still not very clear as to whether Gal is genuinely committed to such a promise or whether he just lies about it, both to others and also to himself. Gal and Deedee then have to rush out of the apartment as the real owners return, and they have a brilliant time together.

On this night as well, Deedee reveals how she wants to go around the world and see the entire planet, desiring to learn new things and have more experiences. Gal relates to this desire, and he also, in turn, wants to be close to the woman in whatever way he can. Because of both of these wishes and his determination to aim big in life, he later agrees to Riley’s heist plan. However, the end of the night is not as satisfying, as Deedee ultimately decides to stop meeting the man. This is because Deedee feels that she comes with a lot of baggage and danger, and she does not want to thwart anyone else. Perhaps she refers to the recent step she had taken by severing ties with the production she was working with, which must have surely brought her in danger against the McGraws. Since the show is a prequel to the film, we already know that Gal and Deedee will end up together, but it will be interesting to see how this ends up happening. It can be guessed that Gal will also help Deedee deal with all her troubles in the next few episodes of the Sexy Beast series.

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