‘Sexy Beast’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Cecilia Create Trouble For Gal And Don?


Paramount+’s crime drama series Sexy Beast, a prequel to the 2000 film of the same name, finally seems to kick up interest with the new episode 5, as some serious developments occur. Although the main spark of the plot, a grand heist in the plans, is still kept away while other sub-plots are discussed, multiple situations take a serious turn in episode 5. Along with the planning of the heist, it also features some personal troubles for the protagonist, Gal Dove, and also uncovers the merciless nature of Don’s elder sister, Cecilia Logan.

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How does Gal deal with his personal troubles?

Gal’s personal bond with his younger sister Ann Marie had been established pretty early on in the Sexy Beast series to be a loving and understanding one. The parents were always worried for the young woman, fearing that she was getting addicted to a life of drugs and alcohol. Ann Marie did use substances occasionally when with friends, but there was nothing to be concerned about for her. Despite everyone else in her family constantly telling her to hang out or have fun with friends, Gal reached out to her and told her about the healthy limits anyone should stick to. Ann Marie did appreciate this support, and her bond with her elder brother grew even stronger after this incident. But this very bond is shattered in episode 5, as the woman gets to know about the monstrous nature of her brother, who was reported to her in an intentionally vilifying manner.

Ann Marie had been secretly in a relationship with a man named Larry Taylor, who had been living and working in London for quite some time. Their romance was not really a secret from the whole world, but her family, and especially Gal, did not know anything about it. Incidentally, Larry used to also work in Gal’s gang, and the man was involved in the coin heist as well. After the heist, Teddy Bass shot Larry dead, as the young man had caused trouble with the security guard who had seen the gang. The sudden absence of her boyfriend had naturally created concern for Ann Marie, and in her desperate attempt to find any trace of him, she had found Gal at Larry’s apartment. After realizing that her brother and Larry had been working together, Ann Marie asked Gal to truthfully tell her what had happened to her boyfriend. Despite having a close bond with her, Gal was unable to tell her the truth, knowing that it would absolutely break her. Thus, he had lied, saying that Larry had actually abandoned her and had gone off to Ireland with a different woman.

Although this piece of news hurt Ann Marie, she eventually settled with it, believing it to be the truth and growing feelings of anger and hatred against Larry. However, at present, Larry’s brothers and acquaintances come to London looking for the man, and they visit the salon where Ann Marie works. These men reveal to her that something odd had happened to Larry and that Gal and Don had something to do with it, but she is still not yet aware that her boyfriend is dead. Nonetheless, Ann Marie confronts Gal indirectly during their next family dinner, revealing to everyone how he had gone over to Spain in the last few days without telling anyone about it. The family obviously does not have any idea about Gal’s real profession and his involvement with a dangerous mobster like Teddy Bass, and the man has to somehow dodge questions about the trip to Spain when Ann Marie suddenly brings up the topic. Although Gal immediately understands that Ann Marie knows some part of the truth regarding Larry’s disappearance, he does not say anything to her, deftly avoiding any conversation with the woman altogether.

For the most part of the episode, Ann Marie goes around guessing what might have happened to her boyfriend. After hearing that Gal and Don were somehow involved with the matter, she probably guessed that her brother and his friend had either kept Larry somewhere hidden or had sent him away after some possible trouble. However, towards the end of Sexy Beast episode 5, Ann Marie goes over to the gaming arcade looking for Don, hoping to find some answers regarding Larry. It is here that she learns about how Gal’s latest friend and business partner, Teddy, shot Larry dead, and the revelation totally devastates the woman. It is almost certain that this side of the story will take a stronger shape, as the siblings’ relationship will be torn apart even more.

How does Cecilia create trouble for both Gal and Don?

Cecilia Logan’s character has been built up to be an extremely cruel and heartless one who has no care or concern for anyone else, including her own brother, Don. She has been using Don almost as a personal weapon against whoever poses a threat to her life and business, and now, when the time comes, she does not hesitate to leave his side. In Sexy Beast episode 5, Cecilia is seen trying to get an investor to put money into her gaming arcade business. She is very determined to grow the business, and any suggestions by Don to do anything else with the place are angrily shut down by her immediately. Cecilia is very attached to the gaming arcade, as she keeps stating how it has been a family business, and she does not want to lose it. Thus, when Don suggests that they can give the arcade over to some acquaintances of Gal to earn more profits, the woman is absolutely livid with such a proposition.

When the investor, an old acquaintance of the siblings named Jeff Leighton, finally arrives at the place, he declines the offer to put any money in it. Jeff is well aware of the criminal ties that Cecilia has and how she is involved with gambling dens and other unlawful acts, so he refuses to make any deal. This gets Cecilia all the more angry, and she decides to forcefully convince Jeff to give her money. The most effective contact she has in this regard is obviously Teddy Bass, and so the woman goes over to the bar where he mostly hangs out. Teddy agrees to look into the situation with Jeff for her, but in response, he also mentions that he might need to kill Don at some time. Surprisingly, Cecilia immediately admits that she has no reservations about such an act and that she would not mind at all if her brother was killed. Instead, she wants to ensure that her gaming arcade receives investment and is ready to sacrifice Don’s life for it.

On the other side, Cecilia creates trouble for Gal in a more personal manner, as it is she who tells Ann Marie the truth about Larry’s murder. To Cecilia, this is a great chance to cause problems for Gal, and so she jumps on the opportunity when Ann Marie comes to the arcade looking for Don. Considering that we do not see or hear of Cecilia’s character in the Sexy Beast film, it seems most likely that she will be brought down by Teddy in the series, who would prefer to protect his henchmen over her. After his meeting with the woman, Teddy admits that he was only testing Cecilia’s character when he mentioned killing Don and that he actually does not have any intentions of doing it. However, the trouble that Cecilia creates for Gal is sure to have grave consequences, and Ann Marie might take some drastic steps against her brother as well.

Is Deedee accepted back by her family?

During her conversation with Gal, Deedee opened up about how her family had pushed her away, not even keeping any contact with her, after she started working in the adult film industry. Gal had suggested that she should go over to her parents’ house once and know for certain what they felt about her. Influenced by these words, Deedee now indeed returns to her parents’ house, picking the date of her mother’s birthday and cooking up her favorite dish as a surprise present. As soon as Deedee is back at the house, though, it is very evident that her father is still very much against her and wishes to keep no contact with her. It is revealed through flashbacks that the father had violently dragged his daughter out of the house during her younger days, when she had starred in some adult videos merely for money, without understanding the gravity of the decision. 

Although the mother is welcoming and loving on the front, deep down, she too is embarrassed by her daughter and does not really want to keep in touch. She, too, had never reached out to Deedee in all these years, even though she could have easily done so without letting her husband know, and it is clear that she does consider her daughter an outsider now. But the biggest shock for Deedee is the behavior of her sister, Linda, who had been in touch with her. In fact, Linda had visited Deedee only a few weeks earlier, and she acted very close and caring towards her at the time. However, now that Deedee visits the house, Linda is visibly upset with her for having dropped in like this, unannounced. Although Linda does not mind keeping in touch with her sister in the outside world, she does not want Deedee to reunite with the family, making it clear that she does not consider her a part of the family either.

Deedee quickly senses the extreme awkwardness and distress that her family members are in just because of her presence, and so she immediately leaves. She was not accepted back by her family, but she now knows for sure that she really does not have any family. The experience also makes her realize who Linda is, and this, too, is a takeaway for her. She is also not aware of the fact that her having left the adult video studio had already started to cause trouble with the McGraws, who owned the company, and that her agent had been badly beaten up by the crime family. With this serious trouble heading her way, Gal is the one who can genuinely help her, but the two grow even more distant in episode 5. As they meet once more, Gal professes his love for Deedee, to which the woman once again turns him down, even deciding to go on her ex-boyfriend’s music tour abroad. The rejection affects Gal, too, as he turns violent against the bookie to whom his father owed a lot of money because of his betting addiction. Although Gal had tried to make a deal with the bookie, the man kept disrespecting his father, and so now Gal finally broke loose against him.

What plan does Gal come up with regarding the heist?

The heist that is to take place at Kensington Palace in order to steal the Eye of Bombay diamond from Sir Stephen Eaton’s personal collection is undoubtedly the most significant plot point that Sexy Beast is leading up to. Gal and Don take the responsibility of scouting the neighborhood, pretending to be ordinary joggers going on a regular run, and they realize that the building cannot be infiltrated, even with the employees who work at the place, since they have been working for very long for the family. Instead, they target some of the other houses in the same line as Kensington Palace, planning to break into the underground vault of the place through the ones in the adjacent houses. It can be guessed that the idea of breaking into underground vaults through other vaults is something that Gal and Teddy’s crew learn from this very mission, which is repeated in the heist in the film as well.

Since the place is heavily guarded, Gal asks for the help of his close friend Mace, whose boxing arena is often used by the protagonist for practice. Mace initially refuses to be a part of such a heist, but then the man finally shows up to help his friend. It is Mace who finds an entry point to the underground—an opening to the sewer system—and Gal and Don are finally relieved. How this extremely dangerous heist will be carried out in the upcoming episodes remains to be seen.

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