‘Shake, Rattle, And Roll Extreme’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Trina Make It Out Of The Apocalypse?


Shake, Rattle, and Roll Extreme is the latest part of the long-running Filipino anthology franchise streaming on Netflix. It consists of three short films—Glitch, directed by Richard V. Somes; Mukbang, directed by Jerrold Tarog; and Rage, directed by Joey De Guzman. The common factor is the horror element in each of the films. Glitch revolves around a demon that has its own sneaky way of entering and tormenting a family. Mukbang is a humorous horror film with a lot of gore. It is centered around a group of influencers and their hellish experience at an old mansion. Rage delivers zombie madness and the bloody massacre that follows. Overall, the Netflix anthology, Shake, Rattle, and Roll Extreme is neither recommendable nor memorable, but it can be a fun, no-brainer watch if you are a horror fan.

Spoiler Alert

Glitch: Who slayed the demon?

The demon in Glitch targeted little kids through a cartoon show. The innocent show about a friendly goat always caught the attention of children, and it influenced them to summon the demon. We are introduced to a single mother and her family living in a posh neighborhood in Manila. The mother, a designer, was mostly busy taking care of her business. Patrick, her elder son, was born out of her first marriage. After her husband cheated on her, she moved out with Patrick. She eventually got married a second time, and Lyka was born. Unfortunately, her husband died, and she was left to look after her two kids all by herself. The nanny, Hasmine, helped Ingrid look after her family. Patrick could never accept Lyka as his own sister and would often refer to her as the ‘demon’. Lyka missed her father, especially when she felt targeted by everyone around her. After Patrick made fun of her for destroying her tablet, she went to her room, crying, and begged her father to take her with him. All of a sudden, a children’s show named ‘Gary the Goat’ started to play on the phone, and Lyka took a serious interest in it. Gary promised always to love his viewers, and that was the kind of affection Lyka was searching for. When Gary instructed his audience to repeat a spell, Lyka did so. She was surprised to see the plush Gary the goat toy appear in her room after repeating the spell.

Hasmine noticed Lyka’s new toy, but she did not think much about it. She was religious, and every time the light flickered, she wondered if there was a demon around her. Hasmine realized that Christmas not only marked the birth of Jesus but also that of Baal, the servant of darkness. But she had faith that the angel figurines blessed by the church would protect her and the Salvador family from any harm. At night, when Hasmine heard a loud giggling noise from Lyka’s room, she decided to check on her. She was surprised to see the shadow of the devil in the room. Later, she discovered the mutilated body of the pet dog, and she wondered if her worst nightmare had come true. She tried to warn Ingrid about the demon she had seen, but it was all too ridiculous for Ingrid to believe. Ingrid realized that Patrick had gone missing, and she decided to find him, leaving Hasmine in charge of Lyka and the house.

When Hasmine was alone, the demon strangled her to death. Lyka realized that her friend, Gary, was a demon who manipulated her to find his way into her house. When Ingrid returned home with Patrick, she was surprised to see the decapitated body of Hasmine. Ingrid was ready to sacrifice her life to protect her family from the demon. She realized that since the angel figurines were blessed by the church, the swords they carried had a magical power in them. At the end of Glitch, Lyka handed her mother the sword of the angel, which she used to slay the demon. The body of the demon turned into dust. Ingrid proved what it took to be a mother as she stood undeterred in front of the demon. She succeeded in protecting her family from the worst possible threat. 

Mukbang: Does the Kindred take over the influencer community?

Social media influencers Adelle, Ashley, MS. Vee, and Kino Javier were invited to the collab mansion by influencers Robin and Raye. They opened their house to the influencers in the hopes of increasing their follower counts, or at least that was what they wanted their guests to believe. The influencers used every corner of the mansion to generate content. The chef, Kino Javier, was busy making delectable dishes for the team. Ashley spent hours creating dance videos, and Adelle joined her to learn some moves. MS Vee stayed cooped up in her room, calling her boyfriend and hoping for him to make it to the mansion.

Adelle and Ashley’s assistants, Hannah and Beyonce, were the first ones to be targeted by the Kindred. Beyonce was lured into a secret room by Robin, who was also one of the Kindred. The spirit killed Beyonce, and upon consuming his heart, it transformed into a Beyonce lookalike. The same happened with Hannah. Their strange behavior did strike as odd to the rest of the group, but no one really paid good attention to it. Hannah and Beyonce devoured the meaty spread cooked by Chef Kino, while the rest of the influencers had a fun time. Robin and Mr. Isko planned on killing the influencers once they were intoxicated, but things did not go according to their plan. When a Kindred tried to pull out Adelle’s heart, he faced a barrier. Adelle screamed and warned everyone else about the threat. Adelle and Ashley live-streamed the entire episode; Chef Kino used his knife skills to decapitate a few of the strange-looking creatures in black; and Vee and Nel argued over how they became a fake couple who were no longer in love while fighting off the Kindred. At the end of Mukbang, Vee and Lionel discover the workstation where Mr. Isko stored the bodies of his guests. Nel sacrificed his life to protect Vee when the Kindred attacked them. Everyone except the chef and Vee were killed by the Kindred and had transfigured.

Vee attempted to escape, but Robin, Raye, and Mr. Isko got hold of her. The spirit residing in the body of the old man needed a new body to thrive, and Robin determined that Vee was the perfect target. Vee was killed, and Mr. Isko was transfigured to replace her. The chef was spared because they needed him to cook their meals. The next morning, all the influencers, aka the transfigured bodies, sat at the table in front of the camera and shot a mukbang video. Mukbang comes to an end with Robin and Raye inviting more influencers to collaborate with them. For centuries, the Kindred have been living in hiding and searching for the right bodies to transform into. They have targeted the influencer community, perhaps realizing how easy it is to manipulate and barter with them. The Kindred intend on spreading their kind all over the world, and they seem to be succeeding for now.

Rage: Did Trina make it out of the apocalypse?

A group of friends were driving to Santa Clara when they noticed a small gathering of people. They learned from a worker at the warehouse, Coy, that a few drunk locals died after getting into trouble. Trina noticed a little girl crying by the body, but she did not realize that the reason for the deaths was far more scary than what it seemed to be.

The group of friends decided to camp by the river that night to witness the meteor storm. Trina, Shai, Isaac, Alfie, Moze, and Bong cherished the spectacular view of the meteor shower. They made wishes to the shooting stars, and all Trina wanted was for her friends to always be happy and together. While vlogging the meteor shower, Bong picked up a glowing stone from the river bed. By the time he realized that the stones were fragments of the meteor, he was infected. Bong attacked Shai upon returning to the camp. He had completely transformed into a blood-sucking monster. Shai managed to hit Bong with a stone. Meanwhile, Alfie was attacked by two villagers who had also turned into zombie-like creatures, and Moze came to his rescue. When Shai woke up, she too had transformed, and she attempted to attack Trina. Luckily, Coy was nearby, and he killed both Shai and Bong with his axe. Coy informed Alfie, Moze, and Trina that most of the people living in the town were infected by the meteor. Once infected, the humans transformed into bloodthirsty zombies. Coy had lost all his siblings to the infection, and he advised the group to leave town. By the time they returned to their van, they found tens of people lying dead on the street. The zombie-like creatures attacked the group, but luckily, the community leader came to their rescue. She killed the creatures with her gun and invited Trina and her friends to her house.

The captain offered them water to drink, but Trina headed to the washroom instead. She noticed the doll that she had seen the little girl carry when she entered the town, and she was surprised to see it in the captain’s house. She grew suspicious, and upon opening the cupboard, she was shocked to see the body of the little girl stored there. The captain had her gun ready to shoot Trina if she dared to escape. As it turned out, the captain’s son had turned into a blood-thirsty creature, and as a mother, she decided to provide fresh blood to him whenever he was hungry. She kept him tied up in a room and lured innocent people into her house to satisfy his appetite. Trina managed to overpower the captain and kill both her and her son. By the time she returned to the dining hall, the effects of the drug had worn out and her friends had gained consciousness. They decided to head to Santa Clara, but before that, they planned to get their truck from the warehouse. They agreed to help the captain’s daughter-in-law, Faya, and took her along with them.

In another zombie attack, the group lost Coy. Alfie, Moze, Trina, and Faya headed to the warehouse to escape from the maddening hell. Faya gave birth at the warehouse, while Alfie, Moze, and Trina took care of the zombies hiding within the premises. While fighting a creature, Alfie got infected, and he begged Moze to shoot him dead. Alfie believed it was better to die than to become one of them. Moze soon figured out that someone had to stay behind to fight the zombie; otherwise, Faya and her newborn child would be killed. Moze volunteered to face the next wave of zombies while Trina and Faya left the warehouse in the truck. After covering some distance, Trina realized that Faya had passed away.

Trina was all alone with a newborn to look after, but the baby gave her strength to not give up. When the world seemed to be falling apart, the newborn was a sign of hope. With no fuel left in the truck, Trina decided to walk her way back home with the baby in her arms. We do not know if Trina will make it to the very end because the threat of facing more infected individuals remains. She has been through a lot in a short span of time, but she has shown immense determination in returning home to her mother, and that is enough reason to believe that there is hope for Trina and the baby. Rage ends with a public announcement on the radio informing its listeners that more than 40 countries were affected by the microorganism spread by the meteor, giving birth to the “rage-borne disease.”

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