‘Shaman King’ Part 4: Ending, Explained – Did Hao Become The Shaman King?


Directed by Joji Furuta and created by Hiroyuki Take, “Shaman King,” a Netflix Original series, observed the release of its final part on the 26th of May 2022. Running for 52 episodes and divided into four parts, “Shaman King” bids us adieu with a happy ending, putting the storyline to rest. A Shonen series targeting both the young and the adult audience, the animated series is a delightful watch that elucidates second chances. With a mix of action, comedy, and a little bit of romance, this series is a perfect watch for a weekend binge.

‘Shaman King’ Part 4: Plot Summary

Previously in the series, Yoh had entered a pact with the Iron Maiden of the XLawa, where he promised his withdrawal from the competition for Ren’s life. Hao sends in Opache with a warning and a threat, so that Yoh rejoins the competition. Yoh is helped by Luchist to regain permission to join the battle. 

Yoh rejoins the battle and is met with obstacles from every side. Some of the members of the XLaws had gotten together and had targeted Hao’s base using their satellite laser to destroy him. They died while attempting to kill Hao. However, this action was noticed by the government, and they sent in officials to check out the situation. While Hao and Yoh took care of the situation together, Manta’s father led the mission so that Manta could talk to him. They returned to participate in the battle but later unanimously decided to withdraw. Yoh and his friends were sent to the depths of Hell to learn and train so that they could command the five warriors as their oversouls. The Gandharas helped them achieve it, and at the last moment, during their standoff with Hao, after he had already become the Shaman King, they mastered the five great souls and could stand their ground against Hao. The season ends with Hao accepting his role, putting his rage to rest, and giving a chance to the human society he had harbored a deep-seated hatred for.

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Did Hao Become The Shaman King?

The final season begins with Opacho appearing in front of Yoh as a reminder for him to re-enter the competition. Previously, Yoh had withdrawn from the competition to save his friend Tao Ren from the clutches of death. He promised the Iron Maiden his withdrawal in exchange for Tao Ren’s life. Hao, not keen on Yoh’s withdrawal, sent him a warning and told him to rejoin the battle. Yoh went back to the Xlaws to win their permission to join the battle again. Hao sent Luchist to help Yoh in the process. Yoh then successfully rejoined the battle to become the Shaman King.

Hao wanted Yoh to be a part of the battle. He was simply alone and wanted his twin brother to save him from the utter loneliness he had harbored for a thousand years. Hao had lost himself and had given in to hatred once his mother had been taken away from him due to wrongful means. He had mastered the art of reading minds and gauging people’s emotions as a means to safeguard himself from emotions. He felt alone and expected to be betrayed at the slightest suggestion. Through the years he had lived, he had met his fair share of beings he cared for and had accepted Matamune as his companion, for he was still pure-hearted. He was eventually betrayed by Matamune due to his ideas about destroying the entire human society. Hao was too far gone in his rage and contempt and therefore had simply lost his emotions.

Through the battle, Hao realized that his twin brother Yoh was his only means of salvation. He bore no ill will towards either Yoh or his friends. But, he still battled them as this was the only way he could cry out for help. He wanted Yoh to save him from this endless despair, rage, and loneliness. He wanted somebody to accept him and love him as his mother had once upon a time. He met up with his brother at times and helped him out. During the ongoing battles, Hao guided Yoh and pushed him to become stronger for both of their sakes. Yoh had an inkling about his brother’s emotions and sought out a way to help him overcome this overwhelming pain. Yoh had made up his mind to make Hao the Shaman King and then challenged him to make him a better king.

‘Shaman King’ Ending Explained

Yoh and his friends withdrew from the battle and unanimously decided to make Hao the Shaman King. Hao had the power that he had accumulated in the last 500 years. His power stemmed from the pain he had experienced in Hell as well as on earth. Therefore, Yoh decided to lend him a hand in need and a shoulder to show his acceptance. When Hao entered the 10 hours of slumber to become the Shaman King, Yoh and his friends trained to stand equal to Hao and not give in easily, they defeated the Patch officials who stood guard to protect their King from being disrupted and losing focus. These battles caused both emotional as well as physical damage on both sides. After his slumber, Hao had woken up as an omnipotent Shaman King and had easily defeated and consumed souls in his wake. In His OverSoul, one of the 5 Great Warriors, the Fire Spirit was replaced by the omnipotent Greatest Spirit, which was capable of the destruction and creation of all life. With the help of the Gandharas and their leader, Sati, Yoh, and his friends had already accepted the 5 Great Warriors as their oversouls. They tussled with Hao, and when he invited Yoh to chat in his private space housed by the Great Spirit, all of them invaded the space and could stay due to their oversouls. They had a tussle with Hao, where they pushed him to admit his emotions and to help him overcome the pain he had harbored for more than a millennia.

After a battle involving their oversouls, Manta, Anna, and Opache, came along with the rest of the members involved, both against and for Hao, to make him realize that he was no longer alone in the world. His rage was utterly justified, but he should not let it overcloud his judgment and take over his entire being. Hao was cleansed of his rage due to the Great Spirit, and everybody helped him to meet his mother, whom he loved and cared for. His mother admonished him for his ways and hugged him to dissipate his grudges. Hao gave in to the warmth surrounding him and accepted the role he was given. He promised Yoh that he’d always watch over him, granting Yoh and his friends proof that human beings are worth not being destroyed.

The series ends on a happy note when Hao returns them to the land of the living. They grow up to have their own families and also meet up when time allows it. The marriage of Tao Ren and the Iron Maiden comes as a surprise. Joco, Ryu, Lyserg, Horohoro, Ren, and Manta had all grown up, and Ren came to meet Hana, Yoh, and Anna’s son, and brought along Men, his son. It all ended with Hao finally at peace and happy with Matamune back beside him as his companion as they watched over their families to ensure a safe and secure life.

The animated series has finally come to an end with a happy ending. Though a lot of the members chose not to return back to the land of the living, Yoh and his friends grew up with little regrets and had Hao watching over them. A charming tale of how Hao was the princess who was locked up in the tower of rage he had built around himself to protect him. Yoh and his friends manage to knock those defenses down and show Hao how beautiful the world is, guiding him back to the time when he was free of the burden of pain. They helped him overcome his obstacles and helped him to become a better person, effectively teaching the audience that sometimes people do deserve a second chance.

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