Shane Langston In ‘Reacher’ Explained: Is He Dead Or Alive?


Shane Langston, played by the legendary Robert Patrick, was the big bad of the Amazon series, Reacher Season 2. He was the CEO of a company called New Age Technologies, and under the pretext of making, well, technological advancements, he was essentially funding domestic terrorism. He was connected to a mysterious middleman with a British accent, known as A.M., and he had made deals with Senator Lavoy because you can’t manufacture and move heavy weaponry without some kind of approval from the government. When Swan, a member of Jack Reacher’s 110th squad, was brought into the mix to oversee NAT’s affairs, he smelled something fishy going on and tried to bring it to a close. Swan roped in Franz, Orozco, and Sanchez to look into the situation. However, Shane and his friends got the better of them. When Reacher learned of all this, he brought in the remaining members of the 110th (Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell) to take Shane Langston down. So, let’s talk a little about his professional relations, his ideology, and his final stand.

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What Was Shane’s Equation With A.M.?

At the end of Reacher Season 2, A.M. said that he was just the middleman, thereby presenting himself as a mere opportunist who didn’t believe in taking sides. He presented himself wherever he was necessary, and since he needed to deliver the goods from Shane Langston to a mysterious buyer and pay Shane what he was due, he planned to do that and call it a day. To an extent, he was telling the truth. The two things that he did throughout the show were kill a bunch of people who were on the verge of exposing him or if they were a loose end, and he conversed with Shane. And all of his phone calls with Shane were strictly professional. Shane never talked about why they were doing what they were doing, and A.M. only ensured that Shane was functioning according to the schedule he was given. To be honest, it seemed like Langston was a little scared of A.M., especially during a scene where the latter reminded Shane that he was doing such a big transaction for the first time, but it wasn’t A.M.’s first rodeo. So, maybe Shane was aware of the fact that if he failed, his personal army would fall short in front of A.M. That said, and I mean it with a hint of sarcasm, were you a little sad that Shane and A.M. never got to meet each other face-to-face? It seemed like an incomplete, long-distance relationship. Well, thanks to Reacher, they’ll definitely meet each other in hell.

What Was Shane’s Relationship With Senator Lavoy?

Okay, here’s where we get a little political because a senator is involved; not too political, though, because I am not from the United States of America. So, post-9/11, it was obvious that the USA ramped up its security measures while also carrying out a disproportionate amount of violence against Muslim communities and countries with a large Muslim population. Both of those factors backfired on them, politically speaking, but that didn’t stop them from being wary of potential terrorist activities. Now, the issue with such a kind of security is that it prevents atrocities from happening and if atrocities don’t happen, politicians don’t have anything to milk for votes. And that’s why you craft domestic terrorists and make them attack Capitol Hill. Although it wasn’t stated very explicitly in Reacher Season 2, it seemed like that was what Senator Lavoy was going for. All that talk about patriotism and the advancement of weapon technology was nonsense. He wanted chaos, and he got Shane Langston to help him in that endeavor. The two never had a conversation on-screen, but going by all the talk about the documents that NAT and Lavoy had signed to get Project Little Wing off the ground, it was evident that they had a professional relationship. It might seem like Shane Langston didn’t have any political inclinations, and he was doing it all for the money. Yes, he was in it for the money because he was a staunch capitalist, but the fact that he chose a particular political regime to rise up the ranks showed that he had certain political biases. So, the next time your favorite flagbearer of capitalism says that they are apolitical, look into the people they are shaking hands with, publicly or under the table.

What Was the Purpose of Little Wing?

The mystery around the Little Wing was unsolved. We knew who was making the missiles. We knew who was backing it, politically speaking. We knew who was bankrolling the whole project. But we don’t know who was going to use it or for what purpose. Based on how the Little Wing missiles functioned, it was evident that they were meant to shoot down passenger airplanes, not fighter jets. I am discounting cargo airplanes because the parties involved don’t look like the type of guys who would destroy any kind of cargo. Instead, they’d just buy it. Coming back to the topic of passenger airplanes, there are two kinds of passenger airplanes: the regular ones, which are meant for regular passengers, and the special ones, which are meant for the president, i.e., Air Force One. It’s safe to assume that both of them could’ve been the targets of the Little Wing project. A threat against regular people, the president, or both of them at the same time would’ve caused a good amount of trouble, thereby giving the mysterious buyer and his beneficiaries the opportunity to upend the status quo. So, yes, in a way, that was the basic purpose of the Little Wing. However, it led to the deaths of multiple members of the 110th. Shane’s employees got a taste of their own medicine at the end. I suppose it’s in the custody of Homeland Security. Who knows how they are going to use it in the unforeseeable future?

Is Shane Langston dead or alive?

Yes, Shane Langston, the central villain of Reacher Season 2, is very dead. The dude was pushed out of a helicopter by Jack Reacher in the same way that he killed Franz and almost killed Dixon and O’Donnell. Personally speaking only, I think he should have suffered more because of what he did to Franz, Orozco, Sanchez, and Swan. He made Reacher, O’Donnell, Dixon, and Neagley go through hell. He was responsible for the death of Guy Russo. He got Swan’s dog killed. And he would’ve killed Marlo and Jane Burns. The man was a monster. I think he went out pretty easily. Do I think that his legacy lives on? I am not very sure. Shane didn’t speak of family or friends. He seemed very self-centered. But who knows? Maybe he has a family. He surely has a company that hasn’t been shut down. Well, it’s possible that Homeland Security will kill New Age Technologies for good because they were partaking in domestic terrorism. However, if Shane Langston has a vengeful kid, they’ll probably go after Reacher and the 110th, thereby forcing them to band together again to fight a nepo-baby.

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