‘Shantaram’ Episode 11: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Officer Nightingale Catch Lin Ford?


Previously in “Shantaram,” Episode 10, we saw Lin learn about the secret relationship between Karla and Khader Bhai, and the new revelations completely broke his heart. Lin started to believe that Karla used him as a mere puppet in the grand scheme of things. Karla had grown to have feelings for Lin, which she could not express, resulting in a misunderstanding between them. “Shantaram” Episode 11 opens with the melody of Otis Redding’s “Everybody Makes a Mistake,” and we see Lin experiencing the same misery from making mistakes in his life. His mistakes were that he trusted the wrong people, which made him feel hollow on the inside. He felt nothing but anger in his heart for having been betrayed again and again.

Lin returned to the Sagar Wada slum, where Prabhu was waiting outside his hut. Parvathi approached Prabhu and requested that he stop taking risks for Lin because he would be leaving Bombay soon, but Prabhu’s entire life would be spent in the slum of Sagar Wada. Parvathi was concerned that meeting with Khader Bhai’s men might put Prabhu in danger, so she begged him to swear that he would no longer associate with those criminals. When Lin returned and remained silent, Prabhu could see from his face that he was feeling sorry about his actions. Lin said that he should have taken Prabhu’s advice and returned home. Lin smoked while Prabhu brought some alcohol to cheer him up. Prabhu was relieved since Lin did not murder Maurizio, but Lin had other things to worry about. He revealed to Prabhu that Khader and Karla, as well as everyone associated with them, had been lying to him from the beginning, with the exception of Prabhu, the only person he could trust. Lin was simply waiting for his passport to arrive so that he could leave the city peacefully, but as we saw in “Shantaram,” episode 10, officer Nightingale had already arrived in Bombay, so would it be that easy for Lin to escape? Let’s see if Lin can find a way out or not.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was Khader Afraid Of? 

We saw in “Shantaram,” Episode 10 that Karla freed Sunita from Zhou’s palace and took her to Kavitha’s apartment to help Kavitha with her story, but we didn’t know that Padma had followed her. In Episode 11, Padma revealed to Zhou that Karla had associated with a reporter, and Zhou suspected that Khader might have asked her to do so, so as to get rid of Zhou and Walid Shah forever. Zhou decided to speak with Walid about the war against Khader. Meanwhile, Kavitha contacted Minister Pandey and asked him for an interview by showing his photographs with Sunita. Pandey was terrified to learn that his story had made it to the press and that Walid Shah was now aware of everything. As a result, he insulted Kavitha and drove her away. But Kavitha was looking for this opportunity to find out the truth, and now she was sure that Pandey was not innocent, so she showed Nishant the draft of her story, and Nishant saw that the article was ready to be published.

Khader finally found out about Karla’s plan to expose Walid Shah and Zhou in front of the media, but he disapproved of it entirely. He asked Karla why she decided to make such a grave decision, to which Karla replied that she did it for Lin. She wanted Lin to stay in Bombay and thus exchanged a story with Kavitha. Khader was outraged to learn that what Karla had done may lead to a devastating turf war between him and Walid Shah because Walid would believe that Khader was behind everything. Khader also discovered that Lin knew all about his relationship with Karla, and thus he asked Abdullah to bring Lin to him as he was the only one who could convince Karla to stop the media story.

On Abdullah’s insistence, Lin did agree to see Khader, but he couldn’t keep his cool as he no longer respected the man in front of him. He was aware that Khader had called him for his own purpose, which Khader had conveyed to him as soon as he arrived. He requested Lin to stop Karla from publishing the story on Walid and Zhou in exchange for a passport to flee Bombay. Khader revealed that if Karla did not stop the article, not only his business but also Karla’s life would be in danger, so he politely blackmailed Lin to get his work done, which Lin rudely refused because he didn’t want to be a part of their nasty game anymore. Lin lamented the fact that he previously thought Khader was a philosopher with all the answers to every misery, but now he realized that Khader was a fraud and opportunist like everybody else.

Zhou met Walid at a nightclub and told him that Khader and Karla were planning to expose their illegal business. She informed Walid that Khader had forced her to capture a prostitute from Kamathipura, Sunita, who was Pandey’s mistress, and that Khader and Karla were now using her to expose Walid Shah in front of the media. Walid tried to believe Zhou’s words, and he said that if they came true, he would be happy to start a battle against Khader. So, he assembled his minions and directed them to slaughter Khader and all of his puppets one by one.

‘Shantaram’ Episode 11: Ending Explained: How  Did Officer Nightingale Catch Lin Ford?

Lin couldn’t help but tell Karla to stop publishing the article after hearing about her peril. He cautioned her about her safety, but Karla disagreed. Instead, Lisa criticized him since he had previously misbehaved with her in order to find Maurizio. Lin told Karla that he was leaving Bombay anyway and that he needed no charity from her. He expected to spend his life with Karla, which would have been possible if she had been just truthful with him from the beginning. But instead, Karla made everything hard for both of them. Though Lin was trying to leave India, his departure would be difficult because Didier failed to find a passport for him because Khader had already seized it. To further complicate matters, Didier was arrested and brought to Nightingale for questioning. Nightingale had found Didier’s criminal file in the department and found Lin’s signature for his bail, so he had strong proof that Didier was Lin’s friend. But Didier didn’t open his mouth and refused to share any information about Lin. During his interrogation, a constable named Sanjay informed Nightingale that he knew Lin was living in the slum of Sagar Wada and treating patients. The officer led Nightingale and Chavan to the slum after Didier had been let go. Didier quickly arrived at the slum while hiding from the police and informed Lin about Nightingale.

As soon as Lin found out about Nightingale, he decided to leave the city even without a passport; however, in the meantime, Walid’s men attacked the slum residents and wounded Qasim Bhai. Despite knowing that the police were chasing him, Lin couldn’t leave Qasim untreated because he had a severe brain injury. He began treating Qasim while hiding in his hut, and even though he had no training in surgery, he gave him the necessary treatment that saved his life. Walid had also sent his men to shoot Abdullah, Khader, and Pandey. They were able to kill Pandey, but Abdullah saved Khader’s life and brought him safely back to his house. In the meantime, Maurizio and Padma followed Modena to Karla’s apartment and captured them. Maurizio threatened Modena while holding him at gunpoint to know where he had kept the stolen money, but when Modena refused to say anything, Maurizio shot him in the stomach and took Lisa and Karla, leaving Modena to die. On the other hand, Khader was worried about Karla and ordered Abdullah to get her to safety as soon as possible.

At night, Nightingale and Chavan infiltrated the slum to arrest Lin, but Prabhu tried to deceive them to buy time for Lin to escape. Sanjay started to beat Prabhu badly, but he didn’t share anything about Lin. But Ravi, who had always had hatred against Lin for killing her mother (as Ravi perceived it), eventually informed the police and revealed Lin’s location. Nightingale saw Lin as soon as he came out of Qasim’s hut and started running after him. However, Prabhu saved his neck and gave him a lift in his taxi. Nightingale wrote down the license plate number, making it impossible for Lin to flee for so long. And where he would go is a major mystery. Should he go to Khader’s place to acquire the passport so he may leave Bombay as soon as possible, or should he go to Karla’s place only to find out that Karla was already in severe danger? We observe Modena taking his last breath, and we can infer that he may not be able to make it; thus, the following episode may depict a lot of misery for Lisa. We doubt Lin will be able to escape Nightingale’s clutches this time or that Prabhu will be able to keep his promise to Parvathi. But all the answers to these queries would not come until the next and final episode of “Shantaram.”

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