‘Shantaram’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Did Karla Seek Help From Abdullah?


“Shantaram” Episode 6 begins in Pentridge Prison, where Lin is imprisoned and brought to the Jailor. Lin was startled by a sudden change in Jailor’s demeanor. The Jailor offered him a beer while assuring Lin that he would never harm him again. He asked Lin to tell him who had actually pulled the trigger to kill officer Floris (which we have seen in “Shantaram” Episode 3). Lin had been asked this same question several times before, so he remained silent. Lin talked to the Jailor about the tremendous torture he had to endure in prison, and he believed that was an attempt at “murder.” The Jailor promised to move him somewhere safe if he told the truth. Otherwise, Lin was just another “dog” like those murderers, perverts, and thieves in this darkness of Pentridge prison. The scene shifts to 1980s Bombay, where we see Lin still trying to run from the shadows of the past in order to build a better future, but again and again, his past turns up. He may have changed his name and his country, but the blood on his hand doesn’t let him rest peacefully. Lin’s secret identity can be exposed at any minute, and this fear keeps tormenting him throughout “Shantaram” Episode 6.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Kavitha Listen to Lin And Agree To Postpone the Article?

Lin and Prabhu arrived in Reynaldo to see the journalist Kavitha, where Lin expressed regret for his previous inappropriate behavior (as we have seen in “Shantaram” Episode 5). Kavitha didn’t show her resentment because she had already planned to expose Lin after learning his true identity. Lin explained to her why he did not want that article to be posted in the newspaper. Prabhu helped him in this by stating that if a newspaper article on Sagar-Wada was published, the residents of the slums would come to the attention of the authorities, who would then attempt to evict them. Therefore, any media concern could be dangerous for “people” like them. Kavitha was keeping an eye out for a bigger story about Lin’s true identity, so she agreed to postpone the article. She was aware that Lin was using Prabhu to conceal his reasons for hiding his identity. So, she told her boyfriend that she wanted to figure Lin out before she could take any steps and expose him. Kavitha was certain that if Lin even got the slightest hint that she knew about his fake passport, he would escape the country. Therefore, Kavitha would be left without a “story.” Lin was relieved since his problem with Kavitha had been solved, but he did not even know that the game had yet to begin. Later, Lin paid a photographer to take his picture since he needed to renew his passport to leave Bombay, but Prabhu opposed it. Prabhu would really miss Lin’s company if he left Bombay, so he did not want that to happen so soon.

Who Hired Maurizio?

Lisa had been sober for a long time, and she wanted to stay that way. She wandered around the market in Bombay and came back to Modena’s house. While they were having a lovely conversation, Lisa suddenly asked Modena about Maurizio and his sudden importation of heroin. She learned from Modena that their boss, Maurizio, had been hired by Madame Zhou. Lisa immediately warned Modena that Zhou was a dangerous woman. But Modena reassured Lisa that no one could hurt her as long as he stayed with her.

Later at night in Reynaldo, things became darker. We see Maurizio discussing business with the man of color we have seen in previous episodes (“Shantaram” Episodes 4 and 5). Maurizio, who had just been hired by Zhou, felt like a man with power, so he did not keep it quite a secret. Maybe he had hidden Zhou’s name, but he did not leave a chance to flaunt his money. Didier was also aware of Maurizio’s new drug business, so he informed Karla about everything. However, the black man suddenly demanded something that Modena hesitated to give. Modena tried to oppose him when he asked to spend the night with Lisa, but Maurizio overruled. Modena seemed to be left with two choices. Either he could defy Maurizio and get killed by him, or he could just obey his command and lose Lisa forever.

Karla learned about Maurizio’s Afghan heroin business and went to Lisa. Karla knew that if Maurizio’s secret business somehow caught Khader’s attention, Maurizio would no longer be able to continue it, or he might get killed. Lisa would suffer as well as Maurizio. So, Karla didn’t waste a moment in approaching Lisa to warn her of the impending danger.

Karla interrupted Lin as he arrived at Reynaldo to ask Didier’s help to renew his passport. Karla was offended that Lin was not giving her much attention, but Lin tried to make things right with her. He requested her permission to visit her home the following day since he needed to tell her something. Karla was overjoyed to have Lin around, but we were curious as to what Lin might say to her. Was it about Khader Bhai or anyone else, or was he going to propose to her? Later, at midnight, Didier was caught naked on the street and arrested by the police for homosexuality. Since the 1980s in Bombay, it was nothing but a crime or, to the cops, merely a scheme to make money.

How Did Lin Get Didier Out of Jail?

Lin and Prabhu tried selling “charas” and guiding the tourists, but they were still unable to make enough money for Lin to get a passport, so Lin decided to sell the bike that Khader Bhai had given him. Didier called Reynaldo and spoke to Lin about his arrest. Vikram and Lin went to Didier’s room to collect some money. Lin and Vikram arrive at the police station, and Vikram abruptly claims to be a powerful man in a dramatic style. He threatened the police officer, but the inspector was not afraid at all. Despite Vikram’s warning, the cop demanded the money right away, seeing a “Gora” by his side. Lin demanded to meet Didier, but as soon as he arrived at the prison, Lin had to confront his fear once again. He recalled those horrible days of his imprisonment in Pentridge that had continuously plagued his memory. Finally, when Lin overcame his fear and talked to the officer, he became an instant amusement to the cops by speaking in Marathi. One of them recognized Lin from the curfew night (in “Shantaram” Episode 1) when Lin escaped from them. However, Lin gave them all the money he had and got Didier out of jail.

Didier was severely hurt, so Lin decided not to leave him alone. When Lin understood that Didier was in severe shock and distress from the beating, he did everything in his power to take care of him. He could see Didier was extremely afraid, just like he was at Pentridge. He criticized the severely corrupted law enforcement, which thinks homosexuality is a crime, but he knew he could not do anything to change the situation in India. He asked Didier what happened last night, to which Didier replied that he was making love to a man who had another Maharashtrian lover. The lover guy caught them and paid the police to beat Didier. Lin could only feel pity for those cops and their corrupted mindsets, so he told Didier to move on from the trauma. Didier promised him that he would help Lin renew his passport as soon as he could.

In the meantime, Kavitha discovered through her lover that he had a conversation with a CBI officer who would give him access to the Interpol red notices of foreign fugitives.

‘Shantaram’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Did Karla Seek Help From Abdullah?

Karla was expecting Lin to come, but Abdullah arrived instead. Abdullah was keeping an eye on Pandey and found him with his extramarital affair, Sunita. Abdullah came to Karla to inform her about Pandey and, in return, learned about Maurizio’s heroin business. Abdullah addressed her as a sister and assured her that Khader Bhai would not know about this. Karla was only worried about Lisa, as she had already hurt her a lot and did not want to further traumatize her. When Abdullah asked about Lin, Karla told him that it was best for them to stay away from Lin. In response, Abdullah said that there was no fun in this business if they always did what they had been instructed to do.

Although Abdullah looked less harmful, it should not be forgotten that he works for Khader. Khader loves him only because he is more loyal than the others. Therefore, it is difficult to predict if Abdullah will manage Maurizio without involving Khader Bhai or if Maurizio will end up like Ruzul. Lisa, on the other hand, was seen to have consented to sleep with the guy of color in exchange for 10% of the profit. Her agreement with Maurizio was quite suspicious; either she was hurt by Modena as he didn’t go against Maurizio, or she had some plans in mind to set herself free from the corrupted world once and for all.

However, Prabhu and Parvathi went to see a movie with Amitabh Bachchan starring in it. When Prabhu was having a good time at the local movie theater, he discovered Parvathi unconscious. He took her right away to the slums but failed to find Lin to get assistance. It seemed that Lin’s fate was so troublesome that he couldn’t be in the right place at the right time. Amidst all the helpless people in the slum, Prabhu stood clueless, unable to answer anyone as to where Lin really was. It is still unclear whether Lin will engage in conflict with residents of the slum or if he will need to make a second impression on them. Kavitha is prepared to gather all the evidence regarding Lin that has yet to cause him much more trouble in his path. Due to his lack of funds, even Lin’s exit route is blocked; as a result, Didier is the only one who can assist Lin by creating a passport. Now, we will have to wait for the coming episodes of “Shantaram” to find out if Lin will be able to escape Bombay or if there will be another obstacle that will stop him from doing so.

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