‘She Came From The Woods’ Ending, Explained & Film Summary: Was Agatha Destroyed?


Inspired by 80s slasher horror, She Came from the Woods unfolds at a summer camp with a haunting past. The year is 1987, and it is the last day of summer camp. For some camp counselors, it is time for them to confess their feelings to their romantic interests while the rest prepare for the night party. Camp Briarbook is run by the McCalister family. Gilbert McCalister had been running the place for years, and he intends on retiring, leaving the responsibility of the camp to his daughter, Heather, and his grandsons, Peter and Shawn. Peter did not take his job seriously, and apart from romancing Lauren, all he cared about was the fun night that he had planned ahead. Shawn tried to make sense to his brother, but Peter did not care.

Spoiler Alert

What happened after the ritual?

In She Came from the Woods, Lauren finds a medical-grade needle in Peter’s bag, and she casually inquires if he is into drugs. Peter laughed off her doubt and suggested that she would get to know its usage by night. Peter had been planning something grand, and Shawn was not encouraging of it. After the goodbye ceremony, Shawn took charge of driving the campers to their homes. Grandpa Gilbert also prepared to leave, and saying goodbye was particularly difficult for Heather, knowing that her father would no longer be there to guide her and help her run the camp.

On the last night of camping, the camp counselors gathered around a bonfire to celebrate their success. Peter proposed that they do something challenging before saying goodbye. He briefly discussed the Nurse Agatha story, a popular spooky figure at the camp. Agatha used to be a camp nurse 42 years ago before she was thrown out for recommending homeopathic medication with a witchy twist to it. She continued to manipulate the campers by offering midnight medicine classes, but then she was confronted by the authorities. She tripped and fell as she tried to escape, and she fatally injured her head. It is said that the campers chanted “Ex vitam immortalem” as they gathered around Agatha’s body. While many believed that the chant could bring Agatha back, Peter realized that Agatha would only return if they were physically injured since she cared about healing people. Mike distributed the needles to the camp counselors, and they all jabbed their fingers to attract Agatha.

Meanwhile, halfway down the road, Shawn’s van came to a stop. The engine overheated, and they were stuck in the middle of a farm. Shawn was surprised and impressed when the kids maintained silence. He got down to check on the issue, and by the time Shawn got in the van, he noticed that the children were gone. He heard them giggling and running away through the farm, and he followed them. At Camp Briarbook, Danny finally gathered up his courage to approach Kellie Parker. What seemed to be an innocent crush turned into a violent assault. Danny forcefully kissed Kellie and refused to accept no for an answer. Kellie walked back to the bonfire, visibly traumatized, and discussed with Lauren how she was interested in another man back home. Danny came out of nowhere and stoned Kellie to death. The rest of the counselors tried to stop Danny, but he almost seemed possessed. Mike stabbed Danny twice, and he finally collapsed. Heather was told about the entire incident, and as she tried to call the police, there was a short circuit, and Heather ended up injured. 

What secret was Heather hiding?

Shawn called Gilbert McCalister after he figured out that Pete’s ritual had something to do with the eerie disappearance of the children. Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley had been separated from the group, and they had no idea what was going on at the camp. Ben could sense the presence of a supernatural being, but Ashley dismissed his fear. Within a few minutes, they noticed the campers gathering around a tree. The children were possessed, and they chanted “Ex vitam immortalem” repeatedly. Ashley could see Nurse Agatha rise from the dead, but Ben could not. Ashley had jabbed her finger like the rest, but Ben did not perform the ritual. The children got hold of Ashley and started to devour her. Ben ran to the camp for help.

Lauren discovered Heather’s medical records from the time Nurse Agatha worked at the camp. Upon questioning Heather, Peter and Lauren found out that Heather used to be Agatha’s object of experimentation. Agatha used to perform bloodletting on her, but as a little girl, she never complained. The night Agatha died, she remembered going to the woods with the other campers. A supernatural energy pulled them to the woods, and they chanted till sunrise. After the sunrise, they all got out of the trance and went back to their ordinary lives. Peter had no idea that the story about Nurse Agatha was true, and clearly, everyone was paying the price for his stupidity. Mike came up with a plan to trap the children, and while it was successful, he died in the process (thanks to Dylan).

What Was The Connection Between Agatha And Gilbert Mccalister?

Grandpa McCalister arrived with a gun in hand, and he decided to tell the true story behind Agatha’s death. Gilbert needed a camp nurse to look after his sick wife, Evelyn. Agatha came across the advertisement in the newspaper and arrived at the camp. She seemed devoted and knowledgeable, and Gilbert allowed her to take complete care of his wife. Even though she medicated Evelyn, her health worsened over time. While his wife was suffering, Gilbert got physically intimate with Agatha. Gilbert was ashamed of himself for losing control, and after Evelyn’s death, he realized that the medication Agatha offered Evelyn was meant to worsen her condition. Agatha was into witchcraft, and Gilbert got rid of her. But he eventually figured out that Agatha continued to watch over him. She lived in the woods and lured the campers at night. She performed bloodletting, collected the blood in a jar, and hung it from a tree. After learning about the experiments she performed on Heather, Gilbert lost his calm and chased Agatha that night. Gilbert choked Agatha to death, and while murdering her, he noticed that she had stolen Evelyn’s ring. Gilbert took the ring back and buried Agatha at the lowest point in Briarbook. While Gilbert had assumed that it was the end of the story, Peter managed to bring her back.

Was Agatha destroyed?

Agatha lured Peter into the woods, pretending to be Ben, and he was axed to death. Lauren, Shawn, Heather, and Gilbert were the only survivors. Their plan was to offer Agatha the ring she had once stolen from Evelyn. They believed that the ring was cursed, and Agatha was after it. Gilbert, Heather, and Shawn had also jabbed their fingers to attract Agatha. Gilbert waited for Agatha to confront him, and she did so by taking Heather hostage. Gilbert offered her the ring he had been wearing around his neck. Agatha reached out to grab the ring, and she lost her cool when she noticed that the ring was fake. Lauren had the original ring, and Gilbert intentionally tricked Agatha. Agatha released Heather and shot Gilbert dead. At the end of She Came from the Woods, Lauren and Shawn stabbed Agatha multiple times. Lauren shot a bow into Agatha’s face to shut her up completely. While Heather proposed drowning her body with stones tied to it, Lauren believed it was best to cut her body into pieces since that was the only way to make sure that she never managed to return to Camp Briarbook, even if someone mistakenly found a way to contact her. After pieces of the witch’s body were drowned in the lake, a policeman casually entered the camp along with Ben.

In She Came from the Woods‘s ending, we find out that Ben survived the night, possibly because he had not willingly participated in the ritual. The policeman was shocked to see dead bodies lying around, and he called for assistance. While the problem seemed to have been resolved, Lauren’s eyes told a different story. She saw someone (possibly Agatha) at the camp once again, but the others did not seem to be affected by it. Maybe because Lauren has the ring, the spirit of Agatha will continue to haunt her.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
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