‘Shining Vale’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Pat Meet Rosemary?


The last two or three episodes of Shining Vale have been like a carrot and a stick for us. They promise to explain what is going on, but then there is a lot more nonsense to watch first. That is exactly what this episode has done again, and we desperately wish that the writers were kinder people. This is the recap of Shining Vale Episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Pat not want people to read her book?

After watching her tapes, Pat realizes that she wasn’t crazy and that she was actually possessed when she wrote her book. It must be quite sad to realize that all this time, she was punishing herself for something that was so out of her control. Additionally, she must also be feeling alone because nobody will believe her if she says this. But Pat cannot stop because lives are at stake. That is why she tries to take her tape recordings out of the hospital, and the nurse who claimed to be her fan is the one who ends up calling security on her. Honestly, the nurse was just doing her job, and she chose to be professional, at least at this moment. That is more than we can say for Pat, who wasted a lot of time trying to get a donut. If she had simply left instead of getting distracted, she would have made it out of the hospital with proof. It is not as if the asylum is the only place she could get doughnuts from. Now that Pat is out of the asylum, her next step is to get people to stop buying and reading her book. Pat has to risk being called crazy, and she chooses a very inconvenient place for that.

Terry has decided to run for mayor, and it is becoming increasingly evident that he is turning into a violent man. He saw Claire getting hit by a truck, and his first instinct was not to console his friend but to get more power for himself. His excuse is the betterment of Shining Vale, but everyone knows better. Terry goes on a talk show to promote himself, and the host is a fan of Pat’s book, which is what she keeps talking about despite Terry’s best efforts to draw attention to his campaign. It is funny because this is usually what happens to women in the media, where questions about their husbands and family often eclipse their own work. Pat calls the station, and while the host is having a fangirl moment, Pat tells everyone to stop reading the book. She even says that she was possessed when she wrote it and is acknowledging that it is harmful. But the host is too taken in by the book, and this message from Pat only ends up sounding like a publicity stunt for the book itself. As for Terry, the only thing he has been able to conclusively say is that he will get milk while coming home. In a regular world, this would have gotten him hailed as a wonderful husband and man. As for Pat, she also tries talking to her editor to pull back the book, but it is at a stage where it is simply not possible. The editor tells Pat that the book has gotten bigger than her, and there is no stopping the phenomenon now.

Is Ennio not real?

Gaynor likes Ennio, and ever since they slept together, she has been trying to contact him, but he is nowhere to be found. She goes to the church, where the Father tells her that there is no one by the name of Ennio around. Even Jesus looks clueless at this point. Gaynor keeps texting Ennio, but he won’t reply. It is as if he has disappeared off the face of the earth. Even her friend doesn’t seem to remember him, so when Gaynor tries to show her his photo, she finds that he is not there in the picture. In their chat-box, there is not a single message from Ennio, and it looks like Gaynor has been talking to herself these past few months. This can mean one of two things for Gaynor. Either she acknowledges that her mother was telling the truth all along about being possessed, or Gaynor may feel that she is also losing her mind, like her mother and grandmother before her.

Does Pat meet Rosemary?

Since Pat now knows that she is possessed, she goes back to the Wiccan that she had tried to meet in season 1. The man remembers Pat and tells her that some evil spirit may be haunting her right now. It is unclear if he is of any real help, but Pat comes back home with a makeover and Terry, who has helped organize a baby shower for her, despite knowing that she doesn’t like that. Pat is forced to sit with the women, and she definitely finds it odd that all the gifts they have gotten for her are black and that none of them have children of their own. Pat’s editor and Gaynor cannot get out of there fast enough, and Pat is left alone with the group.

After they all leave, Pat tries to find out from the game whether her book will continue to be harmful, and she is repeatedly told to read Page 72 of the book. It takes Pat a whole night to figure out that the book being referred to is one of the gifts. When she reads that at the end of Shining Vale Episode 7, Pat comes to know that the town once had many covens, and they split into individual houses across the place. But the twist is that the house that Pat is living in is the portal to hell in it. Pat goes deeper into the walls as she is investigating the contents of the book, and she happens to hear Ruth’s conversation where the women are claiming that Pat’s baby is theirs’ and someone else’s. Pat is yet to make sense of this conversation, but the women see her first. As Pat tries to rush out of the walls, she finds herself locked in by Jake, who wants to come out and leave behind the dingy walls. Pat is stuck inside, and when she turns, she sees Rosemary, who says that Pat should have killed herself when she had the chance.

Final Thoughts

Nothing would be nicer than us finally getting an explanation of what is going on in Shining Vale. Pat’s story has been dragged out for so long and without any proper explanation as to the supernatural that it has gotten tiring at this point. The next episode will finally give us some clarity.

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