‘Showtime’ Ending Explained: What To Expect From Part 2?


To be clear, this is not an ending explainer for the entirety of Showtime. It’ll cover only the first part of the show because the amazing makers of this mind-blowing drama about Bollywood have decided to break its eight-episode run into four bite-sized pieces. I’ll try to get into what the second part of this enthralling series is going to be all about. But mainly, I’ll be talking about what happened after Mahika Nandi (Victor Khanna’s granddaughter from his first marriage) took the reins of Viktory Studios, thanks to her late grandfather’s last wishes, and competed against Raghu Khanna (Victor Khanna’s legitimate son) and his own independent studios. Both of them were trying to win over superstar Armaan, and he ultimately sided with Mahika and decided to work on the Tatya Tope biopic. Meanwhile, Raghu seemingly parted ways with his pregnant girlfriend, Yasmin, and cast Armaan’s wife, Mandira, in the role of Agent Haseena.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Meena exit ‘1857’?

Although Raghu Khanna had technically severed his ties with Viktory Studios, since he was overseeing a film called Screw Dheela (a reference to a shelved Dharma film that starred Tiger Shroff) before his departure, he had his name plastered over it, and hence, he was going to be the sole benefactor of that film’s success. Mahika wasn’t happy with that and wanted to remove any connection between the movie and Raghu. Trouble started brewing on the sets of 1857 when the director, Satya, started praising the female lead of the film, Meena, and kept ignoring Armaan because they didn’t see eye-to-eye but had decided to reach a middle ground to make the Tatya Tope biopic. 

Armaan couldn’t tolerate that and decided to coerce the filmmakers into firing Meena from the film. Since Mahika didn’t want to let go of Meena, Armaan started messing with her before shooting, during shooting, and maybe even after shooting. One day, Meena took a brutal tumble from her horse (it’s a period film) because of Armaan, and she decided to call it quits herself. Mahika tried her best to calm Meena down, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen to anyone anymore. When Mahika conveyed this information to Satya, he whined about how stars are prioritized over actors in this industry, as if that point hadn’t been made a few minutes ago. This is an example of confident writing. You should illustrate your point properly and then have someone underline it. I am kidding; this is horrible writing, and it’s ironic and hilarious because Showtime is a show about making movies.

What Is the Story of Prithvi’s Film?

Yasmin went to buy clothes with Sarika (Raghu’s mother) and Raghu, and that was where she got a call for her appointment with the doctor regarding her pregnancy. Sarika noticed that Yasmin looked a little stressed because of Raghu, and she gave her a pep talk about making her own decisions instead of letting Raghu decide everything for her. Yasmin tried to have a chat about it with Raghu, but Raghu got on a call with Saajan (the producer of his next film), only to tell him that he couldn’t give the film they were supposed to make together and the casting of Saajan’s son, Montu, much thought because he was busy. I am guessing Raghu didn’t spend the rest of the car ride telling people how busy he was, thereby giving Yasmin the opportunity to say what she wanted to say. Do we see that? No, because seeing a scene all the way to its logical ending is for losers. Real geniuses abruptly move on to the next scene. 

Anyway, Mahika reunited with his old journalist friend to recap the events of the show, and that was where she learned that Yasmin was pregnant. And Mahika decided to use that to disarm and intimidate Raghu out of the Screw Dheela deal. What did Raghu do? He stormed away and scolded Yasmin for allegedly leaking the news of her pregnancy to the press. They got into a huge fight, and, as expected, Raghu told Yasmin to get an abortion. In stark contrast to this relationship, we saw Prithvi acknowledging his ignorance about the domestic abuse that his older sister was facing and telling Mahika that it shouldn’t have taken him this long to speak up for his loved one. This moment of clarity and self-awareness was quickly subverted by Prithvi’s decision to turn this into his debut script. Showtime didn’t present the character’s blatant attempt at milking someone else’s trauma in an ironic way, though. They made it look very sincere and honest, as if male directors and writers haven’t been doing this for generations, while completely overlooking the root of abuse against women or, you know, giving women the platform to talk about their traumas. It’s hilarious and pathetic.

Why Was Armaan’s ‘1857’ Being Boycotted?

Mahika, Prithvi, Raghu, Yasmin, and many others attended the premiere of Screw Dheela. The tension between Mahika and Raghu was palpable, but things weren’t bad enough to make that the central focus of the event. That happened when Yasmin stepped on the red carpet. Back in the day, when people made movies about movies, they actually shot fake footage for it to make things look authentic. Even though Showtime has been produced by one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood, they couldn’t even do that. The episode moved forward in time by a few weeks (I guess) and showed that Screw Dheela had earned over 100 crore rupees, and it felt like a copout. In the show The Offer, there was a sense of anticipation around the release of The Godfather, whether it was going to be well-received by critics, and if it was going to help the studio recuperate their money. If Showtime had managed to do even half of that, I would’ve given it a pass. However, the storytelling is so hollow and careless that I have to hate it. Mahika is supposed to be this underdog, and she is already celebrating her first win and has been dubbed the “Begum of Bollywood.” If things were that easy, then this whole show is be pointless because it’s supposed to be about surviving in Bollywood. Anyway, Mahika and Prithvi got into a conversation about completing 1857. Prithvi revealed that he was taking his story to Nitesh Tiwari. Mahika said that he should work with Satya. And, for some reason, Prithvi got riled up about it.

At the end of Showtime Part 1, Armaan revealed that Meena had been cast alongside Mandira in Agent Haseena, thereby confirming her exit from 1857. Since the press started speculating that Armaan had kicked Meena out of the Tatya Tope biopic, Mandira threw Mahika under the bus by saying that she was the one behind Meena’s exit. Talking about Armaan, he was missing from the set of the film. Satya became angry and tried to get a hold of Armaan. Since he was unavailable, he and his team tried to contact Prithvi, but he was busy narrating his story to Nitesh Tiwari. How did he write the script so quickly? Didn’t he come up with the idea a few minutes ago? What is even the concept of time in this show? The showrunners weren’t bothered by all these details, and that’s why the viewers shouldn’t care about them either. The press started the rumor that Armaan was dating his former co-star and fling, Saira. Armaan tried to shut this gossip down. However, it had already spread like wildfire, thereby causing nationalist groups to call for a boycott of Armaan in 1857. It was insinuated that Zico had either leaked the photos of Armaan and Saira or that he was the one who had sent the nationalist groups to attack Viktory Studios. Things got worse when Rustom, one of the main financiers of 1857, told Mahika that he was going to back out of the project, thereby sending Mahika and her career towards the pit.

What Can We Expect From Part 2?

According to the teaser that played at the end of Part 1 of Showtime, Part 2 will feature a tax raid on Raghu’s production house, thereby putting his future plans on hold. Saajan will sever his ties with Raghu and try to establish a working relationship with Mahika. Mandira and Armaan’s relationship is going to hit a speedbump. Raghu and Mandira are probably going to hit it off, and Raghu is going to force Mandira to use the sympathy she will be getting due to Armaan’s affair to her benefit. Yasmin is either going to go ahead with her abortion plans, or she is going to have the baby. Either way, she is going to break up with Raghu. From the looks of it, Armaan is going to try and force Mahika to fire Satya, and Mahika is going to put her foot down so that 1857 gets made. Mahika is probably going to make a fool out of Saajan, and she is going to have a tiff with Prithvi. And finally, Raghu will turn into a total maniac to drag Mahika through the mud. Is Mahika going to win this battle, or is Raghu going to end up victorious? I don’t really care, but since I have watched Part 1 of this awful show, I’ll be looking forward to how it wraps things up in June 2024.

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