The Significance of Alicent’s Green Dress In ‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 5, Explained


The 5th Episode of “House of the Dragon” is titled “We Light the Way,” which is, in fact, the motto of House Hightower. We saw the emergence of two political factions by the end of this episode. Alicent Hightower went through a lot of introspection and realized that the time to be subdued, to be quiet, to act according to the whims and fancies of others was over. She didn’t know who to trust any longer. She had realized that it was a brutal world out there, and words like “loyalty” and “friendship” did not hold any value. Alicent had to choose now; otherwise, she feared that she would be sidelined. She didn’t want to be in a place where the barbaric instincts of the Targaryens would tyrannize her. She wanted to fight for her own flesh and blood. She wanted to secure a prosperous future for her sons and daughters. So Alicent Hightower raged a war cry, which stirred the blood of her own kin, and the green inferno of the Oldtown was ready to take over King’s Landing.

The Character Of Alicent Hightower: Explained – An Outsider Among Natives

Otto Hightower was made to resign from the position of the hand of the king. Viserys had lost faith in Otto, who was once his most trusted ally. The king saw through his intentions and realized that he couldn’t keep him in such close quarters when all he wanted was to expel Rhaenyra from her position and place his grandson, Aegon, in her stead. While leaving, Otto shows a lot of concern for his daughter and also urges her to listen to him and act prudently. At that point, Otto told Alicent that Viserys was going to meet his fateful end, and after that, Rhaenyra would be made the Queen of Kings Landing. Otto knew that the masses would revolt against her, as she was a woman and as there was no precedent that supported her claim. He said that even if the Targaryen Princess didn’t want to harm her stepbrothers and sister, she would be forced to do it. It was just natural that she would want to remove each and every obstacle that came in her way of taking control over the Iron Throne.

But at this point, when Alicent is made to feel guilty about her actions, and her allegiances are questioned, we see through the hypocrisy of Otto Hightower himself. He had said that he was looking out for his daughter and her children, but it felt like he was just fulfilling his own vendetta in the process. Alicent never wanted to become powerful in the first place. She was happy spending time with Rhaenyra and savoring the bond she shared with her. It was Otto who had forced her to go and help Jaehaerys during his last days and also comfort Viserys when he had lost his wife. Alicent initially didn’t want to go to Viserys, but her father didn’t leave her with any choice. Alicent was nothing but a means for Otto Hightower to reach a position of power where he always aspired to be. When he advises her to act judicially, he is least bothered about what actually makes Alicent happy. Obviously, being in power has immense perks and privileges, but the point of the debate is that Otto’s priority was never the emotional well-being of his daughter, but the supremacy of his house and his own influence in matters of state. When Alicent found out that Rhaenyra had kept things hidden from her, she felt betrayed. Had Rhaenyra spoken the truth, then maybe she wouldn’t have taken the path as advised by her father. But things unraveled in such a manner that Alicent started to feel that she didn’t hold any significance in Rhaenyra’s life. She felt backstabbed by her best friend. Alicent Hightower had made up her mind and was ready to fight for her pride, for the future of her children, and for the House Hightower.

The Significance of Alicent’s Green Dress: Explained

Alicent’s behavioral traits were in stark contrast to those of Rhaenyra. The Queen never spoke out of turn and was taught to abide by the commands of her husband. She never raised her voice or showed signs of rebellion like Rhaenyra. She ardently followed the “Faith of the Seven” and never indulged in any kind of immoral activity. But during the royal dinner, she made a dramatic entry in a green dress, as if she was ready to defy whatever came her way. It felt like there was no power that could bind her anymore. Though the color green evokes a sense of security and symbolizes peace, it had a very different meaning for the House Hightower. The color of the beacon on the top of the Hightower, metaphorically, said a lot of things. When it was green in color, it meant that Oldtown was calling its banners for war. Alicent was wearing a green colored dress, and the message was plain and clear.

Alicent had always been in a dilemma where she was more inclined towards believing the narrative that Rhaenyra purported. She never knew who to believe, as both her father and Rhaenyra were people with whom she had shared a very close bond. But when the Queen wore the color green, it signified that her dilemma was over. She was clear about what she wanted to do. She had made up her mind to support the claim of her son, Aegon, to the Iron Throne. Rhaenyra was clueless at this very instant about the fact that a fire was raging inside Alicent. She was not aware that the Queen had talked to Criston Cole behind her back. It is to be noticed that the members of the House Hightower were also wearing shades of green. They told Alicent that House Hightower supported her cause and wouldn’t abandon her to be leached out by the unethical and ungrateful Targaryens at any cost. The green faction stood in defiance, and they were determined to make one of their own sits on the Iron Throne. The kingdom was on the verge of a civil war that would eventually be known as the “Dance of the Dragons.” A war for succession was inevitable. The green faction, i.e., House Hightower, was known for its peaceful means and methods, but this time it was a question of their pride, and they were not in a mood to let go without putting up a fight.

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