‘Silo’ Ending, Explained: Will Juliette Die Outside The Silo?


For ages, things had been done in a certain way inside Silo, and though some people did raise questions about the integrity of the leaders in the past too, things had never gotten out of hand. The main reason why the regime was always able to suppress the rebellions (assuming that there had been such conflicts in the past) was that these rebels operated from outside the system. In politics, it is often said that if you want to make a change, you have to be a part of the system. The hackers, the rebels, and the curious lot residing inside Silo never acted in an organized way. Their fragmented efforts did not have the potential to stand against the regime, and that is why they were never able to bring about a revolution, even though many people inside Silo harbored that desire.

Juliette had no clue why Holston had chosen her to be his successor, but she knew that being at the post of sheriff would give her the opportunity to access things that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Her main agenda was to find out what had happened with her partner, George Wilkins, but slowly, she started realizing that it was all part of a larger scheme of things. She came to know about secrets that really changed her perspective on things, and she realized how unaware people were of what was actually happening inside the Silo. Being curious was a crime inside Silo, and once Juliette crossed that boundary, she became a threat to the regime. Bernard and Sims were after her life, and she was just trying to buy some time so that she could make people aware of what their leaders were up to. So, let’s find out what happened at the end of Silo Season 1 and if Juliette is able to accomplish what she set out for.

Spoilers Alert

How Did Juliette Get Arrested?

Bernard came to know that Juliette, Danny, and Patrick Kennedy were on the 22nd floor, though he didn’t know what they were trying to do. He sent his men to capture the trio, but once again, Juliette was able to escape. Juliette realized that if she traveled the normal route, she wouldn’t be able to go that far and eventually would get caught by the Judicial. So, she risked her life and went through the trash chute, taking Patrick and Danny with her. All sorts of objects were falling from the chute, but the trio managed to survive and move from floor to floor. Danny, who knew how to hack into the judicial network, told them that there was a network hub on the 126th floor from where they could control each and every computer present inside the Silo. Juliette still had the hard drive in her possession, and she wanted every individual to see the video that proved that the earth was not as uninhabitable as they were told.

At this moment, Juliette had no idea that the display they saw from inside the Silo was actually the real image, as the earth had actually become a barren piece of land that probably didn’t support life. Juliette was able to put that video on every computer in the Silo, and Bernard got into a fit of frenzy, not being able to comprehend what he should do. He started howling at the people who were operating the systems and asked them to close their eyes. Even Robert Sims hadn’t seen that display, which made us realize that he was also ignorant about a lot of things which only Bernard had access to. Bernard was able to shut down the entire network and he sent his men to bring Juliette back to the Judicial. Juliette once again entered the trash chute, but Bernard’s agents started throwing heavy objects to knock her down. Juliette lost her balance, and she fell down the chute. An injured Juliette was brought to Martha Walker’s room by Shirley, but before she could completely gain consciousness, Knox informed Bernard and the entire judicial team came down to the Mechanical to arrest her.

What Happened To George Wilkins?

Juliette was arrested when she was in the mechanical division, and if Bernard hadn’t been there to control the situation, Sims would have definitely assaulted her. Bernard gave Juliette an offer. He said that if she waived her right to a judicial hearing and stopped telling people that she hadn’t asked to go out, he might consider telling her what had actually happened to George Wilkins. Juliette knew that she was digging up a death warrant, but she couldn’t resist her impulse. She had accepted the position of the sheriff, gone against the establishment, broken rules, and risked her life only because she wanted to know the truth. Juliette accepted the offer, and Bernard took her inside the janitor’s room, where the watchers kept an eye on each and every individual inside the Silo.

Juliette was shocked to see that, contrary to her beliefs, George Wilkins had actually committed suicide, and the authorities were not lying when they told her that. Bernard (or Sims) had ordered Douglas Trumbull to find George Wilkins and bring him back alive, as he wanted to interrogate him and get more information about these people who were involved in conspiring against the regime. George knew that he would be tortured, and there might come a time when his spirit would break, and he would give away all the information. He wanted to prevent that from happening, so he jumped from one of the levels and killed himself.

How Did Martha Walker Save Juliette’s Life?

Martha hadn’t stepped out of her room in ages, but she knew that the time had come for her to move out, as Juliette was in dire need of help. Martha could never really understand why the people from the IT department used such inferior-quality heat tapes. It had not struck her until recently that they were probably doing it on purpose because they wanted the people who were going out to die. It was a serious allegation that she was talking about, but she knew that she had to do something so that Juliette didn’t meet a similar fate.

Martha wasn’t sure that the heat tapes being used in the suit were the only reason why the people going outside to clean died, but she acted on her gut feeling and thought that if this was the case in reality, then she should do something to rectify it. She went to meet a woman named Carla, who worked in the supply division. Carla and Martha had a history and were probably partners back in the day. For some unknown reason, they had parted ways, and it had been a long time since they had met. Martha requested that Carla use the heat tape that the mechanical division had and not the ones that IT provided them with, and Carla agreed to it.

Later, in Silo episode 10, Martha sent a note to Juliette through Shirley in which she wrote that she had taken care of things in the Supply division. At that moment, Juliette didn’t understand what she meant by it, but later, it all dawned on her when she was walking outside the Silo. That heat tape became the difference between life and death. Bernard and Sims had expected that, just like others, Juliette would die after taking a few steps, but they were surprised when that didn’t happen. Juliette saw the tape fastened to her wrist, and it was then that she realized that Martha’s speculations were right and that it was the tape that caused the toxic air to seep inside the suit and eventually kill the people.

‘Silo’ Ending Explained: What Did Juliette See Outside The Silo?

Juliette became the first person in the history of Silo who didn’t clean from the outside. She had told Bernard earlier that she was not going to do that, but Bernard had curtly replied to her that that’s what everybody said, but they always ended up doing it. Juliette dropped the cloth in front of the screen as a sign of protest, and the residents on the inside were shocked to see that. Bernard realized that they were on the brink of a rebellion, so he left the scene and went inside the server room. He opened the door using the key attached to the same key ring that had the number 18 inscribed on it. 

Silo‘s ending revealed to us that there were many other silos in the world, and the one in which Juliette lived was not the only one. Witnessing that, we believe that Bernard had also gone inside the server room in such a hurry, probably because he wanted to communicate to his counterparts in other Silos that a woman had successfully escaped from their premises. Bernard knew that he had to be prepared for the inevitable, as there was a probability that people would get to know that their entire lives were nothing but a state-sponsored lie, and he knew that the revelation was not going to go down well with the people.

Will There Be A Second Season?

Silo has been renewed for season 2, so yes, we will get to know what happened to Juliette and whether she was able to get some help or not. We believe that Juliette will once again come back to Silo 18 and reveal to others how, for years, they had been fooled by the state. Their entire lives were a big lie, and Juliette, after knowing how they had installed cameras in each and every quarter, had realized that the rebels never had a chance for all those years because the regime knew every little detail about them. Juliette believed that they should have been in a position to determine their own destiny, and she didn’t like how the establishment had kept them in the dark for such a long time. Juliette had a long road ahead, and she had no clue what kind of perils awaited her in the outside world. Probably, even Juliette didn’t know that she was this fearless, but the tragedies of her life had scorched out the fear from her conscious mind. Juliette knew that though she had overcome the challenges and stayed alive, it was only the beginning, and there were hundreds of battles that she had to win before she reclaimed what was hers and made the perpetrators pay for it.

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