‘Silo’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Mayor Ruth Dead Or Alive?


The dystopian drama “Silo” just keeps getting better, and as we step into the third episode, we are made privy to the nitty-gritty and the conflicts of this world through the perspective of various characters. Juliette Nichols was feeling trapped, as on one hand she wanted to solve the mystery behind her partner, George Wilkins’, death, but on the other hand, she also knew the perils of treading into the unknown. It felt like she was scared of water, and additionally, she didn’t know what lay inside it. George Wilkins had told her that there was a door hidden underneath the water, and Juliette wanted to know why he was obsessing over it and what lay beyond it. Juliette kept the note that George had left for her, and she kept looking at it as if expecting it to miraculously start speaking and give her some answers. It reminded her that she had to complete what George had started. George was always the inquisitive type, but Juliette was satisfied with her machines, and she didn’t want to know what lay outside as long as she had her loved ones around her. But George’s death had changed her, and she felt compelled to find out the truth and divulge the dark secrets of the Silo.

In the previous episode, we saw that Juliette had made up her mind to go inside the water. She took the ropes and went down, but at the last moment, her fears overpowered her, and she was just not able to go inside the water. Juliette was disappointed in herself, and the anger and frustration brewing inside her came out on Martha. Juliette wanted to forget what was happening around her and become oblivious to it. The reality was haunting her, and she was losing the courage to accept it. She got drunk and woke up the next day with a terrible hangover. The generator, which provided electricity to the entire Silo, was having some issues, and Juliette came running to find out what had happened. Knox, the head of the Mechanical division, had sent Cooper down to the generator to check what the problem was. Juliette punched Cooper while asking him to back off and let her handle the situation. After the problem was temporarily solved, Knox asked Juliette to take the day off and come back to him once she was a bit sober and had the capacity to understand things and have a conversation.

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What Does Mayor Ruth Get To Know About Juliette?

Mayor Ruth Jahns wanted to know more about Juliette, and that is why, together with Deputy Marnes, she went on a quest to find people who knew her and ask them what they thought of her. The mayor believed that she would get to know something about her that would make her understand why Holston had chosen her to be the next sheriff. Deputy Marnes was of the opinion that Sheriff Holston was in a chaotic state of mind during his last days in Silo, and that is why he made that strange decision of making Juliette the next Sheriff. But Mayor Ruth believed in Holston, and she knew that he would have seen something in Juliette that would have convinced him that she would make a great sheriff. Mayor Ruth went to the IT division to meet Tim Robbins, as he had intel and statistics about each and every individual living in the Silo. He told Ruth that Juliette was a thief who had earlier stolen some tapes from him and was not worthy of being trusted. Ruth and Marnes then went to meet Dr. Pete Nicols, Juliette’s father, to learn about her childhood and why she chose to become an engineer. There was a discomfort that could be seen on Pete’s face when he was asked questions about his daughter. He hadn’t met her in a long time, and we realized that he was hiding some information from the mayor and deputy. Dr. Pete told Ruth that Juliette was always fascinated by machines, and the fact that she could fix something gave her a lot of satisfaction. Juliette knew that, as of now, she couldn’t fix the broken world, so she found solace in repairing machines and channeling all her frustration and disappointments there. Ruth and Marnes also met Sims, from the Judicial Division, on their way. Sims told them that, according to him, Paul Billings was the right choice for the next sheriff, but obviously, Ruth was not convinced by it. There had always been a lot of conflict between Ruth and the Judicial, and neither of them liked each other. Ruth didn’t like being told how to do her work, and the Judicial had a knack for poking into each and every matter and often going beyond their jurisdiction in their day-to-day functioning. Mayor Ruth also met her old friend, Martha, as she knew that Juliette was quite close to her. Ruth finally met Juliete in Episode 3 and got to know firsthand what she was capable of and the kind of person she was. Ruth was impressed by Juliette’s resilience, determination, and courage, and she knew that Holston had made the right choice, as always.

Does Juliette Become The Sheriff?

The generator had not been working properly, and the engineers somehow just kept it running. Juliette knew that they had to stop it and mend it before it was too late. The problem was that the generator was never stopped in the history of Silo, and that is why Knox didn’t want to be the first Mechanical head under whom this debacle happened. But Juliette told him that if they did not repair the generator, they might be at risk of losing electricity forever. Meanwhile, Mayor Ruth came with her offer, but Juliette told her upfront that she was skeptical about the whole sheriff thing and didn’t know if she would be able to take the responsibility. Ruth left the Mechanical division together with Marnes, and that’s when Hank noticed something engraved on the back of the batch of Sheriff Holston that Ruth had handed over to Juliette. We are not shown what was engraved on it, but it was enough to convince Juliette to accept Ruth’s offer and become the next Sheriff of Silo. Juliette told Ruth that she just had one condition: she wanted Ruth’s permission to close the generator and try to repair it. Ruth agreed to it, and it was announced that there would be a power cut for 8 hours the next day. The citizens of Silo were scared, as they had never witnessed such a situation in their lifetime.

Juliette, Cooper, Knox, and all the other engineers working at the Mechanical division risked their lives, and they were able to repair the generator, though at one point in time, it felt like they were going to fail, and the generator would explode. Juliette almost died as she went to the opening of the containment chamber and sprayed water on it so that the temperature decreased, and Cooper got a little more time to fix the blade of the generator. Knox knew that nobody except Juliette could have pulled it off, and he also knew that he would miss her presence and her expertise at the Mechanical division. Juliette completed all the formalities and took over the position of sheriff, not knowing the kind of conflicts that she would have to face in the future.

Is Mayor Ruth Dead Or Alive?

We got to know in episode 3 that Deputy Marnes and Mayor Ruth liked one another for a very long time. It was one of those love stories where fate had taken them in different directions, but fortunately, life had given them another chance. Mayor Ruth felt confident about Juliette, so much so that, for the first time in her life, she actually entertained the thought of retiring from her post and handing over the reins to someone else. Deputy Marnes adored Ruth, but he never expressed his love for her. When the lights were out, the two shared an intimate moment and promised that they would have each other’s backs till the very end. At the end of “Silo” Episode 3, Mayor Ruth started feeling a bit nauseous, and she went to the restroom while telling Marnes to open a bottle of wine. Marnes heard a heavy thud and realized that something had happened to Ruth. He broke the lock and entered the restroom to find Ruth lying on the floor with blood coming out of her mouth. By looking at Ruth, it felt like she had been poisoned, though Episode 3 leaves us on a cliffhanger and does not reveal what exactly happened to her.

We believe that Ruth wouldn’t be able to recover from whatever had happened to her, and Marnes would have a new mystery to solve in the upcoming episodes. It was the most painful and disheartening space to be in, for Marnes, as he had just confessed his love and started dreaming about a beautiful future together. Marnes realized how unpredictable life was and how it just took a moment to turn everything upside down. The newly appointed Sheriff Juliette had no clue what had happened when she was making preparations to leave the Mechanical division for good, and clearly, she wouldn’t be prepared to handle such a huge case. Things were going to change inside the Silo, and the fate of the residents depended upon the actions of the two factions, which as of now stood in conflict with each other. The head of the Judicial Division, Sims, and the IT head, Tim Robbins, were clearly not in favor of Juliette becoming the Sheriff, and they would try their best to remove her from her position. In the next episodes, we will learn how Juliette plays her cards, how she deals with the internal politics of the Silo, and most importantly, if she is able to cope with the pressure or succumbs to it.

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