Who Killed Deputy Marnes And Mayor Ruth In ‘Silo’? & Why?


Life might have changed after the earth became uninhabitable and people moved inside Silo, but humans remained the same. They still felt the same emotions and had the same curiosity that explorers and pioneers like Columbus and Vasco de Gama had when the mysteries of the world hadn’t been solved yet. There was a fair chunk of people inside Silo who wanted to know more—about their history, what was beyond the walls of this man-made environment, and if there were others like them out there. Sheriff Holston didn’t have the mindset of an explorer, and he was quite content with the way things were. Contrary to him, his wife had always felt that there was a state secret that normal citizens were not privy to, and over the years, it had been passed on to the people who were in positions of power.

The discovery of the drive was a breakthrough that Allison was waiting for, and after that, she just couldn’t stop herself from going out. Her death changed something inside Holston, and he started looking for some potential leads that would lead him to uncover the truth. Deputy Marnes was Holston’s faithful ally, and apart from the professional relationship, both had a lot of mutual admiration and love for each other. Deputy Marnes didn’t have a lot of people with whom he felt close, and that is why he became a complete wreck after Holston died. Deputy Marnes needed to find the truth, and he found an ally in Mayor Ruth Jahns, who also wanted to know what Holston had come to know that brought about such a huge change in his intrinsic beliefs and ideologies. Mayor Ruth and Marnes believed that the Holston they knew would have never committed such a reckless act and questioned the integrity of the authorities, which is why they felt that someone must have influenced him.

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What Did Mayor Ruth Find Out About Juliette?

One more thing that surprised everybody was that Holston had named Juliette, a girl from the mechanical division, as his successor. The obvious choice was a man named Paul Billings, for whom the IT head, Bernard Holland, and Sims from the Judicial Division vouched. But Mayor Ruth didn’t want to make an uninformed decision, which is why she went to the lower levels to meet Juliette in person. Coincidentally, the generator that supplied electricity to the entire Silo was having some problems, and when Ruth and Marnes reached the mechanical division, they saw how Juliette risked her life and stopped a catastrophe from happening. Ruth was impressed by her efforts, and more than that, she respected Holston so much that she felt like trusting his instincts and, for once, taking a chance with Juliette. We also got to know that Mayor Ruth and Marnes loved each other, and though they had never gotten a chance to express their feelings, the love and the longing to be together had not faded.

Maybe it was the recent tragedies that made Ruth realize how unprecedented life was, and it was then that she made up her mind to tell Marnes how much he meant to her. Marnes and Ruth shared a beautiful moment, and they had started entertaining the possibility of a future together when, unfortunately, there was a vicissitude of fortunes that entirely changed the course of the narrative. Mayor Ruth got poisoned, and she died even before she could swear in the next sheriff. Marnes was still coping with the loss of his friend when Ruth also left his side, and he was thrown into a state of mental anguish. Marnes made it his mission in life to find out who had killed Mayor Ruth. He also realized one thing: the poison was meant for him and not for Mayor Ruth. The newly appointed sheriff, Juliette, requested that Marnes let her station one of her deputies in front of his quarters, but Marnes didn’t let her. Marnes was soaked in vengeance, and he wanted to kill the perpetrator with his own hands. But things were not as simple as they seemed, and there was a bigger game being played by the power generators that citizens like Marnes had no clue about.

Who Was Behind Deputy Marnes’ Murder? And Why? 

An unknown person had broken into Marnes’ house, and after a deadly struggle, the perpetrator was able to get the better of the old deputy, whom he shot and killed in his own living quarters. Juliette had her suspicions about Patrick Kennedy at first, but when she found that he was being framed by someone in the judicial division, her beliefs changed. She realized that whoever was behind it wanted her to believe that Kennedy was at fault. Juliette had found that somebody had planted fake evidence at Kennedy’s house to make it look like he was behind the murders of Marnes and Ruth, but what they didn’t know was that he no longer lived in his old house and had started living somewhere else a long time ago. Douglas Trumbull from the judicial branch had poisoned Ruth’s drink, broken into Marnes house that night, and killed him in cold blood. But Douglas was not the kind of man who would formulate such a big plan and try to execute it on his own accord. His reins were being pulled by none other than Robert Sims.

We had our doubts about Sims from the very beginning, as he had a lot of ideological differences with Mayor Ruth. But Ruth was never his target, as he knew that even if she had conflicting views, she was not a threat to him. Sims wanted to kill Marnes because we think that he would have known that if the man had come to know about the reality and the treacherous game that the leaders were playing, he would have raised his voice. Considering that he was somewhat respected, he would have been able to stir a lot of emotions in the general public. We believe that Sims was not the only one who was playing this dirty game, and there were others who were in it with him. We don’t know if there was life outside Silo or not, but we do believe that there was something outside that these people didn’t want the residents to know about. They were scared of a rebellion, and by hook or by crook, they just wanted to keep the people under the delusion that whatever they were doing was in their best interests.

Towards the end of Silo Episode 5, Martha reminded Juliette that curiosity killed the cat and that she should just resign from her post and come back to the mechanical division, where she belonged, but Juliette knew that she wouldn’t be able to do that. She knew that she was very close to finding the truth, and she had made up her mind that she wouldn’t stop unless she knew who was the mastermind behind the murders, and what exactly their motive was.

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