‘Silo’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Are Bernard’s Real Motives?


In seventh episode of Silo, Juliette got hold of some crucial information that was kept a secret from the common people, but she knew that a few pieces of the puzzle were still missing. She was not leaving any stone unturned, but still, there were times when she felt directionless and didn’t know who to put her trust in. Her judgments were not always correct, and we had seen that in the case of Paul Billings. Just because Sims and Bernard vouched for Paul in the beginning, she considered him as a threat, but he proved to be the most loyal ally she could ask for. So, let’s find out what revelations are made in Silo episode 8 and if Juliette is able to get closer to the truth.

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What Was Hanna Trying To Do With The Microscope?

In a flashback sequence, we saw that Hanna had gotten a rabbit and planned on doing an experiment on it. Hanna and Pete’s son had died because he had a hole in his heart, and the parents were never really able to move on from that traumatic incident. While Pete went into a shell of his own and drowned himself in work, Hanna, on the other hand, was way too restless to just sit and not do anything, and so she set out on a quest to find a cure for the disease. Using whatever she could get in Silo, Hanna created a microscope, which she used to study the anatomy of animals. For some reason, microscopes and magnifying glasses above a certain potency were prohibited, and Juliette and Hanna could never understand why it was so. They didn’t know that the people running the Silo wanted the residents to stay ignorant because they knew that a curious mind could create a lot of problems for them. They wanted people to believe that there was nothing in this world other than what they saw in the Silo, which was probably the biggest lie that they could tell. These powerful people really felt threatened when any individual got the faintest idea about how life on Earth had been before the catastrophe struck and made the Earth inhabitable.

One day the agents from the Judicial came to Hanna’s house and started searching for her microscope. Hanna had only told Juliette and Pete about her creation, and she believed that it was Pete who had informed the Judicial about it. Hanna was not only angry with her husband, but she was disappointed to know that he could backstab her in such a manner. Pete kept saying that it was not him who had told the Judicial about it, but Hanna never took him for his word. The thing was that Pete was a law-abiding citizen, and he liked doing things by the book, which is why, by default, the suspicion fell on him. Even when the agents had come to search their house, Pete was just trying to convince Hanna to give them the microscope, as he knew the consequences of going against authority. Till the time Hanna took her last breath, she believed that Pete was the one who had given the intel to Judicial, and that was probably the biggest regret he had in the present day. Dr. Pete Nichols had a cathartic moment when Juliette told him in episode 8 that she knew that he had not told Judicial about her mother’s microscope. That’s when Juliette showed him how there were cameras fitted inside the mirrors in each and every room of the Silo. Pete felt that somebody had released a huge burden from his shoulders, and for the first time in a long while, he hugged his daughter and cried profusely.

Juliette had been under the radar of the Judicial since the time she covered the mirror in Gloria’s hospital ward. They were searching for her in the entire Silo, and they also conducted a search at the police station. According to the Pact, a search order for a place like a police station could only be issued in rare situations, and this particular one did not qualify for that. Paul Billings told Juliette that the Judicial was violating a law of the Pact, and that’s when she got an idea about how she could counterattack her nemesis. Juliette straightaway went to the floor where the judicial division was situated and arrested Sims on the charges of not following the protocol and going against the law of the Pact. Sims told her that she would have to pay a huge price for going against him, but Juliette didn’t care about the consequences, and all she wanted was to put Sims behind bars.

What Were Bernard Holland’s Real Motives?

Nobody had come for Hana’s funeral, and Juliette had since wanted to find out what the reason behind her death was. Juliette had the hard disc in her possession, and she tried to see what was inside it. But the hard disc was protected by a password, and she knew that it contained some vital information or secrets as Sims was desperate to get it back in his possession. When Juliette realized that it didn’t open in her father’s computer system, she decided to go to the mechanical division and get Martha’s help to break the code. Martha got paranoid when Juliette didn’t arrive for the longest time, as she had gotten a message from Dr. Pete that Juliette was going to meet her at a specified time. Sims had increased the security inside the Silo, and that is why it became very difficult for Juliette to cross all those toll checks without being recognized. She was trying to cross one when the guard present there told her that she couldn’t allow her to pass without a proper security check. Fortunately, Bernard Holland arrived just at the right time, and he took Juliette with him.

The biggest revelation was made at the end of Slio episode 8, when Bernard Holland told Juliette that Judge Meadows was not afraid of Sims, but it was he who was controlling the reins. Bernard Holland was the one who was running the show, and Sims, Meadows, and every other person was acting on his orders. As soon as Bernard got to know that Juliette had arrested Sims, he personally went there to make sure that he was released with immediate effect. Sims and Bernard came with their guards, and they took Juliette into custody. Though they took the hard drive, they knew that Juliette was the kind of person whom they would not be able to keep quiet for a long time, and that’s why they hatched a plan to get rid of her permanently. Bernard wanted to send Juliette out for cleaning, and so they pretended that she had said that she wanted to go out. Sims corroborated whatever Bernard had claimed, and so the charges were believed to be true since, according to the law, only two witnesses needed to testify in such a case. Paul Billings and his officers were taking Juliette to the prison when Sims got triggered by something that Juliette said, and he ended up assaulting her. Paul was suffering from the syndrome, and his hands started shaking midway through, and capitalizing on the opportunity, Juliette pushed him aside and jumped down from one of the levels.

We are sure that Juliette will survive, but for how long she will be able to run and hide from the Judicial and Bernard Holland is something that we will have to see in the upcoming episodes. Juliette had never imagined in her wildest dreams that Bernard could be behind all that was happening inside the Silo. The people of Silo thought that they were living in a democratic setup, but in reality, the system couldn’t have been more autocratic. Information was withheld, lies were spread, and privacy was violated, all because the leadership wanted to remain in power and control the lives of the people present. We believe that Juliette would be ultimately sent out to clean, and it would be interesting to see if she is able to divulge some secrets and find some trace of life outside the Silo.

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