‘Silver And The Book Of Dreams’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Liv Stop Anabel Scott?


Directed by Helena Hufnagel, Silver and the Book of Dreams is the story of a young girl named Liv who finds out that she could go inside her dream world and literally have control over what was happening there. The film is based on the novel written by Kerstin Gier, and it entertains the fascinating possibility of what would happen if we had the power to see what a person dreamed. So, let’s find out what happened in Silver and the Book of Dreams film and if our protagonist was able to overcome the obstacles and figure out what was happening to her.

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Why did Liv have lucid dreams?

Liv and Mia came to London from Germany to stay with their mother. Their father died in an accident sometime back, and the girls were rather surprised that she had moved on and started living with another man named Ernest. Ernest had two kids of his own, Florence and Grayson, from his first wife, and after an awkward family dinner, Liv and Mia didn’t know for how long they would be able to put up with the charade. We saw in Silver and the Book of Dreams that Liv had these lucid dreams, and at times, they seemed way too real. She saw herself trapped inside a snow-covered lake, and she didn’t understand what the meaning of it was. Liv was unable to sleep on the first night, and she went downstairs to drink something when she noticed a green door, which she hadn’t noticed earlier. She opened it, and it felt like her subconscious mind took her to a parallel realm, and she didn’t know if it was happening in reality or if she was just dreaming about it. She saw Grayson and his three friends, Arthur, Henry, and Jasper, in the Highgate Cemetery doing some sort of ritual and talking about a girl named Anabel Scott. The boys saw Liv, and they came and met her. Grayson said that Liv was in his dream, as she was wearing his hoodie. Suddenly, Arthur exclaimed that Liv was the chosen one. Liv was not understanding anything, and she thought that the guys were playing some sort of game with her. The dream ended, and Liv woke up in her bed, but to her surprise, when she went to school, the guys remembered her, and she realized that what she saw yesterday was not just a dream. The guys told Liv that she was a natural dreamer, i.e., she could transcend into the subconscious realm without performing any sort of ritual. They also didn’t understand how she had that power, but they knew that she was now a part of the clan, even if no one wanted her to be.

What was the Book of Dreams?

The boys invited Liv over to Arthur’s party as they wanted to tell her what they were doing and how it started in the first place. Arthur was dating a girl named Anabel, and the Book of Dreams had existed in her family for generations. She told the guys that they would have to perform certain rituals to enter other people’s dreams. The book said that the primary requirement was that the group should consist of boys and one maiden. After the initiation ritual was conducted, Anabel had gone missing, and the boys had no clue where she had gone. That night in Silver and the Book of Dreams, the four of them performed a ritual where they had to write a wish on a piece of paper and then burn it down. Jasper wrote that he wanted to be a professional basketball player; Arthur wrote that he wished to be with Anabel again; Grayson said that he wanted to become the school president; Henry didn’t say his dream out loud, but we realized that he asked for a girl like Liv; and lastly, Liv wrote that she wished to talk to her father one more time.

The dreams of all five of them came true, but the downside was that their respective nightmares also started coming true with it. Though Jasper played basketball, his hand got fractured; Arthur’s sister, Persy, died of a drug overdose; Grayson had to bear the embarrassment when someone came and pulled down his pants when he was giving a speech after he became president; and Henry’s little sister was abducted by her abusive mother. Liv went through the Book of Dreams time and again as she believed that there would be a way to stop the nightmares, and that is when she realized that a page had been ripped off the book. She realized that someone didn’t want them to read what was mentioned on that page, but Liv was not ready to give up before she found that out.

Who tore the pages from the Book of Dreams?

In Silver and the Book of Dreams, Liv received a courier from Anabel, and it had a bracelet that belonged to the former. In the dream world, if a person wanted to enter another person’s dream, they needed to have some object that belonged to the other person. As soon as Liv wore that bracelet, she was able to enter Anabel’s dream, and she finally met the fabled girl. Anabel told her that it was Arthur who didn’t want anybody to know about the cure, and he tore the page from the Book of Dreams and hid it in a boat stationed in his dream world. Liv took Anabel for her word, and her beliefs were strengthened even more when she managed to enter Arthur’s dream and actually found the missing page there. It was written on the missing page that once everybody’s nightmares came true, whoever sacrificed the maiden on the blood moon night would get the power to enter the dream of any person they wished to forever. Arthur told Liv earlier that he knew where Anabel was and kept it a secret for a reason. He said that Anabel liked staying in the dream world more than she liked staying in reality. Arthur said that, after a point in time, Anabel couldn’t understand if she was dreaming or if she was in the real world. One time, she tried jumping off a bridge because she believed that she was in the dream world, and had she been successful in doing that, she wouldn’t have been alive. Anabel was getting treated in a psychiatric hospital, and though Arthur knew its address, he said that it was best if he dealt with her alone.

Liv got to know which hospital Anabel was in through Henry, as Arthur, probably by mistake, had told him about it back in the day. Liv found Anabel, and she made her escape from the hospital. That’s when the big reveal was made in Siver and the Book of Dreams, and it shocked Liv beyond any measure. It was Anabel and not Arthur who tore the pages from the Book of Dreams, and Liv realized that if she didn’t do something quickly, she would end up losing her life.

Was Liv able to stop Anabel Scott?

Anabel Scott had figured out that the maiden had to die in order to give a person the power to transcend the dreamworld of any individual across the globe. But the problem was that Anabel herself was the maiden, and so she tore the page and waited for the day when another maiden came into the group. Once she realized that Liv had taken her place, she framed Arthur and made sure that Liv believed in her narrative. When Liv came to take Anabel to the hospital, the latter knocked Liv off and entered her dream. She was going to crash the car as she knew that Liv wouldn’t survive it as she was the maiden, and she would get up from her slumber in the real world. Liv told her that she would jump off the bridge, but Anabel was wicked enough to know that she would not resort to something like that. Anabel threatened her and said that she would torture her sister, Mia, in her dreams if Liv didn’t sacrifice her own life. But before that could happen, Liv lost balance and she fell off the bridge.

During Silver and the Book of Dreams‘ ending, Liv entered Mia’s dream, talked to her father, and dived into the snow-covered lake, but at the very last moment, she also pulled Anabel along with her. Liv was able to destroy the Book of Dreams, and she woke up together with Anabel in the real world, where the guys were anxiously waiting for her. Everything came back to normal, and the impact of all the nightmares was reversed.

Why did Liv see the green door again?

After we believed that the storm was over, another twist came into the scheme of things, and Liv saw the same green door that was used to enter the dream world. The Book of Dreams had been destroyed, and she just couldn’t fathom how she could still see the door. It was possible that she never woke up from her slumber and that she was just dreaming that everything had come back to normal. Maybe she was still stuck in the ice-cold lake with Anabel in Mia’s dream. Another possibility could be that there was more than one Book of Dreams, as we saw Arthur entertaining the thought when the guys got to know that Liv could go inside the dreamworld without performing any ritual. Maybe performing rituals was not the only way to have lucid dreams, and there were other powers at play that Liv and the guys didn’t know about. At this juncture, it is difficult to say anything with certainty, as the makers could take the narrative in any possible direction. Silver and the Book of Dreams left us on a cliffhanger, and it is possible that we see a sequel to it, though there hasn’t been any official word from the makers. As for Liv, she still had a lot to figure out, and probably, in the times to come, she would have to once again go back into the subconscious realm and face the challenges.

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