‘Single All The Way’ Summary & Ending, Explained – What Peter Gets For Christmas?


It is not new for people to think that two best friends should probably date. Especially not when it involves two gay men who have shared an apartment for the past nine years! At least that’s what all straight people think about their homosexual friends. But is that what’s in store for Peter and Nick? Or is Peter going to spend another Christmas as a single man? ‘Single All The Way’ is a Netflix original, Christmas romantic comedy directed by Michael Mayer. Are you curious about how Peter’s dating life takes shape? Let’s find out. 

‘Single All The Way’ Plot Summary

Peter is an L.A.-based social media strategist who has not had great luck with dating. As no guy has stuck around for more than 2-3 months in his life, Peter has spent every Christmas as a single man. Having a strenuous job in addition to all his miseries, the only thing Peter loves about L.A. is his best friend and flatmate Nick. While Peter has his precious houseplants, Nick, who is a children’s book author, has a lovable dog named Emmett. 

Being friends in the city for nine years, the two throw a pre-Christmas party every year to celebrate the anniversary of their friendship. This year, Peter brings a date named Tim, who appears to be a very busy cardiologist. However, on one of his repairing gigs as a Taskrabbit, Nick discovers that Tim has been cheating on Peter as he already has a wife. Devastated, Peter breaks up with him. However, afraid to go visit his family for Christmas single, as usual, Peter insists on Nick pretending to be his fake boyfriend in front of them.

Ho, ho, ho!

Despite resisting the idea, Nick agrees to the plan. Even so, before the two could establish their fake relationship, Peter’s mother Carole (Christmas Carole, as she prefers) sets up a blind date for Peter. Much to his shock, Nick, too, insists he go on this date and see this guy! 

Peter’s family is quite amusing – his adorable parents, jolly sisters with their husbands and children, and his eccentric Aunt Sandy with a not-so-successful acting career. Having been friends with Peter, his family welcomes Nick wholeheartedly. 

A Blind Date

When Peter finally meets his blind date, James, he is surprised to find him to be an attractive gym trainer. The two go on a date where Peter has an incredible time. On the other hand, as Nick spends time with Peter’s family, his father and nieces keep hinting that he and Peter should be together as a couple. However, Nick reaffirms that they are just good friends and that all straight people think that two gay best friends are always a couple. Despite his efforts to convince them otherwise, Peter’s family remains persistent. 

On his second date, James takes Peter skiing (after all, the sky is the limit!). To his surprise, all Peter talks about throughout their date (even more than his beloved plants) is his friend Nick. Having a tiresome job in L.A. as opposed to an incredible time in his hometown, Peter decides to settle down in New Hampshire itself. Nick understands that this means Peter would continue dating James. Though Nick realizes that he is going to miss his friend dearly, he agrees to whatever will make his friend happy. 

Shaving Cream

One day, amidst his holidays, Peter receives a call from his boss Lachlan for an urgent shoot. He is asked to look for real-life people instead of influencers to promote a shaving cream brand. Stressed about not being able to find models amidst the holidays, Peter’s father suggests Nick be his model. However, the ulterior motive has been to get the two to spend time together, which works out! When James calls Peter for a date right after the shoot, Nick encourages him to go. 

But Peter’s family has different plans. While Peter’s sister tries her best to disrupt his date, his nieces get Nick to confess his feelings for Peter. And he does! Nick realizes that he has been in love with Peter all this while. But he was scared to confess in case the feelings are not mutual. 

The Nativity Play

While everyone in the family awaits Secret Santa, Aunt Sandy prepares all the children for the Nativity Play rather stiffly. Peter’s nieces see an opportunity and come up with a plan. They decide to ask Peter and Nick for their help with the play so that they can spend more time with each other. Despite being flatmates for nine years, the festive season changes the chemistry between the two friends with an air of romance!

Finally, the day of the great Nativity play arrives. While the play turns out to be a bit of a disaster, Peter and Nick share some heartwarming moments. James sees this and realizes that the two friends are meant for each other. 

‘Single All the Way’ Ending Explained – A Happily Ever After!

The next day, Nick confesses his feelings for Peter. Considering several things and the fact that he wants to settle in New Hampshire, Peter is left confused.

On his date with Peter, James tells him that they should not be together because he clearly has feelings for Nick. Peter, who has now rushed out to look for his friend, finds him in an empty store near his. Nick tells him that he got him a property where he can start a plant store like he always wanted to. While surprised by the best Christmas present that he ever received, Peter asks Nick to move with him to New Hampshire. Nick agrees to leave L.A. and move in with Peter. The two express their love for each other and share a heartwarming kiss. 

On the day of Christmas, Nick announces to Peter’s family that he has finally completed the sequel of his book. The ending of the book reads that Peter, Nick, and Emmett move to New Hampshire to live happily ever after!

Single All The Way is a 2021 Romantic Drama film directed by Michael Mayer. It is streaming on Netflix.

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