‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Contestants List: Meet The New “Hopeful Singles” Of Netflix’s Dating Show


There was a lot that happened in the premiere episodes of Netflix’s new dating show, Single’s Inferno. There were a total of 11 contestants on Inferno 1 and 2 combined. It was probably the first time that there were two infernos, and the creators kept it as a surprise till the very end. So, let’s try to know who these people are, what they are looking for, and who they bonded with.

Kim gyu-ri

The moment Kim Gyu Ri, who was a professional model, set foot on the island, all the contestants, including the girls, felt that she would be the first preference for all the guys. But the problem with Kim Gyu Ri was that she was too shy, and because she didn’t interact with anybody a lot, people misunderstood her as rude and arrogant. I personally believe that people like Kim Gyu Ri take some time to open up, but once they find their comfort zone, there is no stopping them. At the second couple-matching task, she partnered up with Park Min-kyu, and we saw a very different side of her. The moment where we realized that Gyu-ri was playing to her advantage was when she didn’t choose Min-woo and decided to go with Min-kyu. She had spent an entire day with Min-woo, but something inside her told her that Min-kyu would have a more entertaining personality. If Gyu-ri keeps on trusting her instincts she will definitely find a person who understands her.

Choi Hye-Seon

We have to say that Choi Hye-seon had the most charming and positive aura, in my opinion. The best part about her was that she understood what she wanted and where she stood. She was extremely realistic in her approach, and we saw how she had no issues accepting the fact that Gyu-ri was probably better than her and the guys would go for her first. But the guys saw something in her, and she ended up going on her first visit to Paradise with Gwan Hee. Hye-seon was doing her major in life sciences at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, and this aspect also added to her charm. She was not only good-looking and confident, but she was an extremely intelligent girl. In the upcoming episode, we do see her making a lot of new connections and finding that one person who adores her.

An Min-young

An Min Young was a Pilates studio director, and from the word go, we realized how cheerful she was, and there was always a smile on her face. We got to know a bit about her when she went on a date with Jin-Seok, where they both had a great time. The judges were a bit surprised at how fast things were moving between them and how they became physically intimate during the stay. Jin-seok, at the end of the third episode of Single’s Inferno, did accept the fact that he really liked Min-young’s presence and was looking forward to spending a lot of time with her. We still haven’t gotten a lot of Min-young, and in the subsequent episodes, we will get to know the kind of person she was.

Choi Min-woo

The moment I saw Choi Min-woo, I assumed that he was the one who was going to get the most votes from girls. He was tall, he had a puppy face, and his personality was just the right mixture of manliness and tenderness. But he was probably the most disappointing of the lot, as he wasn’t able to go to Paradise even once. Choi Min Woo spent an entire day with Gyu-ri, and she still went ahead and picked Min-kyu, and it probably made the former realize that he needed to change the way he was doing things. Min Woo needs to open up and put his heart out, as otherwise he wouldn’t be able to establish any sort of bond with the girls.

Lee Jin-Seok

Lee Jin-seok was an entrepreneur, and he owned several cafes in his hometown. He was a confident man, but it seemed that, at times, he was way too reserved. He did open up to Min-young when he went to Paradise, and he also felt strongly attracted to her, but I don’t know if he was able to make the latter feel the same way. Jin-seok is on the right track, but I think he needs to be more active and expressive, and he needs to break the stereotype that the girls have about him when they look at his buff physique.

Lee Gwan-hee

Lee Gwan Hee took all the limelight, at least in the first three episodes of Single’s Inferno. Not only did he surprise the judges but also his peers, as he went to Paradise twice when everybody at the beginning expected him to be the one who would be rejected. Gwan-hee was a professional basketball player, and he knew how to break the ice and how to make a conversation. Hye-seon had a great time with him, but his chemistry with Yun Ha-jeong was just something else. Gwan-hee was very sure about the fact that he needed to interact with everybody, and he just couldn’t come to a conclusion after going on a date with a girl just once. When he went to the second inferno, he made sure that he talked to Ha-jeong and Yu Si-eun, both so that he got an idea of who he wanted to go with. Luckily, Ha-jeong also chose her, and from there on, it was just a fun ride for both of them. Firstly, he was teasing her and passing sarcastic comments, and there did come a point where I personally felt that he offended her. But Gwan-hee pulled the strings just at the right time, and he was able to take the situation under control.

Yun Ha-jeong

Yun Ha-jeon was a vibrant girl, and she knew how to play her games. Had it been any other girl, she wouldn’t have been able to match up with the energy of Gwan-hee, but Ha-jeong was a step ahead of him. Their banter was probably the best thing in the three episodes combined. They teased each other like best friends, but later they also said some really meaningful things about each other. That trajectory was something that we didn’t see coming, and it was wholesome to see them having a good time together. As of now, it is difficult to say if they will have something in the future or not, but we cannot deny that the potential is clearly there. Yun Ha-jeong is entertaining; she is vivacious, and her charm, combined with that mischievousness, makes her someone to look out for in the episodes to come.

Son Won-ik, Haa-Bin, and Yu Si-eun

We didn’t get to know a lot about these three, especially Haa-bin, who had nothing going his way. Won-ik and Si-eun still talked, and there was a connection I felt was happening between them, but still, there was a lot to figure out for both of them. We believe that had Gwan-hee shown a little bit more interest in Si-eun, she would have definitely chosen him to be her partner. We believe that somewhere, Si-eun felt subdued, and she started playing really safe, and she probably chose Won-ik because she knew that, as of then, she didn’t have any other option. As for Won-ik, he seemed like a really shy person, and though this one time the odds went in his favor, he needs to express himself in the future so that people do not misunderstand him. I felt bad for Haa-bin, and I hope that he picks up his game in the fourth episode of Single’s Inferno Season 3 and makes some kind of connection with a girl.

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