‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Ending & Finale Recap: Who Did Gwan Hee End Up With?


There were people who found true love in Single’s Inferno season 3, and there were a few who had the most terrible heartbreaks. It was a roller coaster ride, and there were a few people whose journey kept us hooked through the show. The one main issue we had with the show was the length of the episodes. We understand that the makers were releasing only two episodes per week, and they wanted to stuff as much information as they could, but still, I felt that it could have been better edited, and a lot of information could have been skipped. So let’s find out who ended up with whom, what some of the most interesting stories that we got to witness were, and who, unfortunately, were not able to find a partner.

Who did Gwan Hee end up with?

My first impression of Lee Gwan Hee was that he had a superiority complex, and at times, he was way over the line, and the girls were not going to like him. But guess what? He got the most attention, and till the end of Single’s Inferno season 3, there were three girls who wanted to end up with him. I can’t deny the fact that Gwan Hee had his charm, but still, there were times when it was very difficult to understand why somebody like Yun Ha Jeong wanted to be with him so badly. The first time Gwan Hee went to paradise with Choi Hye Seon, they struck a chord. But then there was a twist: Ha-jeong came into the picture, and he suddenly felt a very strong attraction towards her. They had a very unlikely vibe together, and they kept getting on each other’s case throughout the time they were in paradise together. There were times when Gwan-hee did some very obscure things that I felt should have gotten Ha-jeong angry, but somehow, she kept circling back to him and kept the flame inside her alive.

Unfortunately, Gwan-hee just kept moving away from her, and after Cho Min-ji came into Inferno as the wildcard entry, he became completely sure that he was not going to end up with her. Ha-jeong, till the very end of Single’s Inferno season 3, couldn’t digest that reality, and we saw that, in spite of knowing that he was not going to choose her, she took his name. There came a time during which Gwan Hee was confused beyond any limit as to who he should go with. He was giving a green signal to both the women and raising their expectations. He himself did not know what to do, and he didn’t have the courage to tell the woman how confused he felt.

The Single’s Inferno Alumni and the judges also didn’t understand what Gwan Hee was up to. It could be safely said that Gwan Hee was in the limelight throughout the show, and it was his connections and actions that increased the show’s entertainment value. During the final night, Gwan Hee broke down in front of everybody when he saw Hye Seon crying, and that’s when everybody else realized that his bond with her was the strongest. In the end, Gwan-hee chose Hye-seon, and Min-ji hadn’t imagined in her wildest dreams that he was going to make that choice. Gwan-hee’s journey was the most fascinating of the lot, and clearly, he kept everybody on the edge of their seats. We can say that Gwan-hee didn’t come from a bad place, and he did care that he didn’t hurt the feelings of others. But getting hurt in that kind of dynamics was literally impossible, and probably even he understood that. The judges said that it was probably his endearing finishing acts that did the trick and kept all three girls hooked on him and we couldn’t agree more. 

How did Min-woo and Si-un come close?

Min-woo looked the most promising in the beginning, but the issue with him was that, though he had an appealing personality, he didn’t know how to make conversations. He just sat there in the corner, watching others seize the opportunity. It was probably because he was the youngest of the lot, and personality-wise, too, he was an introvert who was not up to the challenge. Probably the first time in a single’s Inferno, somebody ended up together without even once going to paradise. Min-woo had an equation with Gyu-ri, and there was a point in time when even he felt sure about her. He even went on a date with her, but all that attraction got washed away when Yu Si-eun came into the picture. Before Min-woo, even Si-eun felt that she had an equation with Son Won-ik, but it never materialized. Slowly, Si-eun and Min-woo developed a very strong bond, and neither of them wanted to look any other way. Gyu-ri’s heart broke when she realized that he was not going to choose her, and she got very angry at him as she told him to stay put for a day and be with her. But then, at times, your heart is not in control of your mind, and something similar happened with the coy Min-woo. He made up his mind that he was going to end up with Si-eun, and she also chased him at the end because there was a kind of comfort they shared that they hadn’t experienced with anybody else. Si-eun was a bit shocked when she heard about how young Min-woo was, but she didn’t have any problems with it since he was mature enough to understand her.

Why was Jin-seok so sure about Min-young?

Jin-seok and Min-woo were the first people who went to paradise together with Min-ji, but none of them ended up with her. Jin-seok shared a very strong bond with Min-ji, and there was a moment when he felt he would end up with her, but nothing of that sort happened as soon as An Min Young took charge of things. Min Young wasn’t very sure about Jin-seok, and she didn’t like the way how, in his mind, he had already married her. Jin-seok knew exactly what he wanted. He struck a chord with Min-young, and after that, he didn’t want to explore any other options. Min-young got a bit scared of that surety, and she was just not ready to commit before trying all her options. But with time, she realized that if she didn’t seize the opportunity, then the train would leave the station, and Jin-seok would become the biggest “what if” of her life. Apart from Min-woo, from the very beginning, I was personally very fond of the kind of man Jin-seok was. He was synonymous with the word stability, and it was very attractive to witness how sure he was about what he wanted. I personally believe Jin-seok and Min-young are going to build a very solid foundation for their relationship, and they have probably found their life partner.

Who did not end up with anyone?

Well, it must have felt pathetic to stand there and not be chosen by anyone, but from day one, the way Son Won-ik and Yun Ha-bin were progressing, it was very evident that unless and until luck favored them, they were not going to make it. Now, Won-ik did have one or two feeble connections, but he was never able to leave a long-lasting impact like what Gwan-hee, Jin-seok, or even Min-woo, to some extent, did. Won-ik believed that he shared a very strong connection with Si-eun, but she never really reciprocated that feeling. In the end, he did choose Si-Eun, but he always knew that she was going to go for Min-woo. But we have to give it to him, as it takes a lot of courage to stand in the line when you know that you are going to be rejected. As for Haa-bin, he had a real shot when he went to paradise with Haa-jeong. If he had played his cards well there, Haa-jeong would probably have chosen him. But he behaved in the most absurd manner, and it made Ha-jeong feel that she wasted the opportunity when she could have gone with somebody with whom she could have made a real connection. Ha-jeong and Min-ji were also unlucky at the end of Single’s Inferno season 3, though they both shared something very beautiful with Gwan-hee at one point in time.

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