Sole In ‘Sky High: The Series,’ Explained: Did Sole Kill Mercedes And Fernan At The End Of Season 1?


In the very first episode of “Sky High: The Series,” we witnessed that Sole had taken over the business after Angel died, and though she could comfortably enjoy her privileged life and let her father take care of the business, she wanted to be independent and handle everything on her own. Her business was not making enough profit to pay off her debt, and she realized that she needed to take the help of Angel’s friends to earn some quick cash and make her life easier. She came into contact with Fernan, whom she believed was a friend of Angel’s who had met him when he was in prison, though in reality, Fernan was working for the police. 

From expensive watches to German bonds, Sole didn’t leave anything. She was more fearless than her father, as she knew that if she had to make a name for herself, she would have to be willing to do things that the others wouldn’t dare to. Her father, Rogelio, advised her, again and again, to stay away from the swamp of the criminal world, as once a person entered it, there was no way out. But Sole was determined to live by her decision, and she had confidence in herself that she could handle everything on her own. Sole and Mercedes met after a long time at her son Pablo’s party, and both women decided to work together. Mercedes was a practicing lawyer, and more than that, she was a champion broker who knew a lot of influential people who didn’t mind getting their hands dirty. 

Sole used to give Mercedes stolen assets, and Mercedes used to find probable buyers for them in the black market. Sole knew that the industry she wanted to enter was male-dominated, and the people would be prejudiced against her even before she started dealing with them. The odds were not in Sole’s favor, but still, it didn’t deter her, and she kept making progress despite the multiple obstacles that came her way. Sole had partnered with Mercedes because she knew about her reach and wanted to take advantage of that and start dealing with the big players. Mercedes took her to a creditors meeting where the most powerful and influential businessmen had come to discuss a project that was about to start in Africa. Mercedes told Sole that it didn’t matter to them if her money was black or white, and it was the best place to earn huge profits and launder all the black money. The problem was that the Chinese gang was the major stakeholder in the project, and they didn’t want Sole to be a part of it. The Chinese believed since Angel’s time, that he and Sole had taken their money under the pretext of entering into a deal with them. Sole tried to make them understand that she hadn’t taken any money from them, but they were adamant that unless and until she returned the entire amount with interest, they wouldn’t let her be a part of the Africa project.

Sole’s ambition and desire to be independent drove her and she took on the impossible job of breaking into a museum in Paris and getting the Chinese the artifact that they wanted in addition to returning them the entire sum of money that has gone missing. Even for Rogelio, it was an impossible feat to achieve, but Sole was resilient, and she knew that if she didn’t give up, she would find a way to do the impossible. Rogelio had told Sole quite early in “Sky High: The Series” that Mercedes was planning to backstab her as she made a deal with Duque to give him intel about the Africa project and create a trap for all those who were attending the meeting. But still, Sole didn’t confront Mercedes, as she was waiting for the opportune moment to take revenge on her. It was an opportunity lost for both of them, as they worked quite well in tandem. They had accomplished a lot together, but now, Sole was compelled to set a trap for Mercedes, and she had decided to kill her during the meeting that they were going to attend in Lagos, Nigeria.

Why Didn’t Sole Kill Mercedes And Fernan?

The plan was always to kill Mercedes and let the Colombians deal with Fernan, but in the seventh episode of “Sky High: The Series,” Sole had a change of heart and decided to save both of them. Sole might have committed a lot of crimes, and people could call her a bad person, but she just couldn’t neglect certain things in her life. The time she had spent with Fernan was priceless, and she couldn’t just throw him under the bus. There was no denying that Sole felt extremely hurt when she got to know that he was a police informant, and she even pointed a gun at him in anger. Sole and Fernan looked at each other, and they realized that their love was real, and circumstances might not let them stay together in the future, but they could never do anything to harm one another.

When it came to Mercedes, Sole had arranged for a gun, and she even told her father that she was going to kill her. Mercedes begged Sole for her life, and she told her that she had not gone against her by choice, but she wasn’t left with any options when all the incriminating evidence was taken by the police and presented in front of the judge. Mercedes had to either choose herself or go against Sole and other businessmen to stay out of prison. Any human who would have been in her place would have done the same thing. Sole knew that Mercedes had acted in that manner because she was desperate and had no other options, and if things hadn’t gone haywire, she would not have gone against her. One more factor explaining why Sole didn’t kill Mercedes was that she didn’t want her stepsister, Marta, to know her as the person who killed her mother. She knew that Marta’s life would turn upside down if she killed Mercedes, which is why she took Mercedes on the chartered plane with her and together they escaped from Lagos. 

Sole might have decided to not kill Mercedes and Fernan, but the issue between them was still not resolved, and maybe in the second season of “Sky High: The Series” (if in case the creators decided to give it a green signal), we would come to know if the deception and betrayal further widens the rift that was already created between them or if they forgive each other, consider each other to be the victim of circumstances, and once again start working together.

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