‘Sky High: The Series’ Ending, Explained: What Was Sole’s Secret Plan? What Happened to Fernan and Mercedes?


Directed by Daniel Calparsoro, “Sky High: The Series” is a sequel to the 2020 film of the same name. The events of the series begin sometime after the death of Angel, and we come to know that Sole is now in charge of the business, and she is craving independence and wanting to resurrect Angel’s empire. We had seen in the film that Sole had accepted the fact that her husband loved another woman more than her. She should have been jealous of Estrella, but as a matter of fact, she had made peace with the situation because she knew that she would unnecessarily waste her energies by thinking about something over which she had no control. So let’s see where life leads Sole, what challenges she encounters on her journey, and if she is able to establish her trade supremacy.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Sky High: The Series’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

After Angel’s death, Sole was having a hard time coping with everything. Her father, Rogelio, was there for her, but she wanted to do things without his help. Whenever Rogelio came on board, things had to be done according to his whims and fancies, and Sole’s opinions were not given any weight. We saw in “Sky High: The Series” that she harbored a desire to come out of her father’s shadow and prove to the world that she was capable of rebuilding the empire by herself. Sole was in debt, and she had to find a way to make money quickly, but she was running out of options. She needed the help of someone who understood the ebb and flow of the underworld and had the proper contacts to get her what she wanted. At her son’s birthday party, Sole met Mercedes, who had known the family for a long time and also worked with Rogelio as his legal advisor. Mercedes helped Rogelio and Angel launder their money, and she was pretty good at what she did. She had contacts not only in the judiciary but in almost every other industry. Mercedes knew important and powerful people, and she had brokered a lot of profitable deals for Rogelio before he fired her because he didn’t trust her intentions. Sole liked Mercedes, and she showed her willingness to work with her. Rogelio warned Sole about Mercedes and told her that she was not someone who could be trusted. But Sole had already made up her mind to work with Mercedes and try to multiply her money as quickly as she could to repay all the debts and get freedom from the constant hassle of dealing with her creditors.

Sole met a mysterious man named Fernan in the very first episode of “Sky High: The Series,” who told her that he was Angel’s friend, but in reality, he was a mole who was working for Duque. Fernan was given the job of finding incriminating evidence against Rogelio, but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to get close to Rogelio as the man was skeptical of working with new people. So Fernan decided to win his daughter’s trust and, through her, get to him eventually. Fernan, Motos, and Gitano, together with other members of the gang, started committing small-time robberies for Sole, who then gave all the stolen goods to Mercedes, who found appropriate buyers for them in the black market. But all these robberies weren’t enough for Sole, and she needed something big to repay her debts. Fernan and his boys conducted two subsequent robberies that shook the authorities in Madrid. Rogelio went to meet his daughter when he got to know that she and her gang had put their lives at risk by stealing German bonds and expensive cars, as he wanted to make her understand that what she was doing was not right. When he saw that Sole was too stubborn to understand what the ramifications of her actions could be, he told her why he had asked her not to trust Mercedes. He made her hear a recording in which, even after knowing that her phone was being tapped, Mercedes talked about how Angel was planning to betray the Chinese and steal all their money. Rogelio was of the opinion that because Angel used her as bait, Mercedes wanted to get even and take revenge on him.

Rosa Gets To Know Mercedes’ Secret

The plot thickened even more in “Sky High: The Series” when Sole noticed that a girl working for a delivery service was constantly following her, and she asked Fernan to look into the matter. Fernan followed her for a couple of days and figured out that her name was Rosa and that she was related to Estrella, Angel’s lover, whom we had seen getting killed at the end of the film “Sky High”, which served as a prequel to this series. Rosa was the one who had called Sole from Estrella’s number, and the latter thought that it was the police who had done it. When Sole went to the police station and met Duque, she came to know that the police were not in possession of Estrella’s mobile and had returned it back to her family.

Fernan advised Sole that she needed to go to Rosa’s house and have a conversation with her directly. Sole met Rosa and asked her what she wanted from her. Rosa was under the impression that Sole had murdered her cousin, Estrella, and that is why she was following her in the hope of getting some breakthrough that would lead her to solving the mystery of her cousin’s death. In order to make Rosa believe that she was not behind the death of her sister, she made her hear the same recording of Mercedes talking over the phone call that her father had given her earlier. From that day on, Rosa and Sole became a team, and the former started keeping track of Mercedes’ movements. Rosa delivered food to Mercedes’ house, and she took the opportunity to find out that Mercedes had kept all her secret data in a safe that was kept in her living room. Sole knew that Mercedes was a part of the corrupt system, and she made a lot of unlawful deals in the past with people sitting in high places to get her work done.

Mercedes made sure that she always had some incriminating evidence on the other party, as she wanted to have some leverage if the person with whom she was dealing decided to turn against her. So a lot of evidence in the form of photos, audio recordings, and video recordings was kept in her safe, and Sole realized that she had to find probable cause so that the police could enter the house and collect all that evidence. Rosa found a way to get close to Mercedes’ daughter, Marta, and the two started spending a lot of time together. Sole asked Fernan and his men to break into the house while Rosa stayed with Marta and made sure she didn’t come to know that there were trespassers in her house. Fernan and his gang had broken into the house so that the police could come and search the place under the pretext of investigating a robbery. The police came and took all the storage drives and documents that they found lying there, and Mercedes knew that she would have to do something to save herself from going to prison.

One of the neighbors saw Fernan and his men trespassing on the house, and he called the police. That neighbor took the role of a good Samaritan rather seriously, and he shot Fernan while he was escaping through his compound. Later, in the fifth episode of “Sky High: The Series,” when Rosa went to check on Fernan, she found a document kept on his table that he had taken from Mercedes’ house. That document was a paternity test that Mercedes had gotten done way back when Marta had been born. Rosa figured out that Marta was Rogelio’s daughter, as back in the day, Rogelio had an affair with Mercedes that not many people knew about. Rosa told Marta and Sole what she had found, and it made things even more complicated. Until then, Sole was trying to put Mercedes behind bars, but now that she knew that Marta was her stepsister, she was in a dilemma about what to do.

Sole Strikes A Deal With The Chinese

Mercedes took Sole to an investors meeting where all the big players were present to discuss a venture in Lagos, Nigeria, that was supposedly going to give unimaginable returns. The Chinese, who had accused Angel and Sole of fraudulently taking all their money, were major stakeholders in the project, and they made it very clear that unless and until Sole paid her debt, she wouldn’t be allowed to invest in it. Sole, up until then, believed that the Chinese had taken the money, and after killing Estrella, they were intentionally pinning the blame on her. But when she met them in person, they told her that they wouldn’t want to negotiate with her in the first place if they already had the money, and contrary to what she thought, the Chinese gang had no clue where their money was.

When Sole decided to give their money back, they made another demand and said that merely paying the amount that she had taken wouldn’t suffice and she would have to pay additional interest if she wanted to invest in the Africa project. They wanted Sole to steal an artifact that was kept in a museum in Paris that was stolen by French and British colonizers back in the year 1860 from China.

Fernan believed that the museum was unbreachable and that they shouldn’t commit the mistake of trying to break into it. Meanwhile, Poli had escaped from the prison, and he planned on robbing a consignment of cocaine that belonged to the Colombians. People told him not to make that mistake, but he went ahead with it, and after that, the Colombians made the lives of the people involved in the heist a living hell. Sole negotiated with Mateo and Carmen to spare their lives, and in return, she gave Carmen a business proposal where she could find sellers for the merchandise that she got her and earn great commissions from brokering the deal. Carmen and Mateo agreed, and Poli came to meet Sole and told her that he was ready to do anything for her as she had literally saved his life. Sole asked Poli to break into the Paris Museum and get her the vase so that she could give it to the Chinese gang and be included in the Africa project. Poli delivered just as he had promised, and the Chinese agreed to reconcile with Sole and let bygones be bygones.

‘Sky High: The Series’ Ending Explained What Was Sole’s Secret Plan? What Happened to Fernan and Mercedes?

Sole had decided to go to Lagos with Mercedes even after she came to know that Mercedes had every intention of backstabbing her. Sole had a devious plan in mind, and that is why she asked Mercedes to accompany her. Rosa had come to know that Ferran, who held a high position in the police department, was the killer of her cousin, Estrella. Rosa was constantly trying to reach Sole on her mobile phone to give her the information, but she was not able to reach her. Rogelio called Sole and told her that he had his suspicions about Fernan, and though he wasn’t able to get any substantial evidence that could prove his guilt, he knew that Fernan was working for the police. Duque and his other colleagues wanted to conduct a raid at the event and catch Sole and others red-handed, but the problem was that the concerned minister hadn’t given them permission, and therefore their hands were tied.

Sole asked her father if Ferran had killed Estrella on his orders, but Rogelio denied any involvement in the murder. Rogelio wasn’t telling his daughter the complete truth, as he was well aware of the entire situation, and even though he hadn’t explicitly given Ferran orders to kill Estrella, his culpability couldn’t be denied. Rosa went to the police to complain about Ferran, not knowing he was the chief of police. When Rosa saw Ferran in the police station, she fled without making a formal complaint. Ferran decided to kill Rosa because he knew that as long as that girl was alive, there was a chance that his crimes might come to light. He was about to kill her when Rogelio intervened, and they both started fighting each other. Ferran was about to shoot Rogelio when Rosa got hold of her gun and shot him. Rosa finally took revenge for the death of her sister, though now nobody knew what Rogelio’s involvement was in the entire scheme of things. Marta came to pick up Rosa, and probably for the first time, she made eye contact with her father. The way Rogelio looked at Marta, we realized that he sensed that he was somewhat related to the girl.

Meanwhile, Mateo came and told Sole that the real Fernan was still in jail, and whoever was with her was just an imposter with ulterior motives. The Colombians were very angry after learning that Mercedes had set them up and had given all the information to the police. Sole knew that they would definitely kill both Fernan and Mercedes, and though she had been wronged by them, her conscience didn’t allow her to let them die like that. Fernan accepted the fact that he was working for Duque, and he told Sole that he never intended to hurt her. Fernan had actually fallen in love with Sole, and now he realized that he couldn’t go against her. Sole realized that Fernan and Mercedes had both been victims of the circumstances, and had she been in their positions, she would have acted the same way. This didn’t mean that she had forgiven them in any manner, but she was not so heartless as to leave them to die in Lagos. Sole went to tell Carmen that Mateo knew everything, and as Carmen knew the Colombians, she advised her to call for the chartered plane as soon as possible. Sole, Carmen, Fernan, and Mercedes flew out of Nigeria and made a narrow escape.

Though the danger had been averted for the time being, there were still a lot of unresolved issues and conflicts that Sole would want to discuss with Mercedes and Fernan once they landed in Madrid. What had happened in Africa would surely change the entire dynamics, and it would be interesting to see in the second season of “Sky High: The Series” (if there is one) if Sole decides to trust Mercedes and Fernan once again and what kind of tactics she resorts to in order to stay ahead in the game.

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