‘Sky High’ Season 2: Theories And Expectations – Will Rogelio Accept Marta As His Daughter?


The first season of “Sky High: The Series” left us at a point from where everything was going to drastically change. From the relationship dynamics to the way people perceived Sole, everything was affected by the incident that took place in Lagos, Nigeria. Sole proved that she could handle her problems by herself, and she was a bit more empathetic and forgiving than her father, Rogelio. So, let’s see what direction the lives of the characters could probably take in “Sky High: The Series” Season 2, if there is one, and what kind of game plan Sole resorts to in order to establish her authority.

Spoilers Ahead

Will Rogelio Accept Marta As His Daughter?

Mercedes had never told Rogelio that they had a daughter because she was scared of the reaction he might have. She was apprehensive that he might try harming her or Marta, and that is why, even though she got the paternity test done, she never told Rogelio, or anybody else for that matter, who the father of her child was. Mercedes used to cook up stories whenever Marta became inquisitive and eager to know about her father. When Fernan and his crew came to rob Mercedes’ house, they took a few documents that were kept inside the vault. Rosa found one such document lying on the table when she later went to drop an injured Fernan to the safehouse. She saw that it was a paternity test done by Mercedes sometime back. Rosa did some background research and found out that Rogelio was Marta’s real father. The moment she went and told Marta about it, the girl got even more restless to talk to her father and know how he felt about the entire thing. Marta knew that Rogelio was a dangerous man, and it was not safe for her to confront him. She went to meet Sole instead, as she had this incessant urge to tell her that she was her sister.

In the seventh episode of “Sky High: The Series,” after the entire shootout had happened between Rogelio, Ferran, and Rosa, Marta arrived at the scene to take her friend back with her. For a moment, she made eye contact with Rogelio, and the way he looked at her made us feel that he had realized that she was his daughter. If the creators decide to give a green signal to the second season of “Sky High: The Series,” we might see Rogelio contemplating how he should deal with the situation and whether he should accept her in his life or pretend to be oblivious about the fact. Though Rogelio was a hardened criminal, we believe that he had a soft corner for his family. There is a high possibility that he might want to accept Marta as his family, though we know that by doing so, he would be signing up for a lot of complications in his personal life, as his relationship with Mercedes would come to light. As far as going against Mercedes is concerned, we think that he wouldn’t harm her, as things are now even more complicated because Sole is involved in it. Also, just like Sole, he wouldn’t want Marta to remember him as the guy who killed her mother, so he would probably just let them be.

Will Mercedes Work With Sole?

Mercedes, in the last episode of “Sky High: The Series,” pleaded with Sole to spare her life and save her from the Colombians. Sole didn’t let her go because she felt sympathetic towards her, but because she didn’t want to do something that would scar her stepsister Marta for life. She knew that it wasn’t Marta’s fault that her mother had decided to backstab Sole, and so she shouldn’t be the one to bear the consequences. Sole told Mercedes that Colombians were very angry with her as she had given the intel to the Madrid Police Department about their investor’s meeting that was supposed to happen in Lagos, Nigeria. Sole took Mercedes with her on her chartered plane, and though she had escaped danger, it was not a permanent solution to the problem. In “Sky High: The Series” Season 2 (if the creators decide to make one), Mercedes will have to first make sure that she reconciled with the Colombians, won over their trust again, and then found a way to get back in the groove. It would be difficult for her to regain the trust of Sole, but if she is persistent about it, we feel that they will cross paths once again, primarily because Mercedes didn’t have any vendetta against Sole and had set her up only because she wanted to save her life. Maybe Sole would forgive her in the second season, as she knew that anybody who was in that situation would have done the same thing. Sole and Mercedes were a great team, and they had been able to accomplish a lot in a short span of time. It is a difficult thing to just forgive a person and let bygones be bygones after their actions almost got you killed, but if Sole prioritized establishing her dominion over everything else, then we might see her taking a leap of faith and once again, trusting Mercedes.

Will Sole And Fernan Come Back Together?

There was nothing in Sole’s life that had hurt her as much as Fernan’s betrayal of trust did. Fernan never wanted to harm her, but after Sole found out that he was a police informant, it was impossible for him to make her understand that. Towards the end of the first season of “Sky High: The Series,” Fernan did have a change of heart, and he finally let his feelings take over him and did what his conscience had been telling him to do for a long time. He told Sole that she was going to be arrested by the Spanish police force the next day, and that is why he wanted them to run away from Lagos and go into hiding. Duque and his men had obtained permission from the Nigerian minister to conduct a raid on the hotel where all the investors were staying and arrest those who were guilty of crimes. Before Fernan could confront Sole and tell her the truth himself, she had already learned about him from her father. Ferran, the chief of police, told Rogelio that one of his men was a police informant, and after finding some hidden applications on Fernan’s mobile, Rogelio was sure that he was the snitch.

Fernan did get on the plane with Sole, and it was evident from his body language that he was feeling guilty for breaking the trust of the one person who loved him so much. If the showrunners decide to go ahead with another season, then it would be interesting to see how Sole tackles her feelings and what kind of relationship she has with Fernan in the future. Sole still loved him, but the betrayal had filled her with bitterness. We believe that Sole and Fernan might get back together in the future if the latter remains persistent and proves to her that whatever he felt for her was absolutely real. It might take some time for Sole to trust Fernan once again, but we think that eventually, she will understand why he did what he did.

One of the biggest problems that Mercedes, Sole, Fernan, and others would have to deal with in the second season is that now the Colombians didn’t trust them, and we witnessed what they were capable of. We would love to see Sole resume the role of the Boss Lady if there is a second season of “Sky High: The Series” and control the reins of the male-dominated industry and prove to the world what she is capable of.

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