‘Slasher: Ripper’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Kenneth Find Out About Alaister’s Death?


The fifth season of “Slasher” also titled as “Slasher: Ripper” introduces us to a character named Alistair and takes us inside the dark and dingy alleys of Devil’s Elbow, where boys and girls line up to provide escort services to people. Alistair Simcoe was a privileged man who belonged to the so-called upper class of society, but his actions were not aligned with the kind of background he boasted he came from. He was a lecherous man with twisted sensibilities, and in Devil’s Elbow, people often called him Jack the Ripper. All the pimps in the Devil’s elbow were scared to send their girls to him because they were well aware of his sadistic inclinations. Alistair used to carve the faces of the girls with a knife whom he would spend the night with, and that is why he was finding it extremely difficult to convince anyone to come with him. One night, he was roaming in the alleys looking for prey when a widow, clad in black and covering her face with a veil, arrived in front of him. She tied his hands and tore his clothes. Alistair thought that the widow just wanted to embarrass him by stripping off his clothes, but she had other sinister plans. The widow inserted a twin blade inside him and gave him the most painful death that anybody could ever imagine.

Spoilers Ahead

Kenneth Rijkers, the detective from the Toronto police department, came to the scene and started asking the people if they had witnessed anything happening the other night. Horatio, who was a small-time pimp, met Kenneth and told him that he had no remorse about a predator like Alistair meeting such a fate. The same thing was told to him by Terrance Crenshaw, and Kenneth realized that Alistair was probably a beast who lived a dual life and camouflaged his real intentions around his people. Kenneth then went to meet Alistair’s wife, Regina, who was still in denial and not ready to accept that her husband could do such a thing. She believed her husband to be a nobleman who never indulged in any immoral activities. But deep down, she knew that nobody would have been killed in such a manner if they hadn’t wronged somebody or become the reason for someone’s plight.

The Botticelli Sisters Meet Verdi

It was established in the very beginning of the “Slasher: Ripper” that the Botticelli sisters, Viviana and Venetia, didn’t have a very good reputation when it came to keeping secrets. Their half-sister, Verdi, was coming to meet them all the way from Boston, and they were excited to show her around. They took her to a magic show that was attended by the elites of the society, and that’s when we got to know that Viviana was head over heels for Basil Garvey, though he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Garvey was smitten by Verdi the moment he saw her, and it made Viviana quite jealous. Garvey was actively betrothed to Viviana, but the man was such a pervert that he didn’t care if his actions made her uncomfortable. Georges Rondeau, the magician, was called an occultist by many, and he himself believed that magic was one of the darkest art forms. His show was quite eerie and disturbingly realistic, and it felt like he actually killed the girl whom he was using as a prop in one of the tricks.

After the show, Viviana lost her temper, and was delusional enough to believe that Verdi harbored evil intentions of stealing her man when in reality, Garvey was the one who was chasing her and trying to flirt with her. Viviana slapped Verdi, and the poor girl didn’t realize what she had done wrong. She kept on saying that she had no intention of doing anything with Garvey, but the Boticelli sisters weren’t in a mood to listen to any excuse. Actually, the probable cause was that they couldn’t do anything to Garvey and that is why they needed somebody to take the blame so that they could vent out their anger. Verdi probably realized that she had committed a huge mistake by coming to meet the Boticelli sisters, but now she knew that there was no going back. The poor solid didn’t have anybody to confide in and she felt helpless and trapped with two women who were not ready to embrace the truth.

‘Slasher: Ripper’ Episode 1: Ending Explained: What Did Kenneth Find Out About Alaister’s Death?

From the very beginning of “Slasher: Ripper,” Kenneth knew that Alistair’s death was not just a random murder, though Kashtinsky, his superior, had conflicting views. Kenneth went back once again to the autopsy room to find out anything more he could after re-examining the body. Kenneth observed there was a lump in Alistair’s body, and when he, together with the coroner, cut the skin, they found a piece of paper hidden inside. The killer had intentionally left the note inside the victim’s body to let the law enforcement authorities know that Alistair’s death was the first of many and that everybody who was a friend of a woman named Margaret was on the radar. Kenneth told his boss, Kashtinsky, about everything that he found out, and he was told to immediately go to Mrs. Simcoe’s house and find whatever evidence he could. Kashtinsky met Garvey, and he told him that all those who were present during an incident that happened 12 years ago were apparently in grave danger. A murderer who had the same modus operandi wreaked havoc on the streets of Toronto 12 years ago. The authorities had caught a man whom they believed to be the murderer, but now they were getting to know that they had probably caught the wrong guy, and the murderer was still on the loose.

Kenneth reached Mrs. Simcoe’s house and found that Alistair maintained a journal in which he had kept newspaper cuttings and all the other information about the murders taking place in Toronto, and it felt like the man was conducting a private investigation on Jack the Ripper. The journal also had information about Margaret Mehar, and Kenneth knew that his suspicions were right, and Alistair’s death was premeditated. Though Basil had himself employed Enid Jerkins as the editor of his newspaper, of late he had started feeling that she was unnecessarily sensationalizing things that had the potential to go against them. After reading about the stalker witch in the Echo Tribune, Garvey felt like he would have to take some action and show the people who the boss was. He sent his right-hand man, Eddie, to the Devil’s elbow, where he met Horatio and Terrance Crenshaw. Horatio despised Garvey and considered him a bully who took people’s hard-earned money and preyed upon them. Though a lot of threats were thrown from both sides, nothing much happened in that meeting apart from the fiery exchange of words. Eddie came later to teach Horatio a lesson, but by mistake, he ended up killing Daisy, one of the girls of whom Horatio was very fond.

Towards the end of “Slasher: Ripper” Episode 1, the veiled widow came and killed Horatio, too, in the same brutal manner as she killed Alistair. There were a lot of people with ulterior motives who were trying to take advantage of the situation at hand and make sure that they ended up on the profitable side. Garvey and Kashtinsky knew things that they were not revealing, and probably in the upcoming episodes of “Slasher: Ripper,” we will get some more clarity about what was actually happening, what was the big secret and why the killer was torturing the people who knew Margaret Mehar.

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