‘Slasher: Ripper’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was Enid Jerkins Hiding? Is She Dead?


We got to know in the first episode of “Slasher: Ripper,” Season 5, that a woman named Margaret Mehar had been killed in the exact same manner as Alistair 12 years earlier, and as we had mentioned in the article, the authorities back then believed that they had found the killer. The “Slasher: Ripper” Episode 2 takes us back in time and shows us that while being hanged, Andrew May Sr., the person who was believed to have murdered Margaret, said that the authorities were committing murder and that he was innocent. Enid Jerkins had sensationalized the news with her triggering headlines, and Kenneth couldn’t help but tell her that people like her added fuel to the fire and were also responsible for the violence and bloodshed that was once again taking place in Toronto.

Spoilers Ahead

Enid told Kenneth that Daisy and Horatio were killed by Eddie Jacobs and not the widow, though we knew that it was not true. Eddie did start the attack, but Horatio’s head was severed by the widow. Kenneth was determined to find the truth, and he knew that even if the entire system was against him, he wouldn’t stop unless he found out who the widow was and why she was killing friends of Margaret. 

Regina Simcoe Connects With The Dead

Regina was feeling restless since she had lost her husband, and she, just like Kenneth, knew that the murders were premeditated. She went to Georges Rondeau, the magician, because she knew that man could transcend into the supernatural realm and communicate with the dead. Regina desperately wanted to know the truth. She wanted to know what had happened to her husband on that fateful night and why he was murdered so brutally. Georges told her that he would need a group of women believers to be around when he did the ritual, and that is why he requested the Botticelli Sisters to come to his place and be a part of the entire ceremony.

Back at the Botticelli sisters’ home, the atmosphere was very tense, and they were still mad at Verdi for going behind their backs and trying to woo Garvey, though in reality she hadn’t even done any such thing. Verdi realized that it would be better if she just accepted her fault and apologized for it. Viviana, deep down, knew the kind of man Garvey was, but she was too delusional to accept that fact. When they received a letter from Monsieur Rondeau, they decided one of them would go to attend the ritual, while the other had to stay back as coal delivery was scheduled to arrive that day, and somebody had to be there to receive it. Verdi expressed her concerns about the implications of communicating with the dead, but Viviana told her that she didn’t have to worry about her affairs.

The ritual started, and Rondeau wasn’t able to connect with the spirit of Alistair on the first try. He said that he was encountering a lot of disturbances in the supernatural realm, and that is why he was not able to make a clear contact. Rondeau decided that he would perform a secret calling that he had learned from the Xesibe tribe, called Inwatso, in South Africa, in which he would ask the spirit to possess him and communicate whatever it wanted through him. He began the ritual once again, and surprisingly, the spirit of Alistair, instead of using him as a vessel, possessed Regina. The spirit spoke about how the widow wouldn’t stop unless and until it had claimed six more people and condemned them to a similar fate. Regina came back to her senses, and Rondeau told her that he had never seen such a clear manifestation where the spirit told her exactly in clear words what it wanted. Regina then revealed that she was born with “psychic prowess” and that she knew that she was different from the rest of the people since she used to have these weird feelings about others, where intuitively, she came to know if something bad or good was going to happen with them.

‘Slasher: Ripper’ Episode 2 Ending Explained: How Does Enid Jerkins Die?

The men, who were camouflaging their true intentions in the beginning, slowly revealed their true selves in the second episode of “Slasher: Ripper.” Enid was asked by Garvey to not print anything about the widow and kill the story entirely. Enid said that she had created the hoax of the widow so that Garvey’s truth didn’t come out in the open. Garvey felt like he was being threatened, and he didn’t like the tone in which Enid talked to him. He assaulted her by dipping her face in the ink container, almost choking her to death, and told her that he owned the newspaper and that he had the last say in matters regarding which story had to be printed and which one had to be hidden. But Enid was not somebody who got scared so easily, and she went out in search of the truth. She met Terrence at his establishment and asked him to give her some incriminating evidence that would prove to the world that it was not the widow they needed saving from.

Terrance was too scared to tell Enid anything and go against Garvey, but his colleague wasn’t. Enid got some pictures of Garvey and she knew that if they came into the public sphere, it would tarnish his image and bring his hypocrisy to light. While going back to her home, Enid felt that she was being followed, and she constantly told herself not to be scared of something that didn’t exist. But what Enid didn’t know was that the rumors she had spread to cover the truth had become a reality, and Toronto was actually being haunted by the veiled woman, who didn’t think twice before killing people in the most bizarre fashion. Enid found a cryptic note stuck on one of the doors, and she took it to Kenneth so that he could decipher the ramblings. Kenneth realized that there were some lies that the Echo Tribune had published that the widow wanted to uncover. Kenneth begged Enid to tell the truth to the world before it was too late, but Enid said that she didn’t know anything.

Meanwhile, Garvey had gone to meet Verdi when the other two Botticelli sisters were not present in the house. He told her that he had every intention of marrying her and that he didn’t have any sort of obligation towards Viviana. Verdi was petrified, and she told Basil Garvey to leave, as she knew that if her sisters saw her with him, they would again blame her for betraying their trust. Verdi was right in thinking that, and as soon as Garvey left, she was beaten by a hunter and punished for crimes she hadn’t committed.

Towards the end of “Slasher: Ripper” Episode 2, the widow comes to the printing press and kills Enid before she could do anything with Garvey’s compromising pictures. Enid kept telling the widow to take the pictures and expose Garvey if that’s what she wanted, but it had no impact on the veiled murderer. In the upcoming episodes of “Slasher: Ripper,” we will get to know what the widow actually wanted and what had happened to her in the past that had filled her with so much loathing and vengeance.

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