‘Slender Man’ Ending, Explained – Who Was AleeyKat93?


Based on a creepypasta character created by Eric Knudsen, Slender Man is a horror fiction tale that tries to connect the dots between urban myth and reality. The film follows four high school friends who come across an online video that helps them summon Slender Man. What started out as a thrilling adventure on a girls’ night out, soon turns into a nightmarish experience when one of the girls goes missing. Through the conflict, the film directed by Sylvain White tries to validate the existence of a supernatural being that might be connected to the missing girl. Let’s explore further.

‘Slender Man’ Synopsis

The screen opens in a fictional town, Winsford, in Massachusetts, following the lives of high school teenagers who are always looking for ways and means to cure their boredom. On the night of May 29, 2018, four friends meet at Katie Jensen’s house and discuss the boy group that will be summoning Slender Man in Tom’s garage.

Katie informs her friends that it is a mythical creature who hunts kids and makes them disappear. The girls get intrigued and research the entity on the internet until they come across a forum. While reading the comments, they spot a user named AleeyKat93 who has posted a video on how to summon a Slender Man. Out of curiosity, they play the video and follow the occult ritual, but nothing happens. However, that same night, Katie gets a nightmare and disappears the next day during a school field trip to Clifton Cemetery.

Wren (Joey King) believes that Katie disappeared because they tried to summon the supernatural being. Hence, she prints flyers and decides to investigate Katie’s room to find out more about the mysterious creature so that she can find her friend. The film further explores the struggle of three friends, i.e., Hallie Knudsen (named after the creator of Slender Man, i.e., Eric Knudsen), Chloe, and Wren, who try to find Katie at all costs.

What Happened To Katie?

The girls stole the laptop from Katie’s room and brought it to Chloe’s house to investigate Katie’s disappearance. Wren found several videos of kids disappearing worldwide, and a chat conversation in which Katie shared messages with a user named AleeyKat93.

Probably, after Katie saw the video on the forum, she might have contracted AleeyKat93 (who posted the video). Katie wanted to know more about the supernatural being and thus sent AleeyKat93 a text. In the conversation, Katie revealed that she felt the presence of Slender Man. But, it could also be speculated that Katie fabricated the story about the creature to orchestrate her disappearance. She was sick of her mundane life while living in a sleepy town with an alcoholic father and yearned for an escape. Until the end of the film, the three failed to find Katie, and she disappeared without a trace. Maybe she ran away from Winsford to start a new life somewhere else, or maybe Slender Man caught her and made her disappear into a realm that is still a mystery around the legend.

Wren and Hallie getting a call from Slender Man
Credits: Screen Gems/ Mythology Entertainment/ Madhouse Entertainment

Who Was AleeyKat93?

At the end of the film, the director explains through a dialogue that myths, rumors, and conspiracy theories are like viruses that spread only when we pay heed to them. It infects our minds, fascinates us, and rots our brains in the process. If this was the theme of the film, in that case, AleeyKat93 was an antagonist who spread the fears of Slender Man. To begin with, she was the one who posted the video on the forum. Later, she tricked Wren into performing the occult rituals again with her friends Hallie and Chloe with the intention of finding Katie.

During the climax sequence, it was revealed that the myth had infected Wren so much that she had brought Hallie’s younger sister Lizzie into this mess too. After Katie’s disappearance, Lizzie was curious about Katie, but Hallie refused to share any details. Hence, Lizzie contacted Wren, who was in constant touch with AleeyKat93 and believed that sacrificing what people loved would bring Katie back. However, in the end, they realized that Slender Man didn’t want their offerings; he wanted them to grow fear in people so that this chain would never be broken. For example, when Hallie shared the story with her love interest, Tom, he saw the video out of curiosity and was possessed by the horror.

In the end, when Hallie visited Wren’s room, she found a news article about a psychiatric patient, Allison Riley, who disappeared from the Hinkley Center for Mental Health. She had been contacting people all over the internet from her username AleeyKat93 and was indeed an agent of Chaos. If one wants to take into account the realistic side of the whole ordeal, then it can be speculated that Allison Riley was a psychotic killer who lured her targets through tales of Slender Man and later killed them brutally.

‘Slender Man’ Ending, Explained

Wren found a book, Bioelectric Systems and the Paranormal, in the library that suggested that anyone who tries to make contact with supernatural beings develops a symbiotic relationship with them. Such a connection results in personality change, mental illness, and dissolution. In Chloe’s case, when Slender Man attacked her, she went blank and lost her senses. She became a living death. On the other hand, Lizzie suffered a severe panic attack after being threatened by Slender Man, and thus had to be admitted to the hospital.

At the hospital, when Lizzie hinted to Hallie that she saw a faceless man in her dreams, Hallie quickly went home and checked Lizzie’s laptop. She found out that Wren persuaded Lizzie to perform the occult rituals, which probably resulted in her diminishing mental health. However, when Hallie confronted Wren, she was on the verge of killing herself. At this moment, Wren explained to Hallie that to get Lizzie back and stop the Slender Man, they had to give him what he wanted. And he wanted these four girls who summoned him in the first place.

Hence, at the end of the film, Hallie, Katie, and Wren disappeared, but Lizzie regained her senses and became normal. For Chloe, her fate wasn’t revealed. But if the pattern is to be trusted that she won’t ever recover.

During the credits sequence, many people from all over the world shared their Slender Man sightings. However, much like the sightings of a UFO, this is also a myth that hasn’t been proved with any substantial evidence. It’s an internet creepy tale made for entertainment, and it should be seen in the same light, “only.”

Slender Man is a 2018 Horror Thriller film directed by Sylvain White.

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