‘Slyth: The Hunt Saga’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Zee And Name Save Earth?


Netflix’s Slyth The Hunt Saga is a dystopian Thai sci-fi that takes us into the future, where air quality in Bangkok is critical and the common people have no choice but to mask up. Several people lost their lives due to the smog, and digital companies, particularly Hunter Arena, came up with cutting-edge technology to counter the problem. The dust masks of Hunter had gained popularity, and at a time when the world seemed to be falling apart, the tech company continued to make a profit out of misery. They celebrated the decrease in smog deaths while happily ignoring the fact that there was a rise in mortality rates caused by starvation. 

Zee and her friends, who were privileged enough to carry on with their lives, kept themselves busy with immersive gaming. Zee’s father was the owner of Hunter Games, and one night, when she and her friends broke into the company’s warehouse, they came across strange creatures with superpowers. Zee ended up running into one such creature who looked like a man but had undefinable powers, and she brought him home.

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Was the game world artificial or real?

Zee had a lot to prove to her father, and reaching the final stage of the game to beat him was her way of establishing her worth. Zee, Name, Frame, Nicky, and Es were ready for the challenge. They were chosen for the beta test for Hunter Legion before the game was introduced to the world. The company provided them with headsets and injections to boost their strength. All of a sudden, a portal opened in front of them, and even though it looked real, Zee’s father, Chris, announced that it was their advanced technology that made it seem tangible. The players were advised to never take off the masks, and their weapons were designed to make Slyth slaying easy. Slyth were powerful reptilian humanoids in the game. Defeating them was the objective, and Zee and her friends did their best to slay as many Slyth as they could. The players were advised to inject the green liquid that the company had given them in case of injury. Even though the environment was supposed to be artificially made, the players found it odd that the pain they experienced felt real, and injecting the potion into their bodies was also a very real process. Zee suffered a serious injury, and that was when her father decided to abort the mission.

During the testing, Name remembered his true identity—he belonged to the land of Slytheria, which was why the Slyth did not attack him. When Zee was wounded, Name offered his golden blood, and it helped her come back to her senses. Zee was dumbfounded when she saw Name transform into a white Slyth and run into the woods. The players realized that the company had fooled them and that the world they were placed in was as real as it could get. The portal had transferred them to Slytheria to slay the reptilian monsters. After the mission was aborted, the players were brought back to Earth.

Who was Name?

Zee had witnessed Name’s exceptional strength, but she did not expect him to be a Slyth. After being on the verge of losing his daughter, Chris confessed that he and his friend Charles had worked on a project to open a portal that could connect our world with an alien world. Chris was targeted by the Slyth for his involvement in the project, and that resulted in the car accident. At the very beginning of Slyth The Hunt Saga, little Zee and her parents were traveling in their car when all of a sudden they met with an accident. After all these years, her father finally revealed that the white Slyth had killed Zee’s mother. Zee could not believe that the man she had been looking after for days was responsible for her mother’s death. She wanted revenge, and even though her father begged her to stay away, Zee entered Slytheria to slay the white Slyth.

While Zee accused Name of being a murderer, he refrained from attacking her. He sympathized with her situation and wanted her to know the entire truth, but she was too agitated to listen to him. Name was in love with Zee, and he did not mind losing his memory once again if it helped him stay close to her. He promised that he would not deceive her, and to prove his love for her, he stabbed himself with the dagger Zee was holding. Name tried to confess the truth, but before he could, Chris shot him. Name was brought into the human world because he was crucial to the plan Chris had in mind. The white Slyth’s blood had life-renewing properties, making him immortal, and Chris was led to believe that his blood could also be used to resurrect dead people. All these years, Chris preserved his wife’s body in the hopes that one day he would be able to resurrect her, and finally, after chasing the white Slyth for years, he was close to his mission.

What was Ikitar’s plan?

Zee and her father soon realized that the black Slyth had toyed with their emotions. The black Slyth, Ikitar, had fooled Chris into believing that the white Slyth’s blood could bring back his wife, Layla, whereas in reality, it was untrue. The blood did have healing powers, but it was not capable of resurrecting a dead human being. Ikitar wanted to reset the world, and he used Chris to fulfill his dream.

According to the history of humans and Slyth, the reptilian creatures were deities who had been helping humans since ancient times. The renewing quality of their blood helped humans live a long life, and therefore, their blood had been previously used in several instances in the form of vaccines and medicines to save human lives. The black Slyth used to rule Slytheria at one point in time. He was in charge of delivering Slyth blood to humans. A lot of Slyth blood had to be sacrificed to save the lives of countless humans during a plague. Ikitar watched many Slyth die in the process, and that was when he felt that the deal was unfair to them. He became vengeful towards humans, and he strongly believed Slyth must stop helping humans. Ikitar and his followers faced opposition when they tried to go against their race. They were ultimately exiled, and they had no choice but to live among humans. But instead of him learning to accept humans, he despised them now more than ever. Ikitar encouraged Chris to build the game so that players would enter Slytheria thinking it was hyper-reality and end up killing hundreds of Slyth, which would eventually lead to a war between humans and Slyth. Only the white Slyth was powerful enough to defend Ikitar, so keeping him in captivity was crucial. Name overheard the entire conversation, and he was ready to fight Ikitar to stop the two worlds from going into a war.

Who killed Zee’s mother?

During Slyth The Hunt Saga‘s ending, it is revealed that Name was not the one who attacked Zee’s family and killed her mother; it was Ikitar. When he found out about the project, his initial reaction was to show dominance and scare Chris and Charles into working for him. Perhaps the tech company also intended to sell the blood of Slyth since the mortality rate was high and that was why Ikitar wanted to seek revenge on them. He was responsible for the car accident and had Name not intervened, he would have killed Zee as well. Name stopped Ikitar from causing further damage. He tried to help Zee’s mother, Layla, but she was already too weak and was on the verge of dying. Layla begged Name to save her daughter, and that was when Name helped Zee for the very first time. Zee remembered seeing a man with golden eyes on the day of the accident, but she could not entirely trust her memory. Ikitar thanked Name for interfering that night because it helped him bring Chris under his control. Chris had seen Name at the scene, and he assumed that he was responsible for the accident. Ikitar came up with a false story to encourage him to send humans through the portal.

The black and white Slyth broke into a fight, and that was when Chris walked into the control room to destroy the entire system forever. He had to sacrifice his life to ensure the safety of his daughter and the human world. The system was destroyed and the building exploded, but the Slyth were impossible to kill. Name was pulled out of the debris, and because of his superpower, he was alive and well. While they assumed Ikitar was dead, he slyly attacked Zee. Charles and Zee’s friends tried to stop Ikitar, but he was far too powerful. Name did not believe in violence, but Ikitar left him no choice. He unveiled his ultimate weapon at the very end of Slyth The Hunt Saga and used it to decapitate Ikitar. Zee was unconscious, and she needed immediate help. Name came to her rescue, and his golden blood saved Zee’s life once again.

How did Zee and Name save Earth?

Five years after the explosion at Hunter Arena, humans finally learned about the race that had been helping them secretly since ancient times. The guardian and Slyth came up with a plan to purify the earth’s atmosphere by transforming the portals into giant getaways. The plan turned out to be successful, and the air quality on Earth drastically improved. Humans could finally take off their dust masks, and they pledged to develop more alternative energy sources and aim for zero greenhouse gas emissions. Humans also realized that they must reduce the use of fossil fuels because of their effect on the environment. Humans came to understand that it was their duty to together protect the planet, and after living through the dark times, they were determined to never repeat the mistakes that they once made. The sight of trees was a welcome change after spending years with only high-rises all around.

In Slyth The Hunt Saga‘s ending, it was evident that Zee and Name were in love, and Zee was thankful to Name for helping humans defeat the threat that could have destroyed the world completely. Maybe the situation would have been different if Zee had not brought Name home. In the end, peace was restored, and humans were finally happy with their living conditions. The tragedy helped them become conscious citizens, and we can only hope that they kept the promises they made.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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