‘Sniper: Rogue Mission’ Ending, Explained: Is Laura Lake Dead?


Oliver Thompson’s Sniper: Rogue Mission is a fast-paced action thriller that offers nothing we haven’t seen before. The only thing good about the film is the relationship between the two male protagonists, i.e., Brandon Beckett and Zero, who, through their goofiness, keep us entertained throughout. However, it is Josh Brener’s character, Intelligence Pete, that stands out, and perhaps that is why Thompson gave him a special sequence at the end of Sniper: Rogue Mission. The ending also suggests the possibility of a sequel, so without wasting any time, let’s look at the events of the film and what we can expect next in the Sniper film franchise.

Spoilers Alert

‘Sniper: Rogue Mission’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

We meet our beloved sniper, Brandon Beckett (played by Chad Michael Collins), as he prepares to take down another set of nefarious criminals. Brandon is currently working for the CIA and holds a desk job at the U.S. Embassy in London. He gets a call from his old pal, Zeke “Zero” Rosenberg, who informs him about a mole in the department. Brandon finds out that Harvey Cusamano, the deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, is working for a notorious woman named Laura Lake, who is the CEO of Sigma Innovations in London. However, it is all a setup. Brandon and Zero get intel that Laura, under the guise of Sigma, is running a sex-trafficking ring, smuggling women from England (and other countries) to the United States. Harvey has been helping her hide these women in the shipping containers that easily pass the immigration and Coast Guard checkpoints. Later, these women are taken to shady warehouses, where the pimps force them to record themselves live on camera for online users.

At the beginning of Sniper: Rogue Mission, Zero gets a tip about one of Laura’s warehouses in the States. He assembles a rescue squad and plans to raid it, but Cusamano is one step ahead. He alerts Laura and his goons, who gun down the smuggled women and desert the warehouse before Zero arrives. However, one of the camera geeks named Simon, who is probably in love with a camgirl named Mary Jane (alias), helps her get to safety before the shootout. Mary Jane is Zero’s only hope of gathering evidence against Laura Lake; however, before he can do that, he has to track her down and bring her to safety.

Meanwhile, in London, Brandon finds out about Cusamano’s association with Laura after he helps her run away right from under his nose. Brandon tries to arrest Cusamano, but he loses his job in the process. With no other option in hand, Brandon returns to the States to team up with Zero to take down Laura and put a stop to her illicit businesses.

How Did Zero And Brandon Stop Laura Lake?

Cusamano had gotten Brandon suspended from the CIA and erased Zero’s identity from the system, so they didn’t have any resources at their disposal to bring down the criminals. Zero brought Brandon and Mary Jane to an old friend named Yuki “Lady Death” Mifune, who is a recurring character in the Sniper film series. She is a Yakuza-trained assassin living an isolated life under a different identity and wishes to remain hidden, but Mary Jane’s tragic story changes her mind.

Zero asked Mary to contact Simon to find out more information about Laura Lake. Simon had previously left a note in Mary Jane’s jacket with his phone number and wanted her to contact him so that he could help her. However, when Mary called Simon, one of the geeky guys informed Dax, the leader of the pack, about the phone call. It made Dax suspicious of Simon’s hand in helping Mary run away. He confronted Simon and threatened him into arranging a meeting with Mary so that he could kill her along with the agents who had been helping her all along. However, things didn’t go as Dax had planned. 

In Michigan, Zero came face-to-face with Dax and killed him brutally. Fortunately, he retrieved his cell phone, which provided the team with some significant intel. Intelligence Pete, a hacker who worked for Yuki, found out the date of the next shipment and the container I.D. on which Laura had planned to smuggle another 12 women to run her business. The team arrived at the port of Philadelphia, where Zero shot down the sniper Gildie and saved the day. After Zero rescued the women from the container, Colonel Gabriel Stone called Brandon and informed him that Laura had faked her own death and was one of the women who had been trafficked into the U.S.

How Did Laura Die Eventually?

Cusamano had informed Gabriel and Brandon that Laura killed herself after her crimes surfaced. But it was a lie meant to give Laura a new identity so that she could start a new life in the United States. In Cusamano’s house, Gabriel found a forged passport and documents that were enough proof to cuff the mole in the department. Cusamano’s plan was to help Laura travel to the U.S. masquerading as one of the smuggled women who were hiding in the shipping containers. He might have planned to give her the new passport once she was in the States, but Gabriel rained on his parade. He informed Brandon that Laura had already arrived in the country, but by the time Brandon connected the dots, it was too late. Laura had fled the scene. She killed the ambulance driver and the paramedic and was hitchhiking on the highway.

A car suddenly stopped, and as soon as Laura hopped in, we saw the face of the person driving it. Mary Jane, sitting behind the wheel, had a grim reaper’s smile on her face, and it was evident that she wasn’t going to spare the life of her perpetrator no matter what sob story she told. Mary stabbed Laura to death and dropped her body out of the car. Brandon, Yuki, and Zero found Laura’s dead body on the road. They knew Mary was her murderer, but they acknowledged that Laura got what she deserved, and thus, they walked away, leaving her corpse behind, unattended.

What Can We Expect In The Sequel?

After Cusamano’s crimes came to light, Brandon tried to persuade Colonel Gabriel to take strict action against the culprit and put him behind bars. But the Colonel was going to retire soon and didn’t want to get himself affixed to a new case. Therefore, he chose to look the other way and preached the same to Brandon. However, the young law enforcers didn’t believe in the Colonel’s mindset and instead took matters into their own hands. They stood for justice without the support of their government. The young lot set an example that gave the Colonel hope and made him change his mind. He had promised Harvey Cusamano that after his retirement, he would have nothing to lose, and hence, he would stop looking the other way. And that’s what he does in the end of Sniper: Rogue Mission.

The Colonel not only arrests Harvey for selling out his own government but also proposes the creation of a Global Response and Intelligence Team to his superior. He repeatedly tells him that he has retired, thereby establishing the fact that he doesn’t have to follow the bureaucracy anymore and can hunt down criminals the way he wants. The GRIT already has three members on its list, which includes Zero, Brandon, and Yuki, and it is likely that the Colonel will use these assets for special operations concerning national and international security. These missions may also involve the investigation of the internal officers who have joined hands with the enemy and are selling important intel to them. From the looks of it, it seems that the Colonel has some huge plans for the GRIT, and only the upcoming films in the franchise will reveal the new mission that the team takes on. 

As for Mary Jane and Intelligence Pete, we don’t think we are going to see them again. However, they did find their soulmate in each other and would be hosting puzzle-solving podcasts for the rest of their lives. And yes, Pete does learn her real name. It is Isabella. The introvert does find love in the end, and a happy family is already in the making.

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