Song Chon In ‘A Killer Paradox,’ Explained: Is The Assassin Dead Or Alive?


We were introduced to the assassin, Song Chon, in A Killer Paradox at a time when Tang’s murderous rampage was in full swing, and he was killing people based on his intuition. Song Chon had a dark past, and though the audience would have perceived him to be a shrewd and ruthless criminal who had lost his mind at first, it was not so. Song Chon had been through a lot, and his circumstances had turned him into a demon. So, let’s find out what happened with Song Chon back in the day, why he was killing people, and what happened to him in the end.

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Who was Song Chon?

Roh Bin, at the beginning of A Killer Paradox season 1, told Tang that before him, there were also two other people with whom he had worked. Roh Bin said that one of them was so dangerous that he didn’t want to face him again in his life. That man was Song Chon, who once used to work with the police but then later started working as a vigilante. Song Chon’s father was a criminal, and he never got the love and support that he needed back in the day. Song Chon was bullied; he was never treated well, and so after a point in time, he decided that he would train himself and become so lethal that he would not only be able to defend himself but also punish those who, according to him, did any sort of misconduct.

In A Killer Paradox, we saw how he noticed a young couple talking rudely to an elderly man, and he killed both of them without even thinking twice. The girl was the daughter of a wealthy and influential man, the owner of Gajok Constructions, but Song Chon still didn’t repent his decision. Song Chon worked with Roh Bin for a long period of time, but soon, the latter realized that he had become a dangerous and unpredictable man who could do anything and who wouldn’t listen to him. Roh Bin decided to cut ties with Song Chon, and the latter felt abandoned and really bad. Song Chon, till the very end, believed that Roh Bin was a selfish man who used people for his own vested interests, and once his work was over, he left them without thinking twice about what the other person might feel. But this was not true. We saw how Roh Bin never left Tang’s side, and even in the end, he was ready to sacrifice his own life so that Tang could start afresh. But Song Chon never understood that, and he carried that bitterness inside him till the very end. We won’t deny that Song Chon was not a victim of his own circumstances, but he had become the kind of man whom he hated at one point in his life. He was going around the streets killing people, and he had no right to take the law and order into his own hands.

Vigilantism is a dangerous thing, which is why police officers like Jang were against whatever was happening. And Song Chon was the kind of man who could take the most extreme step even when people faltered slightly. I mean, he killed the couple who talked rudely, and as much as I understand that they were arrogant people, murdering them was not justified. On the other hand, until the end of Season 1, Tang had only killed people who had committed some really horrendous crimes, though he was not right in taking the law into his own hands. Song Chon wanted to meet Tang, as he wanted to convince him to join forces so that together they could eliminate the criminals. I believe Song Chon had become mentally unstable after what he had to endure back in the day, and he, too, knew that there was no way out for him and that he would meet his fateful end sooner than later.

Why did Song Chong kill Gap-su?

A Killer Paradox took us back in time when Song Chon used to work for the police department. He respected Gap-su, Jang’s father, way too much, and he tried his level best to make an impression on him. He did what he said, but somehow, Gap-su never noticed the efforts he made and, in fact, treated him as if he were a clumsy and incompetent person. Song Chon believed for the longest time that one day, his hard work and his honesty would give him rewards, but he was wrong. It was a harsh world, and everybody just looked out for themselves sometimes, even at the cost of other people. Song Chong liked Mrs. Hwang, who worked in his department, as she was one of those few people who treated him very nicely. Gap-su gave a parcel to Song Chon and asked him to give it to Mrs. Hwang, who was supposed to take it to China and deliver it to a particular address.

Mrs. Hwang got caught by the authorities and that’s when Song Chon learned that Gap-su was a corrupt police officer who was involved in the drug trafficking business. What hurt Song Chon even more was the fact that Gap-su didn’t even care if Mrs. Hwang lived or died. He treated her as an asset, and now that she was caught, he was busy finding other ways to export drugs. That behavior triggered Song Chon, and when he tried to confront Gap-su, he didn’t respond very nicely. Gap-su started thrashing Song Chon, and that’s when the latter decided that it was enough and he needed to do something about the situation. Song Chon killed Gap-su because he knew that the man would never accept his faults, keep ruining the lives of other people, and do as he wished till his last breath. Song Chon went into hiding after that, and nobody ever heard from him.

Is Song Chon dead or alive?

Song Chon was supposed to meet Roh Bin, and somewhere, he expected that Jang Nan Gam would accompany him. What he didn’t expect was that Tang would also come and help his friend. Song Chon and Jang had come face-to-face once earlier, too, and at that time, Jang wasn’t able to pull the trigger. Jang believed that Song Chon had an affair with his mother, but the latter told him that his assumptions were wrong. Song Chon revealed how corrupt Gap-su was, and for a moment, Jang couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Though Jang realized that Song Chon’s reasons for doing what he did were understandable, he was aware that he couldn’t leave him alive. Song Chon had been wronged by society, and now he was wreaking havoc on anybody whom he saw behaving in an uncivilized manner because there was so much rage inside him. Jang killed Song Chon, and the look in his eyes, while he pulled the trigger, said a million words. After getting to know what had happened with Song Chon back in the day, Jang wished that he could do something about the situation, but he had no option. Song Chon was a victim of his circumstances, and probably, if life had been good to him, he would have been a decorated officer.

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